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  1. Hello. I'm working on fluid sim which pushes RBD objects. RBD object's interaction(without Fluid) seems fine in Bullet and RBD solver, but when I came to make flipfluid to push RBD objects(not packed) forward, it seems not working. I tried days for fixing the problem, but I cannot find a solution for this... Am I missing something here? Here is the result movie and .hip file(H18.0) of my basic setup. Seasaw_RBD_x_FLIP_interaction.hip Seasaw_RBD_x_FLIP_interaction.mp4 Any helps, kindly suggestions are welcome! Cheers, koba
  2. Flip extruded borders

    If you have timeshifting(or timewarp related) node before your meshing, turning off reseeding particle setting(inside flipsolver) then sim again may resolve your problem ;)? or maybe deleting extremely high velocity particles before meshing might be solve the issue? (flattening might be reading the velocity... I'm not 100% sure though...)
  3. I got this error message in H18, then found this thread. For me, changing micropolygon to raytracing (mantra) solved the problem...
  4. The evil AD machine now buys Shotgun

    US: "Hey, what are the new features for Maya 2017?" AD: "Shotgun added!!" US: "How about those Maya Fluid and particles? Are they updated?" AD: "Shotgun added!!"
  5. Beer bottle

    Me too! I'm definately gonna get some beers!! Awesome Lighting, Shading, and modeling!!
  6. Hi, I'm new to Houdini. (it's been almost 2 months now...and i have a question...) What I'd like to know is that, is there any way to export fractured and simulated scene as separated alembic files(original, proxy) at once? ----- What I'm doing now is that fracturing wood watchtowers in houdini, then exporting back to Maya as .abc files for additional cloth and ropes simulation inside Maya. Due to the large scene size, I have to make "proxy objects" of wood watchtower using proxy_primgroups_qL node, then export another .abc files. (it's used for proxy rigidBodySurface / dynamicConstraints for ncloth, and seems faster if I made another .abc file just for proxy. not including everything.) However when i came to exporting stage using ROP as I attached image, I realised that i have to simulate twice(or more) and i'm thinking it is time consuming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (including the answers of "No you can't!! Batch it when you go home",too! ) Cheers, kobataro
  7. So I ended up with trying those Rope and Cloth simulation in Houdini... (because I nearly got tir..ed? with re-setting up Rope,Cloth's dyConstraint by hand...) fingers cros...s..e.d......
  8. David > Even though it takes a bit of harddrive space, exporting .bgeo worked well. Thanks for the comment!! Edward > Yes! Sometimes i forget to set it up or overwrite the important cache/renderimages..etc, too. Thanks for your comment, too.
  9. Hi,David and thanks. I render each ROP one by one (node by node) , then import back to maya for rope and cloth sim. If I could set up ropes and cloths inside Houdini like he does, it would be awesome... (Using scatter... copySOP to place cloth > sim, creating ropes by scatterSOP...connect points... procedurally...ughhhh... I haven't got this skill yet, but I'll try hard because I'm starting to ge fun with Houdini, too!!) I'll try when I got home , and sorry I couldn't show the WIP image, too!! Cheers, kobataro
  10. Thanks for your comment, Rafaelfs. and sorry that I couldnt give you enough info! Although it takes harddrive space, caching bgeos first then exporting .abc files make sense to me Yep...I familiar with maya, so I felt simming ncloth is faster... however it wasn't!! (i have to setup manually each time i updated .abc files... lol i should have done it in houdini....) When i get chance, I'll set up easy scene so you can have a look at it. Cheers, kobataro