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  1. WaterDropSplash

    You have Shellf tool + in your scene some Hda missing or something else(vector field) plus on Google plenty Tutorials and Tricks.. Link
  2. @caskal Why Vellum just curious? copy to lines matrix3 r = dihedral({0, 1, 0}, @P); @orient = quaternion(r); point tip s@name = "ball" + itoa(@ptnum); to constraint s@constraint_name = "Hard"; s@constraint_type = "position"; f@restlength = primintrinsic(0, "measuredperimeter", 0);
  3. Sort Sop /rand Group-expression @ptnum <= ((@numpt/120.0)*@Frame)
  4. @j00ey I think I seen That approach here on ex .with file .I'm not 100% sure . Don't sitting with desk..
  5. Water Splash question

    @immeen Watch this Tutorial
  6. Copy stamp

    @yujiyuji Play with this setup , in resample SOP ,adjust only steps that You Like ,or I think its Best to Just Explain in Words What Type of Effect or Installation (model) You planning to do. Houdini have million approaches to handle some "problems" I think . Have Fun sampleFix.hiplc
  7. On Growth and Form

    Make beautify patterns with arrays int dim = chi("dim"); int prim; int pt; int npt = chi("npt")*dim; int pts[]; int randn; int randpt; for(int i;i<dim;i++){ addprim(0,"polyline"); } vector2 uniform_num; for(int i;i<npt;i++){ uniform_num = set(i%dim,i/dim); pt = addpoint(0,uniform_num); prim = uniform_num.x;; addvertex(0,prim,pt); if(prim == 0){ pts = array(i+1,i+1+dim,i+1-dim); }else if (prim == dim-1){ pts =array(i-1,i-1+dim,i-1-dim); }else if (uniform_num.y==0){ pts = array(i+dim,i+dim+1,i+dim-1); }else if (uniform_num.y == chi("npp")-1){ pts = array(i-dim,i-dim+1,i-dim-1); }else{ pts =array(i-1,i+1,i+dim+1,i+dim-1,i-dim+1,i-dim+1); } if(i == 0){ pts =array(i+dim,i+1,i+dim+1); } if (i == dim-1){ pts = array ( i+dim,i-1,i+dim-1); } if (i == npt -dim){ pts = array ( i-dim,i+1,i-dim+1); } if (i == npt -1){ pts = array ( i-dim,i-1,i-dim-1); } int pts_no[]; foreach(int ptn;pts){ if(ptn<i){ append(pts_no,ptn); } } setpointattrib(0,"pts",pt,pts); setpointattrib(0,"pts_no",pt,pts_no); randn = floor(len(pts_no)*rand(i)); randpt = pts_no[randn]; setpointattrib(0,"randpt",i,randpt); }
  8. Cutting out piece of geo with curve

    @anbt You're welcome
  9. On Growth and Form

    //detail int prim0 = addprim(0,"poly"); setprimattrib(0,"Cd",prim0,{0,0,0}); float u; float r; vector center; vector pos; int n = 100; for(int i = 0;i<n;i++){ u = float(i)/(n-1); u *= 3*PI; if(u<PI){ r=1.0; center={0,0,0}; pos = center+r*set(cos(u),sin(u),0); }else if(u >= PI && u < 2 *PI){ r = 0.5; center= {-0.5,0,0}; pos = center+r*set(cos(u),sin(u),0); }else{ r = 0.5; center= {0.5,0,0}; pos = center+r*set(-cos(u),sin(u),0); } pos.x *= -1; addvertex(0,prim0,addpoint(0,pos)); } //cir int prim1 = addprim(0,"circle",addpoint(0,{0,0,-0.001})); matrix3 scale = 1; scale(scale,0.1); int prim2 = addprim(0,"circle",addpoint(0,{0.5,0,0.01})); setprimintrinsic (0,"transform",prim2,scale); int prim3 = addprim(0,"circle",addpoint(0,{-0.5,0,0.01})); setprimintrinsic(0,"transform",prim3,scale); setprimattrib(0,"Cd",prim3,{0,0,0}); Yin and yang
  10. Cutting out piece of geo with curve

    @anbt Oldyyy Nostalgia and some link to _______ if you gonna use Sphere only on and for modeling .This dude posted long time Ago File(Nice Tricks) and if you combine Pretty much you can make(model) anything easily I think. OldMAgic.hiplc 018_share(3).hip
  11. Try to play inside-shader allow editing context Surface Color Uttil and you gonna see this *image..but you must follow the Line, I don't Have your scene so we gonna assume everything Today check the use pointColor

    Grids Space 3 int prim = addprim(0,"polyline"); float u; int npt = chi("npt"); for (int i;i<npt;i++){ u = PI*2*float(i)/(npt-1); vector pos = set(cos(@Time+u),sin(@Time+u), sin((u+@Time)*2)); addvertex(0,prim,addpoint(0,pos)); }
  13. @grendizer Hm --Try also to make attr Alpha and then see what Happens ...and bind those values and mix and read Help Have Fun .