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  1. and this file from @Nate... have nice tricks packing_boxes_v001.hiplc
  2. Underwater Surface

    I have some scene from 16.5 using Equiangular Homogenic volumetric , directly render no Comp ...don't see any reason why you gonna render directly that ..When you can do this in" toon vis" tutorials for nuke, digital fusion, after effects .. + you have in Blender free render LUXCORE that do those stuff in the FLY ..maybe... that huge PIC its BLENDER 3min frame ..gonna try to find file from 16.5
  3. Bell-Shape Flower's petal detail

    @Max_Steven combine, maybe you gonna find some tricks FlowerDETaIL.hiplc
  4. Edgefracture with pressure contraint in vellum

    @bobbybrown combine maybe it Helps! Have Fun. balloon_01Fun.hipnc
  5. Fun points Grid vector2 pos = rand (@elemnum)-{.5,.5}; pos *= 10; int pt = addpoint(0,pos); vector scale = fit01(rand(@elemnum+0.1),{0.2,0.5,1},{1,1,1}); float pscale = length(set(scale.x,scale.y)); setpointattrib(0,"scale",pt,scale); setpointattrib(0,"pscale",pt,pscale); vector nor= {0,0,1}; vector up = fit01(rand(@elemnum*0.2),{-1,-1,0},{1,1,0}); up= normalize(up); setpointattrib(0,"up",0,up); solver removevalue(near_pts,@ptnum); vector avg; vector scale; vector pos; vector dir; vector up; int n = len(near_pts); foreach(int pt; near_pts){ scale = point(0,"scale",pt); pos = point (0,"P",pt); dir = @P-pos; up = point(0,"up",pt); if(abs(dot(up,@up))>0.001){ @up += length(@up-up)*(up-@up)/n; } if(abs(dot(dir,v@side))<scale.x+@scale.x && abs(dot(dir,@up))<scale.y+@scale.y){ avg += 1.2*(@P-pos)/pow(length(@P-pos),4); } else if(n<chi("compactnes")){ avg += pow(length(dir),2)*(pos-@P)/n; } } @P += 0.008*normalize(avg); outside int pts[]; matrix xform = instance(@P,@N,@scale,0,@up); foreach (vector pos;{{-1,-1},{-1,1},{1,1},{1,-1}}){ pos *= xform; append ( pts,addpoint(0,pos)); } int prim = addprim(0,"poly",pts); setprimattrib(0,"Cd",prim,vector(rand(0.1*@ptnum))); removepoint(0,@ptnum);
  6. @Lampay links 1 sidefx tut 0 2 sidefx tut 1 3 everything that you need to model ...+ more ...bricks endless files muchoss and combine that is all that I could find . Have Fun..
  7. Book animation riddle

    @Chris Kite if you are Happy with file from Think Procedural please post final result
  8. @anbt Trust me I just have Fun with Houdini, you must ask some PRODUCTION fx ARTIST LADY or DUDE for those effects hm
  9. Obscurus of Fantastic Beasts

    @yujiyuji or you can use this setup and slightly adjust some parameters I think.. SrleParticles.hiplc
  10. Obscurus of Fantastic Beasts

    just combine from this site 2 files https://diffusefx.com/blog/
  11. you have @anbt on YouTube splash fluid collide .. also search for "SchrodingersSmoke Houdini" on Edu sites you have example "INK Collide " Have Fun.
  12. hehehe @anbt intersection.hipnc