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  1. Hi I've confused about converting polygon to VDB. Suppose we have about 100 geometry and we want to convert them to VDB fog, there is a huge difference in quality if you convert them directly or one by one with a loop. Direct : With loop : Another problem comes up when I want to flatten all the VDBs that come from the loop, I miss the details and the result is the same as the direct convert. Flatten VDB : I've attached the .hip file, hope anybody can help me. vdbCombine.hip
  2. Deactivate Particles by Pop Group-Bounding box

    Add Popwrangle and set point stuck value to 0. Deactivate_Particles.hiplc
  3. Segmentation fault

    Hi I have a simple dop network but I always get "9508: Fatal error: Segmentation fault" after simulating a few frames. I attached the hip file hope to get some advise. impact.hip
  4. Sop solver with multiple Bulllet object

    Actually I know if I separate rigid solver, the problem solved but I wondering is there any trick to make this by one solver.
  5. Hi all I have a dop network with two packet object (ground and balls). I add a sop solver to emit some spheres in each frame. The problem is in each frame new spheres added to ground and balls dop object either. How can I force sop solver to add spheres to ball dop object only. I hope my question was clear. Thanks.
  6. Group rbd packs that broken

    nope, sop solver that connected to rigid body solver, work on rbd pack points but rbd forces work on dop objects. Thanks, by the way.
  7. Group rbd packs that broken

    Yes i can, but the problem is, groups in dops work on dop objects, but all the rbd packed points, is a one dop object. i can't tell to force, only apply on some specific points.
  8. Group rbd packs that broken

    Thanks Alvaro, nice trick but i must find a way to do that in dops.
  9. Group rbd packs that broken

    Hi all. i did this tutorial : http://shortandsweet3d.blogspot.com/2018/06/animated-constraints.html now i'm wondering how can i make a group of shattered piece and mask them on some forces. for example in the tutorial, detached pieces don't affected by impulse force. Thanks.
  10. Footprint Deformer

    While dist(restPos, P) > bias : P = P + (N * restForce);
  11. Footprint Deformer

    That's right.
  12. Footprint Deformer

    Thanks a lot.
  13. Footprint Deformer

    https://vimeo.com/84576619 a houdini digital asset that consist of two part. Deformer : - Deform source by pushing points. - Customize the shape of edges. - Rest force for pushing back points. - Export deformation as displacement map. Painter : - Paint on source. - Ability to erase or growth painted area. - Export paint as color map.
  14. Viscous Fluid

    https://vimeo.com/79990306 I took this animation scene from a learning DVD for Eat3D and did this simulation test. Simulation : Houdini Render : Maya mtoa Composite : Nuke