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  1. pyro and volume rasterize attribute

    I use the Same "Magic Formula" or is the same ,but like @Benyee was mentioned without File or more Info hm ...
  2. Just wondering Best Approche , now when we have this file with Endless Motion that can be manipulated from first Motion . Just take same motion Character on that second VEX inside ABC ...its a 30mb .so no point download here on forum ..everyone have some Motion I think. mmA.hiplc
  3. Vellum Stretch Distance to Color?

    @monolight Its already in That mode .. Or like Usual !!!Without your File!!! I don't Get you right you have Ex here Dive inside Solver's promote-rename- Play https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-constraint-features-john-lynch-h18-masterclass/
  4. Imagine / "Its offer really fast bowling for Ideas" I think nothing more ... homework for today to Build in Houdini..
  5. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    Yes @flcc My imagine/ promt
  6. Python - custom ui popup window

    @papsphilip Just type Python Houdini on This website qiita.com you have in detail explained ...use google for translate ... You have that example
  7. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    @flcc In the near future, if we experience it, how things started in the world and the plunder of ordinary people, I hope!. There will be no need for two people to work on the project, only an IDEA will be enough, nothing more, at least I think so. Idea its everything Always . Fantasy
  8. Random Polygons Bending

    "Pokushaj Drug Moi" ..Try! Don't see reason why not .
  9. Random Polygons Bending

    One way.. onway.hiplc
  10. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    crazy powerful tool I'm Addicted..
  11. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    More Invites 24 Hours /exp https://discord.gg/C6AWXQwQ
  12. Particles Swirling Around Surface

    Try This Set
  13. pyro custom field as mask

    or ? height_field.hiplc
  14. VEX

    just download this set of otl's and you have endless vex to explore(with that ex also) and have Fun. https://github.com/Fe-Elf/FeELib-for-Houdini
  15. Leidenfrost effect?

    Just interesting Topic.. wondering For approaches !!!?? Short sims?
  16. @Masoud here its for making Up, scale and other controls ...try also if you are interested in Chops to download ,abs everything in that Area..More or less you must dive inside end investigate(for your own setups) . Have Fun. scale_up_other_attOD.hiplc
  17. @Masoud dive inside and check ...Basic Chan and points ...play with your att and try to change ..and in Help you have examples @ikoon gonna Post some crazy tutorials soon ....he just need motivation and some energy .. ChopsWaveOD.hiplc
  18. RBD stick/stop at collision

    just wizard to find ...have fun @gangland ..
  19. RBD stick/stop at collision

    @gangland dstick.hiplc
  20. RBD stick/stop at collision

    @gangland One example that you can adapt I think. just play with psychical parameters and attributes . point-force-collisionOd.hiplc
  21. Thin_plate collision-data??

    useful @Atom Thanx for checking
  22. Need collision data from box on those lines to Sop Level or Chops ---whats the Name of attribute that i searching ??? Thanx for any Help colldataCV.hiplc
  23. model sliced vegetables procedurally

    @ghoshix I would use Volumes to make those vegetables use some of those spirals The Archimedean spiral: The hyperbolic spiral: Fermat's spiral: The lituus: The logarithmic spiral: The Cornu spiral or clothoid. The Fibonacci spiral and golden spiral. convert to volume with some pscale on points to make some randomization width, then use deform tools-> to regular circle with some trigonometry Functions and noise (use Qlib), then you only need to use Lattice from volume that give you slice's on y that its easy to model if you have points ....
  24. @Max_Steven Please Post a original File that you Find ...."NameB"
  25. Escher Spiral Tesselation

    @snowshughes You have I think those ex on Berlin Math 2016 year or 2018 ... Conformal Mappings Mobius strip-.. here its files from I think 2018