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  1. PointRenderShader

    Here on the forum, you can find everything just to learn to combine /close. td_cross_2.hipnc (file from 2004) reading from points attribute Qfields FUN #define PI 3.1415926535897931 #pragma label Theta "Maximum Theta" #pragma label spread "Overall Spread" #pragma label DATA "Data Points" #pragma label kd "Diffuse" #pragma label ks "Specular" #pragma label bump "Bump" surface qrotation_field ( float Theta = 2.0, spread = 3, kd = 1, ks = 0.5, bump = 0.1; string DATA = "$HIP/../VEX/Reading-Data-Points/_datapoints.bgeo.sc") { float d, Np, theta, pFratt, factor, pspread; vector _P, pP, axis, pVratt; vector4 Q; string group; _P = ptransform("space:camera", "space:world", P); theta = snoise(_P + 0.9, 1, 0.75, 1)*4.5; axis = snoise(_P + 0.05, 1, 0.05, 1); Q = quaternion(theta, axis); _P = qrotate(Q, _P); for(int g = 0; g < 2; g++){ group = concat("group", itoa(g)); int p[] = expandpointgroup(DATA, group); Np = len(p); factor = g + 1; for (int i = 0; i < Np; i++){ pP = point(DATA, "P", p[i]); axis = point(DATA, "N", p[i]); pFratt = point(DATA, "fratt", p[i]); pVratt = point(DATA, "vratt", p[i]); pspread = pFratt*spread/factor; d = distance2(pP, _P); d = exp(-d*d/pspread); theta = 2*PI*(pFratt*2 - 1)*d*Theta/factor; Q = quaternion(theta, axis); _P = qrotate(Q, _P - pP) + pP; } } vector outColor = snoise(_P*0.25, 1, 0.25, 1); vector Nn = normalize(computenormal(P + min(outColor)*bump, N, Ng)); vector diff = diffuse(Nn)*outColor*dot(normalize(-I), N); vector spec = specular(Nn, normalize(-I), fit01(min(outColor), 0.5, 0.1))*0.1; spec += specular(N, normalize(-I), 0.05); Cf = diff*kd + spec*ks; }
  2. SOP-Level Particle with VEX and VOP ONLY

    phenomenal thanks
  3. GLSL SHOP Exemple ?

    How ???? https://www.pixelsinprogress.com/process-experiments/2019/5/20/pseudo-3d-isonometric-grid-with-dynamic-shaders someone learn Us just one example.
  4. Help with this awsome effect from Michael Rigley

    @pizola You have everything here on forum trust me ..I'm just a hobby combiner collector ergo Name LIB..you have here on forum ladies and guys that have Houdini in the little finger. I like your instagram You Or? https://www.instagram.com/pizola.art/
  5. Help with this awsome effect from Michael Rigley

    Play with this file ( combine different shapes ) solu2od.hipnc colODD.hipnc I like the arrangement in your file ...
  6. Happy rendering with VEX

    source (maybe 30-vex shader ) http://houdini.co.kr/index.php/blog/categories/happy-rendering-with-vex create new asset vex type surface shader operator (copy-paste code save )
  7. Help with ice fracturing

    tutos +test combine TestOD.hipnc
  8. here you gonna find examples.
  9. error in /physarum-slime-mold

    Thanx Fred for your time Combine and have endless fun https://wordpress.discretization.de/houdini/home/advanced-2/advection-in-fields/ https://github.com/mattebb/hda
  10. For someone like me that has 16.5 Houdini (old computer can't have 17.5) is it possible to run on the mentioned version. can't figure it out points(group ) and split. (or I just missing something) file from 16.5 physarum_2d_01Error.hipnc entagma https://entagma.com/physarum-slime-mold/
  11. Matcaps selector

    Thanx Oscar
  12. Nature fun

    screen cap unl FUN
  13. error in /physarum-slime-mold

    Salute @flcc Entagma and mxsage
  14. Bitmap Voxel 3D Printing

    nice https://frederik-de-wilde.com/project/deep-neural-paintings-2/
  15. Bitmap Voxel 3D Printing

    Just post here file that you are interested and I'm gonna post mine process with Houdini, Geomagic and Materialise. OK?
  16. Bitmap Voxel 3D Printing

    MM it's fully possible ... .ply its Best because of the possibility of exporting color.
  17. any tip on how to do this kind of smoke effects?

  18. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    sorry for Chaos inside patt789.hipnc
  19. @luidox nice can you share now the solution
  20. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    @flcc somehow in mine case it's easier to be creative.. I see better in that creative chaos
  21. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    Maybe it's useful for someone? just sharing what I have learned. vopS7.hipnc
  22. Textures not showing up on OpenGL render

    use constant material builder sorry for delay.
  23. Textures not showing up on OpenGL render

    no problem ..I have just assigned UV project points on the torus ... it works for me.. Aha OpenGL hm don't have Clue