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  1. Hi, I had the same exact problem and it was VERY annoying, and had nothing to do with graphics card or OS ... causing the problem was the MOUSE. Microsoft wireless mouse to be specific. sorry I can't be more helpful (I changed mouse) but worth checking! my 0.02c
  2. Thank Robert! yeah gotta thank Sesi for these tutorials... although I have one single critique ... please disable the Auto-zoom option while recording .. the "build a solver from scratch" tutorial was very very annoying as many times the guy was talking and clicking numbers that were out of the screen because of the auto zooming thingy ... otherwise... they're awesome also .. I'd love to see how this volcano scene was actually shaded and lighted... I still struggle rendering smokes!
  3. very cool indeed!! I need to get more into pyro.. would love to see more from your setup
  4. oh thanks a lot .. I tried that approach and it worked much better for the light emitting sphere ... little trickier to set it up for the lightnings but seems like the quality is much better at least ... thanks for the sample files!
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create the pass that would illuminate my character being affected by a "sphere of scattered points" nearby him. Such sphere has a lot of points. What I'm doing at the moment is using a very simple vopshop which has an Incidence node inside, applied to the guy, and loading the baked particles which have a shader that reads Cd and applies it to Cf, but the resulting render is very slow and very very grainy, even when pushing up the samples. Its been so long since I've been doing any shading or comping and I'm a little struggling and surely missing some new way of doing it with Mantra, any help would be very appreciated Thanks! I posted it on SidefX too as I'm a little bit in a rush, sorry for the double post!
  6. That's some great work there indeed... loved it. thanks.
  7. saw that too one late night then I forgot to post here or on Sesi forum!! ehehe .. yeah, I'm very curious too
  8. totally agree! I actually started doing all my POP work in a POPsolverDOP since a while.
  9. I always found very unnecessary spending ~1300 pounds for a shoebox just to live in zone 1 to be honest.. if nothing else (on top of the huge waste of money) is because you literally live in a "flat" the size of a shoebox. I live in a 2 bedroom flats, with ensuite bathroom plus another bathroom (PROPER BATHROOM) and a living room twice the size of many bedroom people gets in zone 1, separated kitchen and a Park (a real one) behind my house, when I say Bedroom I mean a room with a kingsize bed you can walk around it and not kitting the walls ... I live in Zone 2, yes I spend 100/month on oyster card but then again I'd pay that anyway if you want to visit the town, go visit friends, go to parties... or just have a LIFE. I spend 1300 with my gf and the commute to Soho is 20 minutes ... I mean.. seriously, 20 minutes but I live in a proper big flat. Don't forget Council tax which goes sky high in zone1 or beautiful rich zones ... bills on top of that. Go for South London, you can find very beautiful places, houseshares, or places on your own for A FRACTION of the money you'd spend in Zone 1 (or North) ... and don't listen to whose who say "South london is dangerous" ... the whole city is dangerous if you hang around with your sparkly wallet in the middle of the streets. I live in Brixton since 2 years now and I have one small accident (got mugged in the morning, but it was me being very uncareful) and nothing else .. ever. I felt less safe in other areas, way closer to the city center. Having said that, I'm hardly feeling unsafe in London. Brixton to Oxford Circus is 20 minutes in tube, always seat available because is the end of the route (don't get freaked out.. you can cycle in 30 minutes, or take a single bus ride door to door from home to Soho too!) ... I just love it. Also, Brixton is a great place if you love music, there's always some gig going on. Food wise, and with everything else, there's a saying which is "if you can't find it in London it doesn't exists" ... and that's true. my 0.02 p.s. don't hesitate to get directly in touch with me if I can help in any way
  10. never use kill -9 to kill Houdini!! ... seriously. I had maybe one or two occurs in years where I wasn't be able to restore the crash recovery hip file ... kill -SEGV <pid> ... it'll save your life.
  11. Congrats for your new position .. and beware, London is an amazing place where to be for a while, like Peter says, but you might randomly be dragged to punk and rock concerts while you're drinking your 6th pint after you just landed and still have to drop your backpack ... ask Mr DeWolf about it
  12. hey do you mind sharing your steps on seting this up? I think I'll dig into this in the weekend as I want to configure 3Delight and Houdini but it would be my first time so any guidelines would be very helpful thanks!
  13. aha I'd so love to do that ... sadly I'm buzy until end of may .. blowing up the planet. maybe in the future!!! p.s. yeah .. was looooong time I was popping by the forum .. in case anybody noticed
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