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  1. [SOLVED] Polylines from near points

    Just play with 1 inp and 2 inp on Wrangle ( code found here on Odforce). int drawLine(vector f; vector t){ int base=addpoint(0,f); int to=addpoint(0,t); int line=addprim(0,"polyline",base,to); return line; } //----------------------------- int read=0; if(npoints(1)>0){ read=1; } int maxLines=chi("maxLineCount"); float minLen=chf("minLineLength"); int pts[]=pcfind(read,"P",v@P,chf("maxLineLength"),chi("maxFindCount")); int randomConnect=chi("randomConnect"); int keepPointCount=min(1, max(0,chi("keepPointCount"))); int runner=0; vector curPos; int pt; if(randomConnect == 0){ for(int x=0; x<len(pts);++x){ pt=pts[x]; if(runner > maxLines){ break; } curPos=attrib(read,"point", "P", pt); if(length(curPos-v@P)>minLen && (@ptnum<pt || read)){ if(keepPointCount){ int to=pt; if(read){ to=addpoint(0,curPos); } addprim(0,"polyline",@ptnum,to); }else{ drawLine(v@P,curPos); } runner++; } } }else{ int l=len(pts); float fl=float(l); int rander=pts[int(random(@ptnum*fl+randomConnect)*fl*fl) % l]; curPos=attrib(read,"point", "P", rander); if(keepPointCount){ int to=rander; if(read){ to=addpoint(0,curPos); } addprim(0,"polyline",@ptnum,to); }else{ drawLine(v@P,curPos); } }
  2. Nuclear Explosion

    You have tutos here (Andrew Melnychuk-0seen) ....its old but I like it .
  3. Propagating point creation with VEX

    Thank you @haki
  4. How to model a difficult flower shape?

    Flora Math . Use from @Aizatulin beautiful examples . https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/55277/?page=1#post-248446 and this.... just play a little of your Time. Have fun
  5. How to model a difficult flower shape?

    Play with this method. https://vimeo.com/235819159
  6. Any way to get the cmiVFX L-System tutorials?

    @Jaanus don't listen to those productivity gurus Plus you have on Odforce some examples from cmiVFX ---trust me--maybe I have. Combine and find why you need L-system. Have fun https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rwaE5 http://tmdag.com/ptakun/eco_system/makeofplants_en_htm_files/ https://artofjared.wordpress.com/2011/04/ http://www.michael-hansmeyer.com/l-systems https://morphocode.com/intro-to-l-systems/ http://www.selcukergen.net/ncca_lsystems_research/houdini.html https://www.academia.edu/
  7. Nature fun

    next step to learn its to color those
  8. Nature fun

    nature.hipnc just to say hello and share some stuffs. /cnc_verkstad/ Tesan Srdjan
  9. I'm looking for VEX "Spline" function tutorials...

    @Milad Savar ? empty Wrangle Nice https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/45672/
  10. Computational Fluid Dynamics

    @Omar Wanis Hi! http://www.issp.ac.ru/ebooks/books/open/Advanced_Fluid_Dynamics.pdf https://www.in.tum.de/fileadmin/w00bws/cg/Research/Publications/2016/NBFlip/nbflip.pdf http://graphics.stanford.edu/courses/cs348c/ http://www.cs.columbia.edu/cg/liquidhair/main_opt.pdf https://cs.uwaterloo.ca/~c2batty/papers/Larionov2017/Larionov2017.pdf https://nccastaff.bournemouth.ac.uk/jmacey/MastersProjects/MSc17/03/thesis.pdf https://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:559073/FULLTEXT01.pdf http://wanochoi.com/lecture/Houdini16_FLIP.pdf http://staffwww.itn.liu.se/~jonun/web/teaching/2011-TNCG13/Lectures/Lecture03-MW/Wrenninge_2011_Fluids.pdf https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/9a91/863baccd64c570e6912617f2b11cf55a971b.pdf
  11. PointRenderShader

    I like this https://www.behance.net/gallery/33839482/Point-Render How to achieve this shader Brush effect?
  12. PointRenderShader

