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  1. Some Speed trick From I think Qiita Students. curve_follow.hipnc
  2. signed distance outline curves

    @jonidunno Here its a file File that I got Help From @MENOZ 3 years ago . and For Complex Shapes Use THIS menoBlend.hipnc
  3. signed distance outline curves

    @jonidunno Original File By d_gfx Japan (qiita)2021 Advent Calendar ..with this file and a little bit of search(research) You can make any curves .Have Fun .. Students.hipnc
  4. hm here its one ex(that you can modify to match your needs) that you can use and make your own Style ..this File its posted by Qiita Students and if you search by those artist @Aizatulin and @konstantin magnus I think they posted something newest try to search newforwire.hipnc
  5. v[]@pos; vector posStart = point(1,"P",0); append(v[]@pos,posStart); for(int i = 16; i < npoints(1)-16; i++){ vector tempP = point(1,"P",i); append(v[]@pos,tempP); } vector posEnd = point(1,"P",npoints(1)-1); append(v[]@pos,posEnd); //create spline int its = chi("iterations"); for(int i = 0; i <= its; i++){ vector tempP = spline("linear",(float)i/(float)its,v[]@pos); int newPt = addpoint(0,tempP); } int val = 20; for (int i = 0; i<= val; i++){ vector temP = spline('linear',(float)i/(float)val,{0,0,0},{0,0,5},{0,0,10}); int newPt = addpoint(0,temP); } + you have here FeELib-for-Houdini just search on Google (something Like Q-lib for Houdini endless ex and Files
  6. Creating tree shapes from 3D models

    @Apesta Search here on Forum and Google Following Marta Feriani 2017 Art-directing procedural vegetation in Houdini using a space colonization algorithm . Ivy Growth . + anything from Vdb Iso deform Displacement you have endless ex on that Topic Plus Files . Images done In Midjourney.
  7. Curve Force tweaking

    @art3mis Hm! What if you make your own Velocity Field In Pop-Vop..That you can control in endless variation end with different( changing Attributes) ...otherwise just dive inside curve force and tweek. CVelocity Field.hipnc
  8. Tutorial HIP Library

    Growth Fractures GrowthGl.hipnc
  9. maybe this can be of same Help otherwise try to search For Slope example or Just describe what you want to do with them Points .. you can Use Ray also ...PArticles with Groups ..I'm more for visual motion explaining Example ..Don't know new.hipnc
  10. Infinite knot

    @mike_ here you Have also some FUN.
  11. @Masoud Something Like This Or?
  12. Infinite knot

    @mike_Just rotate .. with this you have endless possibility ...Have Fun ..use after add SOP or skin or copy to points that Star Shape. //detail int u = chi('u_num'); int v = chi('v_num'); float inner = chf('inner'); float outer = chf('outer'); float pi = $PI *2; for(int i=0; i<u; i++){ for(int j=0;j<v;j++){ float centerX = inner +(outer -inner)*0.5; float torusRad = (outer -inner)*0.5; float X = centerX +torusRad *cos(pi / u *i); float Y = torusRad *sin(pi / u *i); vector pos = set(X*cos(pi / v*j),Y,X *sin(pi /v *j)); int pt = addpoint(0,pos); setpointattrib(0,'u',pt,i); setpointattrib(0,'v',pt,j); vector centerPt = set(centerX *cos(pi / v *j), 0,centerX *sin(pi /v *j)); vector normal = normalize(pos -centerPt); setpointattrib(0,'N',pt,normal); } } int ucount = chi('ucount'); int vcount = chi('vcouont'); float height = chf('height'); float waveslid = chf('waveslid'); int uWaveCount = chi('uWaveCount'); int vWaveCount = chi('vWaveCount'); int u = point(0,'u',@ptnum); int v = point (0,'v',@ptnum); vector nor =v@N; float uRatio = u /float(ucount); float vRatio = v /float(vcount); float pi = $PI * 2; vector newPos = @P + nor *height * sin(pi * vRatio *vWaveCount + pi * uRatio *uWaveCount + pi * waveslid); @P = newPos; sec wrangle
  13. Motion blur layer effect in houdini

    Take the Render to Cop /out/mantra_ipr have same Motion(best To use Chops ) With Camera. then Use Velocity Blur Node and for Plane use velNDC.
  14. Rebar direction

    Take perimeter or Vertex beetwen only 2 points of that Line and promote to Gradient middle, or same Chess tex, make to class and random threshold with constant anime B spline, or some Nice Spline to chops and Back. or use This Shortcut 'Ex' With Vellum( Don't know About Vellum ..Nada...) . just onooo...Maybe it Helps !! set_emi.hipnc
  15. Rbd grow on object

    @mike_ Just dive inside this Hip and see ..Maybe it gonna give you some Idea's and tricks. https://www.nicholas-taylor.com/blog/blog-post-title-two-ea3sa