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  1. peeling effect with vellum

    you have that on cgworld .jp HCB021(4).hip + combine this https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/83084/?page=1#post-357095
  2. @doc hm exact what i need ...but how to solve that wedge hm ..endless sacred patterns Thanx
  3. Every week shaping Ernest Hackel

    volumes with chops and spiral
  4. Straight Angle Noise

    @existenceproof One way play with chops ...+ you have endless function for vex in this TOPIC.
  5. i found a way Yupiiii s@name = sprintf("piece_%d", i@iy); // get actors names string name = sprintf(s@name); // split actors name up into array using space as delimiter string actorSplit[] = split(name, " "); // join array with underscores to create the group name string groupName = join(actorSplit, "_"); // set group name setpointgroup(0, groupName, @ptnum, 1, "set"); float k = 2 *noise(@Time); @P *= set(1/sqrt(k),k,1/sqrt(k)); @P += @P *flownoise(@P*3,@Time); i[]@pCaptPts = pcfind(1,"P",@P,1e15,8); float r = 1.1 *distance(point(1,"P",@pCaptPts[-1]),@P); vector delta; float totalweight_cpt; matrix3 totalxform_cpt; foreach(int cpt;@pCaptPts){ vector oldcenter = point(1,"P",cpt);//Rest_POint_latice vector newcenter= point(2,"P",cpt);//deformed_point_latice matrix3 xform_cpt = 1; int n[] = neighbours(1,cpt); //int n[] = neighbours(2,cpt); matrix3 totalxform = 0; float totalweight = 0; if (len(n)>1){ vector lastdp,lastrestdp; for (int i;i<len(n);i++){ if(i==0){ lastdp = point(1,"P",n[-1])-oldcenter; lastrestdp = point(2,"P",n[-1])-newcenter; } vector dp = cross(dp,lastdp); vector restdp = cross(restdp,lastrestdp); vector up = cross(dp,lastdp); vector restup = cross(restdp,lastrestdp); float w = sqrt(length(up)*length(restup)); matrix3 restxform = maketransform(normalize(restdp),normalize(restup)); matrix3 xform = maketransform(normalize(dp),normalize(up)); totalxform += w*invert(xform)*restxform; totalweight += w; lastrestdp = restdp; lastdp = dp; } if(totalweight!=0){ totalxform/= totalweight; if(chi("rigidprijection")) totalxform = polardecomp(totalxform); xform_cpt = totalxform; } } float dist = distance(oldcenter,@P); float weight = pow(1-pow(dist/r,2),2); vector diff = point(2,"P",cpt)-oldcenter; vector newp = @P; newp -= oldcenter; newp *= xform_cpt; newp += oldcenter; newp += diff; delta += weight*(newp-@P); totalweight_cpt += weight; totalxform_cpt += xform_cpt*weight; } delta /= totalweight_cpt; @P += delta;
  6. Best approach to make deform on different part of Points (colors) in various position only in x and z not height(something like fluid effect on those parts but they keep position, they just be effected like oil or fast splash ) .Thanx Deformpoints.hiplc
  7. Making rings around a sphere

    use carve sop on NURBS sphere
  8. Fire on the ceiling

    hm only with adding pscale randomize on 2 values you get nice shapes ...
  9. Fire on the ceiling

    @gangland @ericsenecal I have basics that I'm 100 sure ..also i need only velocity on points(that travel like snake's on grid that i use transfer to volume attribute) and I'm converting v to tangent-u and updating velocity in Dop... need just to investigate more om temperature and Basics on pyrosolver ..I'm only working on curves in Houdini so it gonna take time for this experiments and new Area to learn ...
  10. On Growth and Form

    @vinyvince mm I'm close to achieve what i need ..
  11. Tutorial HIP Library

    crystal from Qiita @talkyren cristall.hiplc
  12. Pointgroup for Clip Sop Edge

    @crispr_boi Hm.. Please click on my old user from SideFX forum .(i posted those links and get banned b of spamming ) its know part of new search in "www 4"(it gets messy and your mail on that server get's (plus your name with email its everywhere on searching engine in Asia ) ping's in some strange ways somehow ) ..That its manly reason that i post now only name's now-days and where you can find exactly that file or user, and if you go on my posts from 2020 you gonna see that i post abs every link , if you are curios about Asian and Russian artist's world-wide-web its OPEN .. or just contact me on Private or email https://www.sidefx.com/gallery/sacred/