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  1. Nature fun

  2. Divider animation

  3. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    Hi People! this has a lot of potentials I think sources ---- https://github.com/JosephFiola/BookofShadersHoudiniVex https://thebookofshaders.com Joseph "While Houdini does support GLSL code to render shaders into the viewport, I have not implemented this yet. For now these examples are only visible in the render view using the Ray Tracing render engine." We have examples for 2 and 5 chapters .....if you plug inline-code in CD on Point Vop, you can see everything..and its easy to manipulate.. I am interested to know some process ( Just what to change ) and appreciate help with this. converting rest of some chapters like patterns for example to inline code https://thebookofshaders.com/09/ https://thebookofshaders.com/08/ Thanx
  4. Nature fun

    Just having fun- endless Candy store
  5. Nature fun

  6. arc from three points (vex)

    I have 100 % somewhere more files ..just need to find ..and those vex codes don't know Owner
  7. arc from three points (vex)

    Heaven Maybe it helps! HEAVEN_CURVES.pdfcurve.rar
  8. Nature fun

  9. Nature fun

  10. Hi @shuvo FX just post your file (fragment) of your file
  11. Nature fun

  12. Thank you, Karsten Schmidt. Happy New Year https://github.com/thi-ng/vexed-generation
  13. Reproject dirty animation for new point IDs

    can You post first 9 frames and file
  14. Vertical text marker

    Download qlib Examples https://github.com/qLab/qLib
  15. intersect function and Normal

    vector p, uv; int hitPrimIndex = intersect(0,@P-(@N*0.001), -@N*100, p, uv); if (hitPrimIndex == -1){ i@group_intersection =1; }
  16. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    My first program was Lightwave 3.5 on Amiga and still today I found that modeling its something like personal preference (easy way or if you know ( but actually, not understanding ). Numbers Don't Lie You are right Thomas Blender its fantastic, Moi its fantastic, Zbrush its everthing, Alias pih,Catia oj,Rhinoceros oj oj ..3dMAx uuuuu...Truespace Calgary mmmm..Groboto ooooo...Cinema wauuu..Maya like Candy..Softimage Best..and and it's Discutable
  17. Nature fun

  18. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S328/1 trying to download embedingtest.zip HM
  19. Nature fun

  20. Creating water tight meshes from low-quality geometry

    A long time ago when working with 3d printing on Zcorp printers I use Materialise and Geomagic..Just one click.(In most cases )
  21. Combine and Entagma mentioned this on some WEB SEMINAR. https://particula.org/vex/ https://github.com/deshudiosh/PG.hips#c-isolines
  22. How to create modular wall kits?

    Welcome to Houdini and Forum download Qlib..nice technics and much more fun stuff. https://github.com/qLab/qLib https://www.sidefx.com/learn/collections/procedural-walls/ Plus Here on forum, you have 200 examples have fun and on Goo searching 20000+ examples
  23. Houdini cotton candy

    I have posted file but you gonna do searching find eetu lab and Mastela posted also Have fun
  24. I think that you can find a solution in file trig.hipnc
  25. http://brendandawes.com/blog/auto-create-groups-houdini https://www.niklasrosenstein.com/post/2017-07-26-houdini-import-csv-node/