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  1. On Growth and Form

    @litAki sorry I'm From Yugoslavia -Bosna -Sarajevo ..fff haaaa
  2. [Solved] Opdef not working with .csv files?

    Don't think you can do CSV import with opdef ...You have table import https://www.niklasrosenstein.com/post/2017-07-26-houdini-import-csv-node/
  3. Ai human growth, how they do it?

    @theotheo beautiful
  4. Ai human growth, how they do it?

    Don't think so :)..I know that I saw somewhere that movement on Model (baby). Here its file Non_Divergentce_Advect.zip
  5. On Growth and Form

    sacred that no one gonna tell you HAve Fun.
  6. Ai human growth, how they do it?

    Love this ...just wish that I have nerves and better Comp to make you an example. here you have reff. https://vimeo.com/121561270 https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=452 https://github.com/demiaster/treegen https://vimeo.com/149939158 here its Solver have Fun
  7. Simulating Cannon with recoil from Pyro

    Cartoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPMV6bjX_H8
  8. On Growth and Form

  9. On Growth and Form

  10. Fractal Flame

    Its something to have Fun ... And here its codes for Peoples to have Fun in more Aesthetic Way 3D Fractal Flame Wisps Yujie Shu, Clemson UniversityFollow Date of Award 8-2013 Document Type Thesis Degree Name Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Legacy Department Digital Production Arts Advisor Tessendorf, Jerry Committee Member Geist, Robert Committee Member House, Donald 3D_Fractal_Flame_Wisps.pdf
  11. Fractal Flame

    Moscwichak Nice .. Share something just (S of something) ..just to play and Have Fun . https://teresuac.fr/2019/03/flame-fractal/ Fractal Flames.hipnc
  12. On Growth and Form

    Me and patterns Just having Fun and learning.
  13. On Growth and Form

    More Learning and Having Fun
  14. Growth animations?

    @Thomas Helzle has posted that file long time ago just search after his post
  15. On Growth and Form

    Now I get it (just Happy)
  16. On Growth and Form

    Just having Fun and sh
  17. Growth animations?

    Here you have to learn about that stuff and you can more accurate if just you warm up the chair A secret its in check the VOP volume (I think.. in my way ) picture below .. https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/14-abstract-fx-in-houdini https://vimeo.com/farmfield https://vimeo.com/user14773481
  18. Ah man, I would also love to have something like that in VOP -s,( i see better somehow in vop-s) its the same thing I know , but I love Vops. play with this endless possibility FunvectorODFORCE.hipnc
  19. On Growth and Form

  20. split mesh by polylines

    maybe if you promote your edges to primitive ..can't open your files ...curves and cloth (and I use 16.5) Qmaybe.hipnc
  21. Here you have examples (if you already don't use this for you study ). https://dataarena.net/dive-in/tutorials/houdini/introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwQ6gdNU7h4 vizi.rar
  22. Here you have every example with files and I think it gonna Help ...on GitHub just follow the link you gonna find (for yours fluid ) solution....Find Cluster .otl it has that what you need https://github.com/UTSDataArena https://dataarena.net/projects this tutos have also Nice stuff on web just follow the rabbit Hope it Helps
  23. Text terminal effect

  24. import iges cleaning

    Edge dir maybe Or edgedir.hipnc
  25. import iges cleaning

    I meant Orginal FIle IGES but it's OK:: maybe it Helps ,Just play with different splines, because you converting JPG trace4.hipnc