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  1. Help for simple tentacle effect

    no errors Here on H 18.532.. 4 stages of procedural making You can make anything from That ..( change any shape ,change any movement )..Just HAve Fun
  2. Help for simple tentacle effect

    If you need A file here you have From Tutorial That I did ...watched this Dude Just change some parameters and you can make any medical Funny Virus microbe or etc...Have Fun.. This can be done in more simplistic ways . someone gonna post That File 100%
  3. POP Grain disintegration on character animation

    You have File from 2017 /Dissolving Sandman ..and that Snippet by John ---Combine http://shortandsweet3d.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2018-12-04T22:00:00Z&max-results=7&start=7&by-date=false
  4. I just want To build Setup for puppet controlled by strings....Maybe we Have already this... Didn't see anywhere I have initial setup/watched some Tutorial ..Just to learn how to control points (Constraints) ..need Some Hand (model I have) ...Hm...Yupiiiii Fun Here some interesting info.. https://voxelpixel.xyz/category/houdini/constraints/ ODPuppet.rar
  5. maintain scattered points based on curvature

    I found also Something to have in mind ..plus you have some Tricks ON CGwiki ..Yupiiii Have Fun http://www.gustavlarsson.nu/work/deforming-rbds-stick-to-animated-mesh/
  6. maintain scattered points based on curvature

    I think that they gonna stick on Any color or please provide Your growth Example File . ScTTOD.hiplc POP version vdbscatter_v02POP.hipnc
  7. random rotate top face of polygon?

    @ElemKlimov @ryew I Found Z_HOUDINI collection of houdini hda's focused on procedural modelling and game dev . many of these are WIP and may not work , all tools are unlocked open source , feel free to edit \ redistribute ! credit and thanks to gamedev sidefxlab , qL , and others , using lots of their hda within these . https://github.com/CorvaeOboro/zhoudini Nice to Have
  8. Force Directed Graph OpenCL

    @anim Thanx It works Yessssss ...OO I have Fun
  9. Force Directed Graph OpenCL

    @animatrix When you Have Time Please.. I followed ...here its Code ..I download Again 16.5 Houdini...syntax error /Don't 'see ....Don't Understand-- Nada ...Maybe Typo IndentationError: ('unexpected indent', ('Sc', 34, 1, ' for point in wrangle.geometry().points():\n')) import toolutils #Ask user to select source geometry sViewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() selected_object = sViewer.selectObjects('Select geometry to copy nodes to', allowed_types=("geo",), allow_multisel=0) source = selected_object[0] #Create folder in which new animated nodes will be contained root = hou.node('/obj') folder = root.createNode('geo', 'Moving_Nodes') folder.moveToGoodPosition() # Delete default file node from the new folder for nodes in folder.children(): nodes.destroy() #Find a node with Display Flag on for child in source.children(): if child.isDisplayFlagSet() == 1: geo = child #Create a new wrangle node which sets Id and Color point attributes to source geo wrangle = source.createNode('attribwrangle') wrangle.parm('snippet').set("""i@id = @ptnum; @Cd = fit01(@P, 0.5, 1);""") wrangle.moveToGoodPosition() wrangle.setInput(0, geo) wrangle.setDisplayFlag(1) wrangle.setRenderFlag(1) # Create a new Null node on for every point and copy X and Y coordinates from P point attribute to every new Null # Create a new Index parameter on each Null which corresponds to its "parent" point for point in wrangle.geometry().points(): node_Xpos = point.attribValue('P')[0]*6 node_Ypos = point.attribValue('P')[1]*6 new_node = folder.createNode('null') parms = new_node.parmTemplateGroup() parms.addParmTemplate(hou.IntParmTemplate("index", "Index", 1)) new_node.setParmTemplateGroup(parms) new_node.parm('index').set(point.attribValue('id')) new_node.setPosition((node_Xpos, node_Ypos)) # Create a new Python SOP in the source folder with a code which transfers a position from points to the corresponding Nulls on every frame python = source.createNode('python') python.parm('python').set("""node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() root = hou.node('/obj/Moving_Nodes') for point in geo.points(): node_Xpos = point.attribValue('P')[0]*6 node_Ypos = point.attribValue('P')[1]*6 node_color= point.attribValue('Cd') for child in root.children(): if child.parm('index').eval() == point.attribValue('id'): child.setPosition((node_Xpos, node_Ypos)) child.setColor(hou.Color(node_color))""") python.setDisplayFlag(1) python.setRenderFlag(1) python.moveToGoodPosition() python.setInput(0, wrangle)
  10. Force Directed Graph OpenCL

    I Found I think https://vimeo.com/240230247
  11. Force Directed Graph OpenCL

    Yunus How to ? Point me to Right Direction when you have Time .... If You Have Said A, You Must Also Say B ... geonode = hou.node('/obj/geo') # geometry geonode.deleteItems(geonode.children()) # merge = geonode.createNode("merge") # merge merge.setPosition(hou.Vector2(1,-2)) # box nodes = [] posarray = [(0,0),(0,2),(2,2),(2,0)] # for i in xrange(4): nodes.append(geonode.createNode("box")) # box nodes[i].setPosition(hou.Vector2(posarray[i])) merge.setInput(i,nodes[i]) # box # posarray posarray2 = posarray[:] posarray2.append(posarray2[0]) posarray2.pop(0) anival = [] # for i in xrange(4): # anival.append( hou.NetworkAnimValue( 4.0, nodes[i].position(), hou.Vector2(posarray2[i]))) ne.setVisibleBounds(hou.BoundingRect(-3,-3,6,3),0.5) ne.setAdjustments(nodes, anival, auto_remove=True) # # ref) http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/NetworkAnimValue.html for i in xrange(4): nodes[i].setPosition(hou.Vector2(posarray2[i]))
  12. Force Directed Graph OpenCL

    Have Fun.. thanx + @t_hasegawa Twitter file +read In second example make attributes like in first ..it works For me https://github.com/d3/d3-force https://observablehq.com/@d3/force-directed-tree ForceDirectedGraph_v002t03(1).hipnc
  13. Subdivide the result of a boolean. Issues.

    Combine! I Have this solution. HavingFun.hipnc
  14. cleaning traced letter line

    Found Something that maybe can Help you in your Process ..Who knows Vex-argsort sort.hiplc