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  1. The typical GeForce vs Radeon question

    guess I'll give it a go and report back later . . thanks!
  2. The typical GeForce vs Radeon question

    Stremik, is it worth the trouble? I have a gf4 ti4200 and everything is nice and stable, which took a while as it is.. I just don't want to spend ages fiddling just to get a small improvement thanks
  3. "if" expressions

    thanks again Jason - just what I needed to know rather than going at it randomly!
  4. hi, is there any documentation on slightly more complex 'if' expressions? for instance I have this: if($PT%2==0,$TY+((sin($F*4)+1.8)*0.15),$TY) so what I'd like to know is, is there any way I can redo the query part like: if($PT%2==0 AND $PT<80 etc.. or replace AND with OR ...again in other software I was able to do nested if statements -- (also a nice variant of that called 'case' statements which was just a neat way of listing choices out without nesting..) thanks
  5. silly challenge

    anakin - I want to go and cry - thats what i wanted to do (though I was envisaging a block of heavy rubber 100 feet high !)
  6. Multiple Monitors

    the only thing I did which cured some redraw isues (but may be coincidence) was use a little utility called 'detonator fix' which removes some components of old installs that might clog up the system... I have had some interactive redraw problems but I realised I'm usually just using the second monitor for looking at chops graphs the focus comment on my 2nd monitor was a joke! its ten years old already.. but it did spontaneously decide to focus properly
  7. silly challenge

    wow krets, hot damn, that's cool I did the thing a few weeks ago but I got a tiny slippage which I couldnt fix mebbe I'll steal your code for a animated squashy version I wondered about..
  8. Multiple Monitors

    I'm using two monitors off a Ti4200 and it works beautifully (a 19 and a 17inch) what's weird is that it even cured my old 17 inches poor focus - couple of weeks ago it went cloingk .. and near perfect focus which it hasn't had for five years re the two mons: I'm not using the nvidia multi monitor manager (I'm using gf driver 43.51), just plain old XP's manager
  9. render point colour

    thanks Steven yes I am using stamping! but renaming the attribute has speeded it up.. how come when I copied the add color param and then looked at the name in the copied note pop up it said: ".../diffr" but mmb on the sop shows Cd attributes? mark
  10. is it possible to render a colour applied with the point sop (with mantra) without using a shop shader ? - the shop shader slows the whole thing done a lot as the rgb vals are modified from a copy sop and applied to over 1000 bits of geometry thanks mark
  11. I've got a particle sim - four particles with geometry copied on. Sometimes particles die and when they do a new one is created, and I'm using keyboard input to sync up some other actions. I've found that if I step through the movie with the plus key (and do my keyboard entries), when I subsequently render the whole thing, particle positions go out of sync about half way through, but if I play it back in wireframe everything is ok I haven't got anything being copied to the particles at render time, I dont have the real-time button on - could anything else be causing this? thanks mark
  12. Silly Challenge no. 2

    here's another one, slight cheating involved! but several expressions anyway my wheel drives the pistons/rods, dont know how your guys ones work.. mark c
  13. chops query

    thankyou thankyou Jason its now super funky - you wont believe the time I've spent messing around with this - I'd never have thought of using Record [because the changes were 'stepping', the end result was the triggered objects were not moving over time, so particles ignored movement between pos a and pos b, when they were meant to be dynamically deflected - now it works] mark
  14. chops query

    me again - I don't think I've been very clear what is happening in the chop viewpane I get a line indicating "hitid" which is flat form start to finish of the frame range when the hitid changes during playback (from the POP event) the entire line jumps to a new position - not just at the current frame I've been trying to get a method to compare the value at frame "$F-1" to value at "$F" (or store the last value and compare that) anything to give me a spike at my curent frame not a total jump! the spike seems to occur at frame 1 even when I'm at frame 400 (for instance) there's gotta be some method _ I tried a global variable that gets reset by an expression chop but that didnt seem to do it either (though maybe my structuring was wrong) somebody got a suggestion?
  15. chops query

    I've got a pop net feeding specific collision events into CHOPS (in a low particle count, rigid body type thing) I'm using the numhit attribute which increases as I'd expect but I can't seem to manipulate this value Ideally I want it to change to 1 when a collision takes place, pause for a few frames then reset to 0 and feed that into a math chop to get the range I want I've tried trigger/count/logic OPs, coupled with Shift to act as a value reset, but nothing works Any tips welcome!