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  1. Particle Morph on animated geometry

    @popsicle Hi! You can use chop's and for particles DOP solution, if you type(morph animated particles Houdini) google search you can find some examples as well and you have some ex also here on odforce using VDB .
  2. Tutorial HIP Library

    Asia . curlClothSrle.hipnc crimp.v001Srle.hipnc
  3. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    Yes absolutely right @jordibares regarding that some strange look(it has that strange feeling when you look on any produced picture from MidJ...not Fake, more like to Complicated and Fine at the some Time( but maybe that its the Feeling that I have when you know that its not A persona Making that, i don't know , @Atom not only for concept I'm afraid ...and for there's Terms of Service Rights and other Baloni ..they change every week terms ..because its not holding anywhere, if we gonna go know really deep on what they first use to make those pictures ...its a bunch already made names of something that exist or not(some Famous artist/fine Art/Octane ,Arnold Fine art ), they don't own rights on words they can't absolutely forbid any one to make art of those Prompts on any software( just change color on place of Stone)...Just think About Music Right's and Tones ....they changing every week Terms... and they just HAPAJu paricke "taking money for just short period" it gonna be free soon for everyone .. I think so ..
  4. Flip SOP ..?

    hm What's the Best approach to make of those points ? horizontal boundary with Lines closed?? How to isolate this in horizontal curves Like Fasad-Facet (of Points) horizontal ..and i want total control of those boxes (shift move rotate etc) but it must have correspond point's that its inside that Cube ..Please .. or how to make some uv of that Shape .. and translate to Nurbs.. . V0011fbcr999.hiplc
  5. Flip SOP ..?

    How to make this Setup now in the SOP level(with new Flip stuff in Houdini 19.5)and with different changing containers ..? V.hiplc
  6. Flip SOP ..?

    getting there V0011fbcr.hiplc
  7. @akirasun i houdini 2000 ways... Blender Grid, Noise ,bbox(0, D_XSIZE),Copy Sop, than //on prim vector min, max; getbbox(min, max); v@min = min; v@max = max; vector min = prim(geoself(), "min", 0); vector max = prim(geoself(), "max", 0); float height = chf("height"); float radius = chf("radius"); float rMin = radius; float rMax = radius + height; float r = fit(@P.y, min.y, max.y, rMin, rMax); float radianMin = 0.0; float radianMax = 2.0 * $PI; float radian = fit(@P.x, max.x, min.x, radianMin, radianMax); float x = r * cos(radian); float y = r * sin(radian); float z = 0; @P = set(x, y, z);
  8. Flip SOP ..?

    Why they fade(wanishhhh) at the End ...? me and particles V0011.hiplc
  9. Continuous Mesh from Trimmed CAD surfaces

    @PepperRules34 Thanx I think that you have with those ex that you have provided ,everything ready to do effects(ANY), on that model. If ?? that its you primary Goal . Post if you can Original File ..What Software you use for modeling? Or that its just some model from Web . CadforEffec.hiplc
  10. How to ElectricSheep

    @kleer001 Alessandro Nardini alexnardini.net/flame-home/ https://github.com/alexnardini/FLAM3_for_SideFX_Houdini
  11. Continuous Mesh from Trimmed CAD surfaces

    @PepperRules34 I have only Method that works Last 12 years ---any input-> GeoMagic-Fast like Speedy Gonzalesss , or Materialise SOFTWARE /for 3d print/,than when i have One Clean Mesh Surface(those curves and space handling (that ,You can know Build in Houdini (you have tools if you will go for each rabbit hole) pow,object .mostly export Step or STL depending, i think you can find already some tools that if you combine those tools : -> Time : make your own Tool for that Import /clean/CAD ... Post some example in CAD File...If
  12. Biarc interpolation

    @sessionbeer https://houdinigubbins.wordpress.com/tag/biarc-fitting/
  13. Burnt Mask

    @gangland You have new file about that Topic on -Cgworld Japan- Pyro Spars and Burnt.
  14. Translating lsystem rules to Houdini lilac

    @Drunkenpanda You have that Ex here https://www.houdinikitchen.net/2019/12/21/how-to-create-l-systems/
  15. hm It works on this mobius inverseStereographic Transform
  16. Just wondering Best Approche , now when we have this file with Endless Motion that can be manipulated from first Motion . Just take same motion Character on that second VEX inside ABC ...its a 30mb .so no point download here on forum ..everyone have some Motion I think. mmA.hiplc
  17. pyro and volume rasterize attribute

    I use the Same "Magic Formula" or is the same ,but like @Benyee was mentioned without File or more Info hm ...
  18. Vellum Stretch Distance to Color?

    @monolight Its already in That mode .. Or like Usual !!!Without your File!!! I don't Get you right you have Ex here Dive inside Solver's promote-rename- Play https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-constraint-features-john-lynch-h18-masterclass/
  19. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    Yes @flcc My imagine/ promt
  20. Python - custom ui popup window

    @papsphilip Just type Python Houdini on This website qiita.com you have in detail explained ...use google for translate ... You have that example
  21. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    @flcc In the near future, if we experience it, how things started in the world and the plunder of ordinary people, I hope!. There will be no need for two people to work on the project, only an IDEA will be enough, nothing more, at least I think so. Idea its everything Always . Fantasy
  22. Random Polygons Bending

    "Pokushaj Drug Moi" ..Try! Don't see reason why not .
  23. Random Polygons Bending

    One way.. onway.hiplc
  24. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    crazy powerful tool I'm Addicted..