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  1. Distort Gradiant

    @philippecounter play with (noise and sin cos trigonometry) maybe it Helps !
  2. self-assemble effect ? [SOLVED]

  3. Cell Replication

    @Khikmatillo just download the Last file and Investigate where you doing ..maybe it has to do with Houdini Version .. here you can find file
  4. @Btron6000 do you need Sparks on your Animation to ? ... -31 Hours ..
  5. Plotter art!!!!

    idea.use file from topic ON GROWTH AND FORM to get Lines
  6. Plotter art!!!!

    Most likes get this little Toy..( I have everything for this little toy, it comes with a laptop with rhino (convert artcam- self coded converter from ronald to NC)...Materialize,Geomagic and original programs for Imodela ) ..Have Fun.. Thanx to @ch3 for hda for those who have axidraw. 'winner pays shipment' only with hip files end ( 1 june) 2022.
  7. Tutorial HIP Library

    Asia . Active Scale Deform ASia546.hiplc
  8. Tutorial HIP Library

    CHOPS-can Be use on texture with reflection --- Bastian J. Schiffer. ChopsAudio.hiplc
  9. Learning DOPS, motors, constraints etc

  10. Celtic Knots ??

    What's the Best Approach on this ? HM...
  11. @Sinsterz Please freeze Geometry (include)
  12. try WRAP SVG Sop from "baku89" on Github
  13. Limiting RelaxSOP to X & Z

    @netherknight please post some example maybe you can use pcimportbyidxv relax01.hiplc
  14. Tutorial HIP Library

    Asia . Ex3.hiplc
  15. Tutorial HIP Library

    Asia . humertrack_a01Velsmok.hiplc
  16. Tutorial HIP Library

  17. RBD LookAt Orientation

    hm what happens if you make rot attribute and use that in vex like , just wondering.. @orient = eulartoquaternion(radians(@rot),XFORM_XYZ);
  18. RBD LookAt Orientation

    @Jsmidlow 'Lookat' gives orient attribute not Up or? velocity and without v hm hm Thanx for File a likeTarget.hiplc
  19. Best way to modelise Microscopic Hair

    @nemsi try using vector displacement in mantra ..and for modeling Try OLD Muscle-deform...endless Fun.it's Fast
  20. RBF Deformer with python issue

    @niteshift maybe Try with Vex..
  21. attribute access in parameters

    @saca attribute rename Mask(or dist) to "height" than you no need to have @ in parameter in Mountain SOP.... if you open(allow editing mountain Sop you goona see inside VOP why ...you can use falloff node with Blend function also and rest float blend = point(0, chs("../attrib"), @ptnum); @P = lerp(@P, point(1, "P", @ptnum), blend);
  22. Inherit SOP Animation in DOPS

    if you mean this http://nomoreretake.net/2018/12/24/houdini-inherit-velocity-rbd-packed-object/ https://diffusefx.com/2019/11/06/sops-in-dops-tutorial/ @jamesearnest244 + you have ex here also on odforce
  23. @papsphilip Can you use this and confirm that its working ...Someone ---I have problem ..i followed instruction in gif but no luck, maybe its card driver or version in Houdini its from Baku houdini-viewport-projection-shader-master(2).zip
  24. array values from parameter

    @jon3de You have Bunch of those examples in 'use' inside package of "Five elements Elf " + many other with arrays .. mathdeep.vfl arraydeep.vfl arithmetic.vfl