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  1. HOT on the farm

    This is not Houdini specific, but I would strongly advise against directly loading the plugins etc. from one location. This way you get write locks on some files and can't update/change them until all open tools are closed. In my opinion it's best to store everything in one location in your network, but copy it locally when starting the app. If you only check for updates and not copy everything it shouldn't slow down startup too much. This has multiple advantages. First you can modify the files on the network while everyone is working. And even if the server is down, the last versions are available on the workstation. For farm machines it may be sufficient to only update with a reboot, or send a special job with your rendermanager.
  2. HOT in MR for Maya

    Thanks to Schnellis modifications of the hot source I managed to make the maya deformer multithreaded. This gives a nice speedup on multicore machines. Only versions 2009 and up are multithreaded. Redownload from the link on first page if you want to test it. Cheers, Nico
  3. HOT in MR for Maya

    Hmm, interesting idea. Sounds useful to me too. Maybe I'll look into it and provide some kind of offset input for the deformer as well. Or create an extra displacement deformer. But you'll have to wait some time, as I'm unable to do something for the next couple of weeks. Since it's only a deformer you could try to find a displacement deformer (maybe someone did that already) and pluf it before / after the ocean. Cheers, Nico PS. In case nobody noticed, I added a 2011 64bit compile to the link on the first page. Oh and CeeGee, thanks for the videos.
  4. HOT in MR for Maya

    Hi, did you try loading the deformer plugin? Is it in the plugin manager? What is the error message? And do you see the shader in the hypershade? Is there an error when you try to render it? Those source code files are for people who want to modify or recompile the shader for a different maya/ linux etc. You don't need them to run the shader. So just ignore them. Nico
  5. HOT in MR for Maya

    Thanks Haggi. I always wondered what those were for. I updated the mi files and examples accordingly, so everyone who downloaded last night please re-download. donGuzzi: I was referring to the size parameter on the shader/deformer. For your scene try something like this: Resolution 11 Size 15000 This will slowdown the scene and increase the needed memory but you are trying to fill a huge space.
  6. HOT in MR for Maya

    Hi. I made a little update based one some suggestions and fixed some bugs. You can now layer multiple oceans/displacements. But since I had to reorder some attributes your old files may not work anymore after the update, especially if you connected some inputs of the hotShader. And I added compiles for 2008. Same link as before: download Maya 2008/9 32/64 bit donGuzzi : You need a bigger sized ocean. The algorithm creates a wave pattern as big as the Size attribute and the repeats this. So if Size is only 10 meter in your scene scale you will see the tiles. Don't forget to also increase the resolution to get enough detail into the bigger ocean.
  7. HOT in MR for Maya

    The tessendorf ocean doesn't provide any tools for interactions, it's just a procedural system to generate wavelike surfaces. So you'll need to use Mayas tools on top of the ocean to get the desired effects. The floating part should be doable using a constraint or some other Maya tool on the deformed ocean mesh. The interaction of the water could be done with a wave deformer, or even simulated using a fluid, which then further displaces the ocean (for this I plan on changing the shader so you can use multiple displacements)
  8. HOT in MR for Maya

    Except for the one stated above (mental ray displaces first and then calls the shader again for coloration) just some small compiler issues. Using ocean.h is really easy, good work. Too bad it's not reentrant safe, I had to thread lock the actual evaluation. Maybe giving the result right back when calling eval2_xz would be nicer.
  9. HOT in MR for Maya

    It's been some time but I didn't forget you. Basically there is no such thing as a "Regular" Maya Shader. Shaders have to be written and compiled differently for each renderer. The standard maya shaders are implemented for each renderer and under the hood maya(or the renderer plugin) uses the appropiate version, depending on what your rendering with. And I wouldn't call mayas ocean shader obsolete. In fact I quite like it. Just like the Tessendorf Ocean it's got a unique look wich sometimes fits better. Anyway, I finished a version of HOT for Maya, so tada here it is: download Maya 2008 32/64 bit Maya 2009 32/64 bit 2010 64bit, 2011-13 64bit .. all windows only It consists of a mental ray shader and a maya deformer. This way you can setup your waves in the viewport with the deformer on a small plane and render them as displacement with the shader. Thanks again to you Drew for the wonderful tool. I included the source. If you have any objections don't hesitate to inform me and I'll take this thing down. Else I'd like to spread it a little around the maya community. Cheers, Nico
  10. Hi, nice Toolkit. I'm fooling around a little trying to get HOT working in a mental ray shader. It looks good so far. Except for a big memory leak everything seems to be generated just fine. The shader is really fast. movie I compiled it with VS 2008 under Vista64 using the latest fftw. So it seems 64 bit windows works fine. There's only one little problem. Since Mental Ray does the displacement first and calls the surface shader later, the normals and eigenvalues don't end up at their displaced position but instead at the original place, which makes them unusable. I could do everything in uv space, since the uvs get displaced correctly, but I'd prefer world space, to be indepent of the underlying geometry. Is there a way to get the displacement backwards? Like giving a point and finding out where it was before being displaced? Or does anyone have any other ideas how to solve this?