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  1. Install Anaconda ..You have a link.. Read and learn ..maybe Petz gonna upload a file for Houdini. Install trial Matlab. Send me a Chivas Whiskey and you gonna get a converter for C++ to python or vex or Basic .. But soon @petz gonna upload a file DevelopabilityOfTriangleMeshes-master.zip course-master.zip paper.pdf
  2. River

  3. Closed leaf venation patterns

    @vinyvince No ..Just that leaf, fuse(power of 2 grids ), poly offset and sliding points on the line, than just finding those patterns.
  4. Closed leaf venation patterns

    Just need to connect randomly but i get it cmm2002.pdf
  5. Closed leaf venation patterns

    You can achieve fine results with riches files . https://richardlord.tumblr.com/
  6. AI Volume Effect

    Install manually .+ plus that asset just hanging there in the file ..so it's not relevant displacebydelta_ql_SOP.rar
  7. AI Volume Effect

    For the second painting here its approach ...everything depends on input of model than you have endless variation ..noise plus audio ..but because I have 16.5 Houdini on 4 processor Hm . Just att end-use wire with 0 value, than vdb from poligons than convert and voila. plus I use Qlib . Musicbox.hipnc
  8. AI Volume Effect

    Serjan work I think it's not Vex heavy (It's just great Idea + basic knowledge of spiral(golden ratio + L-system (Lilly shape ) just do a search on odforce and I think you goona find what you need .
  9. Render splines (Solved)

    I found something interesting. https://chakazul.github.io/Lenia/JavaScript/Lenia.html Yesss I found yupiii... http://ytini.com/ https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/f11b/b1007a77445c3c3e514bdd55967f6d438942.pdf
  10. Render splines (Solved)

    How to achieve bulge render for splines so that I can use those render for reliefs, I have additive mode shade by @MENOZ,just wondering for another solution ? nature.rar
  11. Modeler 1.0

    It's this working in 16.5 houdini ?
  12. Nature fun

    Soon they gonna swim
  13. Nature fun