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  1. Thin Sheet Fluid

    The effcets are awesome! I tested the file you uploaded and followed your parameters, but I couldn't get the effect(rubbertoy)you showed. Do you have any Solver configuration tips?
  2. HOT for 11.0.469

    Hi,guys I'm looking for HOT for Houdini 11.0.469 win64 1.0rc9 I tried installing HOT but I could not compile it who can share it? thx
  3. hi guys ~i got some troubles in hot~ i compile starndard HDK examples like SOP_Star.C,but when compile HOT ,the problem is hcustom :command not found ~ my system is win32vc8,houdini version is 10.0.295,hot version is HOT_src_1.0rc6 ~