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  1. @luidox you are just confused Houdini its Mecca for patterns in Vop :p.
  2. Custom Raytracer in COPs

    thanx fully functional on 16.5
  3. Nature fun

    Sooon Yupiiii
  4. resizable pyside widget

    Man thanx for examples on your site
  5. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    @Jaanus it's already existing its Touchdesigner and its based on the same code Like Houdini..so 3 words political capitalism and friendship...heavy
  6. Howto add a video link to a post

    I think the only gif format it's ok.. I think link to..... and other stuff it's ok.. Dont know
  7. Taper multiple curves

    You have that file here bulge with chops Lag I Think...Just check rar file
  8. Array animation ?transform animation?

    learn This Stuff Have fun Bend then you can use this code instead. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- matrix3 matx = ident() , maty = ident() , matz = ident(); vector4 @rot; v@up = set(0,0,1); float anglex = radians(90); vector axisx = cross(normalize(v@up),normalize(v@N)); rotate(matx, anglex, axisx); float angley = radians(20); vector axisy = cross(normalize(v@up),normalize(axisx)); rotate(maty, angley, axisy); float anglez = radians(10); vector axisz = cross(normalize(axisx),normalize(axisy)); rotate(maty, anglez, axisz); matrix3 mat=matx*maty*matz; @rot= quaternion(mat); @scale = set( 1, 1 +@Time * 0.1, 1); v@trams =set( 0, @Time * 0.1, 0); ------------------------------------------------------------ Stampex1.hipnc TransEach.hipnc useful links from other members--------> https://github.com/kiryha/Houdini/wiki/vex-snippets http://lex.ikoon.cz/vex-snippets/ https://vfxbrain.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/vex-snippets/
  9. Array animation ?transform animation?

    He uses absolutely everything that you mention .. butt you can use more better stuff L-system...with copy to points (those elements)..point deform wrangle ...just play with those files and examples Just combine.. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/12862/ odforceLEARN19.hipnc LsysODanim.hipnc
  10. Implement Kernel (maths) in Vex

    I love it. Thank you for sharing with us soon someone goona Help.
  11. gift opening help

    combine https://vimeo.com/farmfield
  12. Implement Kernel (maths) in Vex

    maybe gonna be some helpful stuff https://nccastaff.bournemouth.ac.uk/jmacey/MastersProjects/MSc16/01/thesis.pdf
  13. Nature fun