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  1. Hi Check out my new character To download this character please follow this link: https://www.samankhorram.com/rigged-characters
  2. Hello, I am creating some tutorials, mostly character and rig oriented (which is my favorite part of software) whatever I see it may be useful for others and I am good in it I record! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_yYXvQrgbMFThS1RVzBnA See you.
  3. Hi, Good, Hope they be useful if you had some idea about topics or opinion about the quality of tutorials I glad to know. It is the first time I record and do a tutorial so there is always room for improvement. thanks
  4. Filling modeled polygon hair objects with curves

    it would be easier if you could manage making nurb surface from your hair poly tubes in maya and export them to houdini by alembic, alembic supports nurbs and curves. then using convert node to extract curves from these patches to be used as guides. hair_to_nurbcurves.ma
  5. wrap like in maya

    How long or short are ears of your model?, at least a screen shot of your model could help you better. any way for a normal ear as you don't need too much stretch on them I think bones attached on dynamic curves that avak points to works fine. I attached an example hope it helps. head_dyn_ear2.hip
  6. Hi, Recently I was working on couple of shots demonstrating functionality of some under water engineering equipment, all shots are warped up and rendered entirely inside Houdini, nuke for the comp and photoshop for some sky painting. I would like to share you some frames of these shots, Edit:: The Attached image has been deleted due to my employer request.
  7. Hi, I don't know if you managed it or not, any way let me answer you in its simplest way which it is : suppose you have a scene on drive D named "shot.hip" and its path is "D:/shot.hip" and we have a mantra node named "mantra1" and its path is "/out/mantra1" in your scene. ok press win button on keyboard type : command line tool and press enter it opens a command shell type: hscript d:/shot.hip and press enter . then type: render -v /out/mantra1 that's it I admit you're right that using hrender command in windows is not as easy as in linux . any way by using hscript command you have more option to tweak and can do more . suppose you have a dop output node in your scene "/out/dop" and by using hscript with the same fashion as explained above you can run simulation without opening houdini and save a lot of ram for simulation this way.
  8. pixel filter problem

    Hi, I don't think you can get rid of this issue on the edges by increasing resolution, pixel samples or changing filter type. here I attached the way I do separating of objects and collecting matte information of objects as separate passes in .exr format which gives a good result when you wish composting them and relighting, grading elements, the benefit of using this way is you render your scene one time and get all passes you want in one go. the zip is including your hip file which is edited (a houdini comp is added) , and a nuke composting sample is also in the zip file , hope it helps comp.zip