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  1. orientation problem

    right now with your @ejr32123 N points simulation looks like
  2. orientation problem

    @ejr32123 promote your detail rot attribute to point attribute.
  3. On Growth and Form

    12. lesson Vdb -Volumes. Rocks and Cream (endless possibility) Learned (odforce- you can find here everything)..trick from--- houdinifx.jp/blog/
  4. Fastway to select points and make a Dome

    Thanx @Noobini
  5. How to select the highest points and make the Dome. or use instancing to place already Build a model on the top of the highest PIK. ( or just make something crazy) Color its . odforcefun.hipnc
  6. On Growth and Form

    And with excellent file from Akira Saito and some old stuff(Sliced Boy) from some forum H or from here, I can make( endless possibility and cut every mesh and make fun stuff. slicedBoyFromUVs.rar
  7. On Growth and Form

    11 lesson. Now when I have some knowledge about splines polygons, I must find a way to make fast procedural shapes ...and for that, I m gonna use cellular automata and a lot of technical stuff that I learned from/ houdinifx.jp/blog/ , ( and it seems everyone else ) Old file from Akira Saito.(exact what I need ) Next to learn about VDB. roundSurfaceBevelSample01.hiplc
  8. On Growth and Form

    Learning more about noise- Polar cords ( how to make those Haeckel figures and attribute mirror ) and using @petz examples. I found something nice (because it's in Vops) so I like it, its file from Raphaël Gadot ..Mestela approach nice talk ( Hypercubes ) and combining with Qlib ...Need to learn more about, for-each, how to isolate those primitives-curves? More to learn. file from Gadot .. hypercube_rotation_simple.hipnc
  9. how to make the spline path in houdini like the picture ?

    sidefx.com/tutorials/alien-circuitry-panel-structure/ dailyhip.wordpress.com/2017/01/09/electric-snowflake/
  10. On Growth and Form

    Progress between lessons. Must learn expression and more about delete frames ( `ifs($F<4, 0, '24-29')` , restposition ojoj oj , too much fun, too much to learn. But it's the progress that feels the best.
  11. On Growth and Form

    Progress between lessons. Now when (I master polygons and splines) and can make such patterns cellish-ish with math and basic triangles hm endless possibility..I think .
  12. On Growth and Form

    10 lesson. More patterns and more attributes, now learning about promoting and intersections, combining with colors( and using in solver with vertices) ., and how to project those patterns to some other 3d figures (shapes ) Learned a lot from Anastasia Opara ...and ...wordpress.discretization.de/houdini/... projectione from cgwiki Now having fun with NURBS modeling like a Rhinoceros with wonderful examples from @Aizatulin that I hope in the future he does more stuff
  13. need help with design process (slime modeling)

    Now you won't something else hm you have files here just 'warm up the Chair' @typerhack Master Class Vellum vimeo.com/340544320
  14. On Growth and Form

    9 lesson. Now I must learn more about triangle carve and generally how to find in triangle something else . I found this Dude @sweetdude09 and @petz thanx for lessons and examples. I always wanted to have in Houdini (procedural for a tattoo , UI, Fui, Gui, UNx, Mechanic shapes, etc) roof tutorial @konstantin magnus Basically triangles in copy stamp bunch of ...endless possibility... then a group by the edge with various angle and just finding those shapes with some luck.
  15. On Growth and Form

    8 lesson. Now, this must move-Dance, have fun basically. Solver Dops Pio MIo L-system (build everything, mostly fun with Architecture). Just copy paste and use some shapes with some accurate normal DIR you can build funny stuff. I learned a lot from Yancy Lindquist. Solver Like solver solver (repeating) . For lazy people Ameba file. I use Houdini 16.5 Ameba.hipnc