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  1. Closed leaf venation patterns

    Just need to connect randomly but i get it cmm2002.pdf
  2. Closed leaf venation patterns

    You can achieve fine results with riches files . https://richardlord.tumblr.com/
  3. AI Volume Effect

    Install manually .+ plus that asset just hanging there in the file ..so it's not relevant displacebydelta_ql_SOP.rar
  4. AI Volume Effect

    For the second painting here its approach ...everything depends on input of model than you have endless variation ..noise plus audio ..but because I have 16.5 Houdini on 4 processor Hm . Just att end-use wire with 0 value, than vdb from poligons than convert and voila. plus I use Qlib . Musicbox.hipnc
  5. AI Volume Effect

    Serjan work I think it's not Vex heavy (It's just great Idea + basic knowledge of spiral(golden ratio + L-system (Lilly shape ) just do a search on odforce and I think you goona find what you need .
  6. Render splines (Solved)

    I found something interesting. https://chakazul.github.io/Lenia/JavaScript/Lenia.html Yesss I found yupiii... http://ytini.com/ https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/f11b/b1007a77445c3c3e514bdd55967f6d438942.pdf
  7. Render splines (Solved)

    How to achieve bulge render for splines so that I can use those render for reliefs, I have additive mode shade by @MENOZ,just wondering for another solution ? nature.rar
  8. Nature fun

    nature.hipnc just to say hello and share some stuffs. /cnc_verkstad/ Tesan Srdjan
  9. Modeler 1.0

    It's this working in 16.5 houdini ?
  10. Nature fun

    Soon they gonna swim
  11. Nature fun

  12. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

    maybe it helps plus you have here on forum examples . Just search ( rock stone and search for @Macha)
  13. Nature fun

    More fun.
  14. Nature fun

  15. Nature fun

  16. Procedural Graffiti Art

    Thanks for sharing (Vop ).
  17. Carve curve on controlled PT

    Check on your L_system little box for output POint-attributes ( you get something nice). and fallow those tutorials. Maybe it Helps https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/56186/ https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=230 https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/39214/
  18. Nature fun

    More fun
  19. Wireframe and UV Distortion with mantra

    combine this + find on Ddforce Shader each day topic and vex shader code
  20. How can I create a (fluid) splashing sphere?

    Because you are Lazy .. Try to play with these files..Rohan tutorial and others can't remember who? ..experiment with noise and vel.. you can achieve the same Combine knowledge. Have fun flui.hipnc flui2.hipnc
  21. Nature fun

    Fun stuff you get when combining platonic shapes hm.
  22. Nature fun

  23. Nature fun

    10 sec screencapture old COMputer like me .. 40 sec arnold cinema 4d .1 frame Last one .gif its 240 frame screen capture