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  1. some one know where can I get pipeline TD online course ?
  2. I try to get particle attribute based on ptnum in pop by "getattribute" function . but it dose not work. Do we have some way to get particle attribute in pop ? for example , I want get position of particle ( pt = "1" ) . thank you
  3. Writing .mc ncache (maya fluids) from houdini.

    I make xml in maya and laod this mc file , I got error report , saying my cache is empty or invalid , could you tell me why ? or maybe something wrong with xml , then could you tell me which value should I modify in xml file ? thank you .
  4. Writing .mc ncache (maya fluids) from houdini.

    Hi : it looks very good tools , but could you tell me how did you create .xml file for maya cache ? thank you
  5. hi : who know how to LOD node in houdini ? thank you very much
  6. no ,I am Joking , 500,000/year . it is to high , but thank you the form , it is help a lot thank you guys
  7. question about houdin function

    thank you very much , you do give me some idea, thank you
  8. it is very low , thank you
  9. Hi : who know the range of the salary senior houdini fx td in vancouver? thank you
  10. question about houdin function

    hi : did you know follicle node in maya , we just need input u , v and a polygon with uv , than it will return a world position on polygon surface . that is what I want , it is possible in houdini ? thank you for reply
  11. question about houdin function

    thank you answer me , but it is not for shader , I want to create some points base on uvmap of poly james
  12. Hi : how are you ? I have a question , is there some function by that we can get position base on UV , I know we have prim() function , but we have to input primeID , you know sometimes , we got a polygon model with UV attribute , I need get a position on the polygon base on UV but we do not know which primeID is it . just like pointOnMesh() function in maya . thank you very much
  13. fluid rest field problem

    Hi : I create a fluid fire simulating , everything looks all right, but rest field . I set rest frame : 50 . it got a pop at frame every 50 , and I set rest frame : 240 . the pop was at some random frame . would you tell me why ? thank you
  14. can I create particle base on the texture ? , Do we need to export texture firstly ?
  15. here is a scene file ,make sure the path is right when you render it . volum.tar.gz