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  1. This really would be great!
  2. Thanx man, thats could be an alternative. I am a Xsi user and i access the si community using this tapatalk and its so fast and updates new posts...i wish could be more faster to access this place as well
  3. * Hi guys! Just wondering if this forum support some more faster way to acess by mobile than the traditional mini browser like chrome or opera. i know i can use Taptalk with some forums, which is super fast! If not...would be nice to implement this on the forum... Thanx any way guys and have a nice day! *
  4. Hey Buddy, sorry for the long return! I am just watching the new video about particles on 13... Damn, a lot of new stuff...thanx for your help and reply!
  5. * Wondering if i lost my last months studying houdini, cause since a lot of things changed, or am i wrong?
  6. The Breach

    very nice man! great flip showing in...
  7. Great info on this...thanks a lot old school!
  8. Procedural Building Generator

    Are you going sell it man?
  9. simulation of destruction

    * Man your destructions are so perfect..top notch! i am waiting for your tutors....Please...we all would buy it
  10. Waterfall

    the link is down for me...any other link?
  11. Pyro beat

    this is art of out of space...very cool
  12. Procedural plants generation tool.

    Damnnn!!!! i didnt have see the full video before post..i must say your Asset Rocks! Very impressive and even better than a lot of comercial solutions around! Please let us know anytime when it will be around
  13. Procedural plants generation tool.

    Hey man, when will be it available? is it run in Aprentice?
  14. splash fruit

    Thanx for share this file mate, was so useful
  15. Rock Hard

    That would be great...waiting for this man!