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  1. You can use "Make Transform" to rotate vector inside volumevop as well. You just need to multiply your vector field by this matrix. Cheers
  2. POPs - Glass Shatter Effect ...

    You mean like this?? You can use python instead of using foreach sop if you wanna make it faster. I hope you like it. Cheers test.hipnc
  3. Sounds very very interesting!! Pls let me try!!
  4. UpRes Pyro ignoring Collision Object

    Pyro in H12 uses non divergent multigrid as default which does not support collision. if you using it, change it to PCG ( non divergent that is same with H11 ) might help. But I remember that I had same problem in H11, I think collision's not gonna be perfect in upres sim.
  5. smoke trails with volume shaders

    Also you can use cvex volume procedural + instance. I tested with H11 long time ago but this can be really similar with that Vimeo. With this way, you need to use instance but don't need any volume cache because cvex shader can generate spherical volume + noise & displacement. Also you can override with point attributes. Problem is rendering time. I hope H12 can render much faster. Check this post if you have not seen yet Also you should check Putoparri's hip. Cheers
  6. Autodesk aquires Naiad

    You mean "Last" as EM right?? they(dev ppl) r gonna keep working but just as Autodesk??? Anyways, Even I'm not really Naiad user but Im pretty sad about this. Because normally after Autodesk buys software like Maya, XSI, bra bra bra, it's still getting better every year though, I gotta say before was much better.....
  7. Introducing Orbolt™ Smart 3D Assets

    I just test it and what I thought/felt was, As long as everyone can choose trial, non-commercial, commercial for downloading, It's good. Cuz who just wanna use them without learning or trying to know what is going on then just need to pay to use, And who wants to mainly learn things can learn things as trial download. But On the other hand, if user(who uploads assets) can chose something like no trial and looked OTL is gonna be really really really bad way to go. I really wish not to go something like that to keep website as solid/good instead been tons of craps out of there. Then I think it's pretty fair no matter how people put their prices are. I remember your really first post/thought you want to do is not for money.... right? Pls dont ruin the what ppl did through in here odforce and houdini forum. That is what I only concern about this.
  8. PYROFX and scene scale

    Hi, I think to change camera and light scale is not good idea. Especially if you r working on stereoscopic project. I did not spend much time but I think you can just scale your volume(smoke/fire whatever), Just need to set right volume step size and shader attribute such as Density / shadow density. It's good to set volume step size per volume/object. I attached file and pls compare the both montra. Should look the same. Cheers volume_scene_scale.hipnc
  9. Add extra velocity and Custom Flip resize

    Hello, I'm not sure this is what you want to do. But check the attached scene pls. Cheers vel_fix.hipnc
  10. Ripple solver interaction

    Thanks for the file. Yeah your file is almost same what I did. Same thing what I said on my reply though, using conservation attribute instead gives me a little bit better bounce. But not quite. Sorry for not much help....
  11. Ripple solver interaction

    Hey Mzigaib, You mean your file is testing_pointclouds_db_03.hipnc?? I only can see pointcloud thing inside....
  12. Ripple solver interaction

    Sorry I was wrong. with wavespeed attribute update seems not working. But with conservation attribute seems working.
  13. Ripple solver interaction

    I think you can use multisolver & sopsolver to update attribute. I tested with conservation before and it worked but I don't have the scene now. Cheers
  14. Hi, I did cloth sim with pin constraint about more than year ago, So I am not sure you can use same way & I hope I remember well.... If you want to use point attribute from Sop level, you can not just set or animate attribute in Sop level. I used multi-solver and used 2 sop solver. I remember you need to create the attribute Sop level first. Inside Dops, Use fist sop solver before the your main solver to update pin constraints attribute from the 2nd one. And put 2nd one after your main solver and inside that, You animate or use some expression to release pin constraints attribute. As I remember you don't have to use apply relationships. I am sorry right now I don't have the hip file. I hope this helps a bit!! Cheers
  15. Hello, I am having problem with sprite rendering. With H10, I did not have any problem. But with H11, mantra keep crashing. I am using custom sprite fog material, I only added inline code for Texture map to be able to use multiple/sequence textures. I think I am missing something. I tried to add shoppath string attribute, add string attribute for the texture path and more, Then rendered with default sprite fog with those attributes for sprite procedural, but no success..... So I brought back my sprite shader from H10 and then it's working fine. Please anyone help me or tell me how to set up sprite procedural with H11. Thank you!!