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  1. jigsaw puzzle gen

    tried these, but see the other reply, i'm trying to make conventional jigsaw puzzle pieces, if you can wangle voronoi, then great, but i don't see how, myself....thanks for the replies though guys.
  2. jigsaw puzzle gen

    doing something random would be nice and easy, what i'm after is just your basic jigsaw: in my model there is one corner piece that rotates to make the other three corners, an upright and a horizontal for the "pieces" and two kinds of edge piece, a "concave" and a "convex", it should be easy if cookie cutter was around, just make a slice upright or horizontal, but booleans make it complicated.
  3. jigsaw puzzle gen

    PS, is there a voronoi way to do this? i played about with the shapes tutorial, but didn't see how it would apply...thanks chums!
  4. jigsaw puzzle gen

    i made a jigsaw puzzle (the hard way) years ago and made a few bob selling on the squid. i just thought it would be nice to make a puzzle generator, the logic being all you need is a curve that fits to itself, repeat it, cut the shape out of a grid, presto, jigsaws of any size (greater than 3 x 3 bits). great, but boolean doesn't work as neatly as cookie cutter used to, and i'm scratching my head over cutting out the pieces, getting rid of remainders, etc etc. it SHOULD be simple, but i'm stuck, i have a small brain. here is my file: anyone want to VEX a better solution than my sledgehammering? make_jigsaw.101.hipnc
  5. Merging Geometry from Copy SOP

    i'm not entirely sure what you want to do, but off the top of my (sop-based) head i would use a facet sop and flag "remove inline points" - it'll keep points in an arc and remove all points that are in straight lines.....
  6. soap bubbles

    wow - that's beautiful i can't wait to pick apart your method!! really lovely render.
  7. soap bubbles

    thanks for that!
  8. not quite sure exactly what you're after, but projects that are complex and i have done from home i do this way. houdini has a project setup (under file>) and it depends on what kind of files you want to save, but usually the houdini setup works the way all animators work (or should) is from a storyboard, i usually take the storyboard and break it down into scenes, then shots. i do a frame count and a time count for each shot, and i don't usually, but you could add a prop list to this also. if you're working to a script, vocal or written, get a timed version, timed as accurately as possible and work your shot list with this. i generally find half way through everything has to be re-boarded, re-timed and re-scripted, but doing things this way means you're at least organised and have a backbone for the project. shoot each shot, then put together each scene, and then you're ready for titles and credits and a final edit - all boarded out too. hope this helps.
  9. houdini user since prisms action 1.0 started out as hand animator / designer / pop promo artist / editor in the early 80's i've worked for all the major london west end companies in one form or another, hours of titles / commercials / architecture / science / medicine / astronomy more artist than technician but have managed to turn my hand to anything, usually start off with a bit of model building but then end up doing 20 shots in a feature film. sense of humour too. old, but cheap. london and the south only, can't relocate at this moment, although if the price was right.... hugs. 2016_full_CVl.pdf
  10. soap bubbles

    i've been a houdini user since prisms action 1.0, but all this attribute stuff, although powerful, is making me feel like a noob. i've been playing with voronoi and making boxes with divisions and they are beginning to look a bit bubbley, which made me want to make soap bubbles. there are various ways to cheat the appearance, but i'm thinking with all this new attribute wrangling stuff, there must be a procedural way to make soap bubbles that squash up against each other, have convincing overlaps and can be any size or quantity - but i can't figure out how - any takers? below is an image of the boxes i've been making, smooth and relax makes them head toward bubble shapes, but only so far.... and as a PS is there a way to control the shape of a fracture? haven't been able to figger that out either....thanks in advance
  11. virtuallydone

    Hello, I'm a houdini artist, started with houdini 1.0 at CFX in the 80's after bailing out of Digital Pictures. I've played at Framestore, MPC, 4:2:2, Rushes, Oasis, well, pretty much all over. I have a home-based studio - virtuallydone.co.uk, but I'm in the market for a medium-long-term freelance, thanks to all those bankers and there sub-prime lending! Harry Nicholas - known throughout the professional world as Nic For 3D computer animation, design and direction, contact: [m] +447956 909 816 [t] +4420 8650 1382 [w] http://www.virtuallydone.co.uk showreel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEooacplGJo don't forget to comment! buy my models from turbosquid, flatpyramid, exchange3d and 3dstudio or else you may like my art enough to buy something: http://alltradeart.co.uk/harry-nicholas get a t-shirt from http://www.cafepress.com/virtuallydone now appearing on facebook LinkedIn and ecademy. cv_2009_concise_SMFS.pdf