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  1. HOT 1.0rc9 for OS X 11.1.67

    Thanks i got it working just fine about 10 mins after my post. This is such fun can not wait to make a big splash.
  2. HOT 1.0rc9 for OS X 11.1.67

    Hello, what is the best way to install this? many thanks
  3. Hi all, i just notice while using PBR that if i change my main key light from spot to distant i no longer get any diffuse contribution. ALL i have is a key light a sphere with a basic surface shader out the box. Is this sum kind of bug?
  4. Hi all. is there a certain way to get motion blur into a deep shadow map i have Depth Map Motion blur on but no results in the shadow. its strange i just have simple spot light and a translating sphere animated in sops but i get nothing? can anyone help?
  5. Depth of Field

    it needs to have F-Stop and Focus Distance to be added to the camera. doh!!
  6. Depth of Field

    Hi has the way depth of field works changed in 10.0.249? i have it turned on at the Rop and in the camera under sampling. I also played with the focus handle and focus Frustum Clipping but nothing? any ideas anyone? cheers
  7. Wood

    Hi SvenP, could you share your vop network?
  8. cheers, i thought i may have to go down that road. i will give it a go asap thanks for the help brainburke
  9. Hi all, is there a way to bake out a procedural texture map from vops to create a .tex file that renderman can read on to geometry as a texture? thanks chop