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  1. UV Pelting

    Thanks Mcronin, I think the problem i have is to do with the topology of my head. i.e. its very detailed at the front but has only a few polys at the back. I reckon i can sort it via some uv editing. The hint poly seems a strange way of implementing this tool. As all it seems to do is decide what section you are uving a the the orientation of that setion. I think it would be far more logical to choose an edge that you can orient the uvs to this way creating a symetrial pelt will be much easier. I dont know if thats possible tho.
  2. Houdini 6.1 Apprentice Available

    I was just about to post that exact same question concept4 =]
  3. UV Pelting

    Im trying to use this method to UV a basic head. Im selecting around 10 edges that go from the crown to the base of the neck. For a frame face im selecting, a single grid face which faces the Z axis. I have no idea how to choose a hint face. Unfortunately the uv's when layed out are extremely squashed in the middle making it quite impossible to texture the head. Does anyone have an example where they have UV'd a basic head using UVpelt... Thanks.
  4. How's my sand wall so far?

    I think its a really great effect well done.
  5. Hi im trying to add a point at everypoint where where a curve self intesects. I want it done proceduraly, rather than thru an edit. Anyideas?
  6. pop and jitter

    I know it doesnt really help but cant you turn the force off until the sledge hammer collides with the peices? I dont know how to do this with riged bodys but with particles i would use a popevent in the activation field of the force. And the events name is when the sledgehammer has a collision with any of the peices.
  7. 3D Buzz Houdini Class Closed

    Okay Houdini is amazing
  8. 3D Buzz Houdini Class Closed

    I also would like to see some effect challanges to help me get up to speed.
  9. Interface question

    Eww thats nasty
  10. When in the network pane i do TAB>geo>return , i would like to place that OP down without having to move to the mouse click and back to keyboard again. This is so i can immediately enter into the geo object by pressing return again. I know its silly, it just irks me a bit, is there a (hot)key for it ?
  11. Good stuff, i dont use Real Flow, do you think its a good compliment to Houdini's inbuild particle abilities, or are Houdini's inbuilt ones sufficient in 99% of water simulation scenarios?
  12. copy sop

    Anything point based really, for instance the output from a POP net (copy a metaball say to every particle point). I dont think i should say point based, because its more like anything with point attribute information. So putting a box in the right input will copy to every vertex on the box. If your looking to duplicate you can use the duplicate SOP.
  13. Op like the Force SOP that works on curves?

    The orbit pop sort of works, however i need two extra things. 1. A way to zero out the Y acceleration from the oribit POP. I was hoping to do this using an attribute pop to query the acceleration at one point in the network, then replace the Y acceleration from the orbit POP using an acceleration POP. I cant see to get this to work tho by setting the variable in attribute POP params to $AY. 2. A way to make a particle choose its obits POP center by whichever center it is currently closest to. Ive no idea how to do this one .
  14. Op like the Force SOP that works on curves?

    The point SOP works great im going to give the orbit POP a go now too. Thanks much appreciated.
  15. Hi i want to make a tornado type particle system that is controled by a curve, basically the particles should be attracted to the curve in the same was as you can with a meta ball (i.e. by balancing axial radial vortex and spiral forces) unfortunately i cannt seem to acheive this affect, as the force SOP only works on metaballs. Ive tried copy SOPing a metaball to the curce, and hoping that that force field would work, but it doesnt I think mainly this has to do with the fact that the directional axis on the force SOP doesnt follow the curve. Using a curve would be a real nice way of animating and controling my tornado. If anyone has any ideas how i can achieve this in hourdini id appreciate it.