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  1. Magic Trail effect

    @trinityNoob Then Just use PopCurve Force with PopFluid , you have ex in Documentation
  2. Procedural Pen Writing up Effect

    @popsicle Just use SINGLE LINE Fonts for engraving CNC embossing ...
  3. change box to polygon-mesh not Mesh ..Definitely this is the Case in your Ex @archz2 , use periodic Worley Noise, look like its a BUG.hm
  4. 4 points in the scatter param I think ..just change
  5. Tutorial HIP Library

    Asia Thanx To @Boa OdRope.hipnc
  6. Topographic map

    @bratro 'inside foreach you have min o max steps' best to use Height-field tools if you don't need to have separate layers ...endless Fun.
  7. line to 2d mesh vex?

    vector pos(float u,t){ vector p = set(0,u,0); p+= u *0.2*curlnoise(p+0.1*t); return p; } int npt = 30; for (int i;i<npt;i++){ float u = i/float(npt-1); vector p= pos(u,@Time); vector next_p = pos(u+0.1,@Time); vector up = normalize(next_p-p); vector4 ori = dihedral({0,1,0},up); int pt = addpoint(0,p); setpointattrib(0,"orient",pt,ori); matrix3 r =qconvert(ori); vector v = set(r.xx,r.xy,r.xz); vector side = set(r.zx,r.zy,r.zz); setpointattrib(0,"v",pt,v); setpointattrib(0,"side",pt,side); } int pts0[]; int pts1[]; for(int i;i<i@numpt;i++){ vector p = point(0,"P",i); vector dir = point(0,"side",i); dir = normalize(dir); float u = float(i)/(@numpt-1); u = chramp("ramp",u); vector p0= p+dir*u; vector p1= p-dir *u; int pt0 = addpoint(0,p0); int pt1= addpoint(0,p1); append(pts0,pt0); append(pts1,pt1); } for (int i;i<@numpt-1;i++){ addprim(0,"poly",i,i+1,pts0[i+1],pts0[i]); addprim(0,"poly",pts1[i],pts1[i+1],i+1,i); } use Sweep Node Best
  8. Tutorial HIP Library

    human error
  9. Tutorial HIP Library

    @vinyvince hm didn't notice . with Poly slice Lab Lab Poly Slice.hipnc
  10. Topographic map

    @bratro Here its One File ,also you can try to use Heightfiled then just bake to cops Height map of relief and Change pixel resolution you can make nice stuff. topof.hipnc
  11. Bacterial Growth with Bullet

    @lugnut Why Bullet? You have nice ex on CGWIKIand check this with endless Reall DataCHOPS
  12. Tutorial HIP Library

    Linus Rosenqvist Vel-Chops.hipnc
  13. Tutorial HIP Library

    Asia . @Joon Ref on zhuanlan.zhihu found some video for Cinema 4d and Houdini StalbergGrid8.hipnc
  14. [SOLVED]Vex? Issue?

    int count = chi('count'); float seed = chf('seed'); int iarr[] = array(); for (int i = 0;i<@numpt;i++){ iarr[i]=i; } function void shuffle( int a[];float seed float b[] = {}; for(int i = 0;i<len(a);i++){ push(b,rand(i+seed)); } int c[] = argsort(b); a = reorder(a,c); } shuffle(iarr,seed); i[]@arr = iarr; i@variant = iarr[@ptnum]%count; //i@variant = floor(rand(@ptnum)*count); function void shuffle( int a[];float seed this Line its Wrong total Stop Solved "function void shuffle(int a[];float seed ){"
  15. Rig on path deform with wave motion

    hm Maybe it Helps @Syrena path_deform.hipnc follow_path_chops.hipnc