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  1. soft selection

    Nice @saca and where its your RAY solution or ?
  2. Weaving trail In houdini?

    @haziq_md Your Site or ? HM https://www.ax-om.com/edu/proteanfabrics/
  3. extrude node don't work correctly

    @supermac For multiple Lines I think it has to do with normal's I think. For just One Use Transform Extruded front (CHECK) in poly extrude.
  4. Fractal Flame

    @AlexNardini Thank you very MUCH ...PERFECT Well Done ...It works endless swirls
  5. Sacred Geometry and Patterns

    Some Tips for using those 2 files Thank you very much and Have Fun
  6. (pcopen - pc iterate - pc import - pcexport) VOP workflow

    In Depth or ? Yokes at Side One more
  7. arnold render tree leaf

    @iasm6419 "The same tree, but only the first tree has leaves, the rest of the trees have no leaves. (Arnold Render) Can you see why?" Post your File Please and Please Google 번역 사용
  8. OpenGL renderer - line thickness

    @Atom it can render perfect IGS files for AutoCad with SOHO RENDER @monomind https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/out/wren.html https://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk/_h_d_k__s_o_h_o__examples.html
  9. On Growth and Form

    Thanx Asia Forums and @talkyren I Found Perfect Flower Higanbana and Nice tricks in VEX yupiiii ..It has million Option for improvement ...Have Fun. HCVOD.hiplc
  10. OpenGL renderer - line thickness

    I cant Find that file that I know i have used with 16.5 long time ago with OPENGL ROP ..hm. i have Only nice trick with WREN ROP .....but it CRASHING with 18.5.408.(now its working) 50/50 Maybe its my Fault because I installed again Like Moron Post render Script (that i had going in INKscape).. Some Where I have OPENGL I gonna Find ...I'm sure its some trick with wire shader that exist in VOPS and then some trick with VM . crash.Wren.Srle7_1540888.hiplc
  11. in depth tutorial for point cloud in vops

    5 "different fields" in Houdini where point-cloud can be used . Truly Hope that you gonna Learn something (maybe) and make COMPLEX animation.. "POINT CLOUD in VOP In Depth" you have 5 diff sections that its similar in "Funny that way" Have Fun . PCpd.rar
  12. in depth tutorial for point cloud in vops

    @amin.khormaei You want in Depth Tutorial with "Basic examples". Right?
  13. Sacred Geometry and Patterns

  14. Lines along the surface of an object

    @yujiyuji On any directione - You have Labs extract silhouette and this topic for abs ev about Splines
  15. texture fit shape

    I have Old File that works Ok on 16.5 Houdini , plus wonderful shop VopMat for any wood Sort ..You just need to investigate and tweak Old.hiplc