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  1. Random Polygons Bending

    "Pokushaj Drug Moi" ..Try! Don't see reason why not .
  2. Random Polygons Bending

    One way.. onway.hiplc
  3. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    crazy powerful tool I'm Addicted..
  4. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    More Invites 24 Hours /exp https://discord.gg/C6AWXQwQ
  5. Imagine / "Its offer really fast bowling for Ideas" I think nothing more ... homework for today to Build in Houdini..
  6. Particles Swirling Around Surface

    Try This Set
  7. pyro custom field as mask

    or ? height_field.hiplc
  8. VEX

    just download this set of otl's and you have endless vex to explore(with that ex also) and have Fun. https://github.com/Fe-Elf/FeELib-for-Houdini
  9. Leidenfrost effect?

    Just interesting Topic.. wondering For approaches !!!?? Short sims?
  10. @Masoud here its for making Up, scale and other controls ...try also if you are interested in Chops to download ,abs everything in that Area..More or less you must dive inside end investigate(for your own setups) . Have Fun. scale_up_other_attOD.hiplc
  11. @Masoud dive inside and check ...Basic Chan and points ...play with your att and try to change ..and in Help you have examples @ikoon gonna Post some crazy tutorials soon ....he just need motivation and some energy .. ChopsWaveOD.hiplc
  12. RBD stick/stop at collision

    just wizard to find ...have fun @gangland ..
  13. RBD stick/stop at collision

    @gangland dstick.hiplc
  14. RBD stick/stop at collision

    @gangland One example that you can adapt I think. just play with psychical parameters and attributes . point-force-collisionOd.hiplc
  15. Thin_plate collision-data??

    useful @Atom Thanx for checking