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  1. shadow shader

    Hello peeps, Anyone knows how to build a shadow shader in vop. I'm rendering with plausible prman. Say I have one sphere and a grid with displacement shader on, and basically I just want the sphere to cast shadow on the grid - I don't want the grid to self-shadow. Much appreciated if anybody can show me how to do it? Unfortunately shadow mask on a light does not work when rendering with prman :-(. Thanks a million, Sunan
  2. python noob

    You are absolutely right! BUT they don't have a workflow like that here where I am currently working and I already suggested them. Like you said the best thing is to create an asset which everyone else can match current def...and all. Anyway, I will have a look at the links you posted. cheers, s
  3. python noob

    Hi guys, I'm very new to python and trying to figure out how to create a shelf tool which helps me to automatically search for the latest otl stored in one directory and grab that latest one and drop it onto /obj for me. Make any sense? I am not quite sure how to approach that? All thoughts are appreciated and welcome. cheers, s
  4. Sprites

    Hi Just a quick question regarding procedural sprites, what is the best procedural way to randomize textures? many thanks s
  5. points filled in a deforming object

    Thank you anim, you've been such a great help. Thanks pclaes for pointing out to the asset. Last but not least, thanks to everyone who's tried to help. cheers s
  6. points filled in a deforming object

    Thank you so much for your time anim, I really appreciated it. There are a few things that I still don't quite understand. 1. What is the AttribReorient doing in there? 2. In the compute_tranform, I think I understand it better now. The only thing I don't quite get is the subtract bit. 3. In the apply_transform, what are dot and compare doing in there? sorry to bother you again with some stupid questions. Your help will be really appreciated. cheers s
  7. points filled in a deforming object

    Thanks cpb. I will study your hip file. cheers s
  8. points filled in a deforming object

    I know that it's not your asset, but I just thought you would probably know about what's going inside better than I would. Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing your next post cheers s
  9. points filled in a deforming object

    Thank anim. If you don't mind can you please explain me how things work in the vopsop, esp the matrix bits. cheers s
  10. points filled in a deforming object

    Here you go Emanuele https://www.yousendit.com/download/MVNjT0NZeDNTRTUzZUE9PQ for some reason uploading here was not successful, so I did it on YouSendit instead. The points inside the animated rat are swimming/jittering. What's the best way to solve this problem. It's dealing with more complex rigged animation, not just a simple animation with a twist sop. cheers s
  11. points filled in a deforming object

    well, not quite Macha. The hip file I sent earlier shows that all the points are swimming and I don't want them to swim.
  12. points filled in a deforming object

    Ok, I think it's my unclear explanation. I am sorry. Please check out the hip file again. If you display point numbers you will see that all the points are randomly moving everywhere inside the volume. What I am trying to do is I basically want those points not moving even though the topology changes. Hope I make myself clear this time Sorry once again for my stupid unclear explanation earlier. cheers s testVol_fix.hipnc
  13. points filled in a deforming object

    yep that should work fine and I also tried that, but the only problem I am facing now is the points are not rested, they move randomly everywhere in the object space. Do I make any sense at all? cheers s
  14. points filled in a deforming object

    Thanks Emanuele. I knew that would work fine. What if I have a animated running rat and I want to fill (inside, not on the surface) that running rat with points? cheers s
  15. points filled in a deforming object

    I know I can just deform those points easily after I grab the first frame of the point emission in the popnet. But the thing is that what if I have an animated character of, for example, a rat....I am not sure how I am going do it with lattice sop.