    Here on the forum, you can find everything just to learn to combine /close. td_cross_2.hipnc (file from 2004) reading from points attribute Qfields FUN #define PI 3.1415926535897931 #pragma label Theta "Maximum Theta" #pragma label spread "Overall Spread" #pragma label DATA "Data Points" #pragma label kd "Diffuse" #pragma label ks "Specular" #pragma label bump "Bump" surface qrotation_field ( float Theta = 2.0, spread = 3, kd = 1, ks = 0.5, bump = 0.1; string DATA = "$HIP/../VEX/Reading-Data-Points/_datapoints.bgeo.sc") { float d, Np, theta, pFratt, factor, pspread; vector _P, pP, axis, pVratt; vector4 Q; string group; _P = ptransform("space:camera", "space:world", P); theta = snoise(_P + 0.9, 1, 0.75, 1)*4.5; axis = snoise(_P + 0.05, 1, 0.05, 1); Q = quaternion(theta, axis); _P = qrotate(Q, _P); for(int g = 0; g < 2; g++){ group = concat("group", itoa(g)); int p[] = expandpointgroup(DATA, group); Np = len(p); factor = g + 1; for (int i = 0; i < Np; i++){ pP = point(DATA, "P", p[i]); axis = point(DATA, "N", p[i]); pFratt = point(DATA, "fratt", p[i]); pVratt = point(DATA, "vratt", p[i]); pspread = pFratt*spread/factor; d = distance2(pP, _P); d = exp(-d*d/pspread); theta = 2*PI*(pFratt*2 - 1)*d*Theta/factor; Q = quaternion(theta, axis); _P = qrotate(Q, _P - pP) + pP; } } vector outColor = snoise(_P*0.25, 1, 0.25, 1); vector Nn = normalize(computenormal(P + min(outColor)*bump, N, Ng)); vector diff = diffuse(Nn)*outColor*dot(normalize(-I), N); vector spec = specular(Nn, normalize(-I), fit01(min(outColor), 0.5, 0.1))*0.1; spec += specular(N, normalize(-I), 0.05); Cf = diff*kd + spec*ks; }
  13. SOP-Level Particle with VEX and VOP ONLY

    phenomenal thanks
  14. GLSL SHOP Exemple ?

    How ???? https://www.pixelsinprogress.com/process-experiments/2019/5/20/pseudo-3d-isonometric-grid-with-dynamic-shaders someone learn Us just one example.
  15. Help with this awsome effect from Michael Rigley

    @pizola You have everything here on forum trust me ..I'm just a hobby combiner collector ergo Name LIB..you have here on forum ladies and guys that have Houdini in the little finger. I like your instagram You Or? https://www.instagram.com/pizola.art/
  16. Help with this awsome effect from Michael Rigley

    Play with this file ( combine different shapes ) solu2od.hipnc colODD.hipnc I like the arrangement in your file ...
  17. Happy rendering with VEX

    source (maybe 30-vex shader ) http://houdini.co.kr/index.php/blog/categories/happy-rendering-with-vex create new asset vex type surface shader operator (copy-paste code save )
  18. Help with ice fracturing

    tutos +test combine TestOD.hipnc
  19. here you gonna find examples.
  20. error in /physarum-slime-mold

    Thanx Fred for your time Combine and have endless fun https://wordpress.discretization.de/houdini/home/advanced-2/advection-in-fields/ https://github.com/mattebb/hda
  21. For someone like me that has 16.5 Houdini (old computer can't have 17.5) is it possible to run on the mentioned version. can't figure it out points(group ) and split. (or I just missing something) file from 16.5 physarum_2d_01Error.hipnc entagma https://entagma.com/physarum-slime-mold/
  22. Matcaps selector

    Thanx Oscar
  23. Nature fun

    screen cap unl FUN
  24. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    Hi People! this has a lot of potentials I think sources ---- https://github.com/JosephFiola/BookofShadersHoudiniVex https://thebookofshaders.com Joseph "While Houdini does support GLSL code to render shaders into the viewport, I have not implemented this yet. For now these examples are only visible in the render view using the Ray Tracing render engine." We have examples for 2 and 5 chapters .....if you plug inline-code in CD on Point Vop, you can see everything..and its easy to manipulate.. I am interested to know some process ( Just what to change ) and appreciate help with this. converting rest of some chapters like patterns for example to inline code https://thebookofshaders.com/09/ https://thebookofshaders.com/08/ Thanx