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  1. invert exponential

    https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/logarithm.html Like Logarithmic Function Or? I Have Somewhere in Topic UI Or I know I seen . https://www.chilimath.com/lessons/advanced-algebra/inverse-of-exponential-function/
  2. Instancing tree leaves?

    Dive inside Labs Tree ..Bunch of Codes For those Stuff that You need I think
  3. All Well and Health and Love Thomas @vinyvince Maybe You don't Have this File ---some optimizations. optim.hiplc
  4. Ah If Just ....Virtual Ga ...Moving on
  5. Closing an eye?

    @Atom Easy I can make Just send Me a Rakija ..
  6. Particles moving along direction on animated object

    @AlbusNolente Combine and Have Fun http://www.esoastudio.com/houdinibasicnotes https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VMAX/Chapter+4+-+Crowd+Agents#Chapter4-CrowdAgents-down Ins.hiplc StudentsOdForceAsiaSomewhereXS.hiplc
  7. SOP Solver/SOPNet inside DOPs

    @MoltenCrazy Thank you
  8. @Masoud Try this Method and you can also check Cg-wiki for another solution ...Didn't Open Your File.. We use for those things only rigattributeVOP COMB with Wire Deform . IKVOP.hiplc
  9. SOP Solver/SOPNet inside DOPs

    Hm ..Trying to understand ...
  10. Split Curve Trail decay

    @gupon I only work in Curves ...Just interested in your process ..but you posted on qiita some articles and I'm gonna try too learn Thanx for Info
  11. Periodic Flow Noise in Mountain SOP

    @zbugni I think you Forgot to play with Rotation in this Case /flowRotation.. MonNoi.hiplc
  12. copy to points with adjustment to size of objects

    Welcome @haskellf I like UV-Layout for that , you have Endless variation in vex to do this ..Here it some File and Links For some Knowledge ..Have Fun https://github.com/kiryha/Houdini/wiki/vex-for-artists https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex VariantCopyUVlayOut.hiplc
  13. Split Curve Trail decay

    @gupon Thanx This technical Beauty ???
  14. @Ballington Check in the Folder https://github.com/RH2/HoudiniRepo/blob/master/MagicExport.py
  15. Rendering destroying my mental health

    Please post the Movie of those 217 Frames. Just Curios How it Looks .
  16. Rendering destroying my mental health

    @anbt What was the Name of The picture in Texture Folder ...?? I know for the Displacement. Just was thinking that You joking Around or Testing . Happy For you that you Solved Problem.
  17. On Growth and Form

    @Follyx It works here on 18.0.532 maybe because i have already saved (os and osl shader) in some Folder ..Glitch or something (maybe error From mine Side ) ...Just Google Shaders Renderman EDU and you gonna Find 20000 Students Sharing Shaders Codes..Have FUn
  18. On Growth and Form

    Ola Peoples! I'm just gonna post my adventure regarding and learning more about organic form and modeling. Have fun , and I hope that someone can help with tips and other Trix in Vex or just enjoying this Topic. Starting model, it's Lily - L-system. Reading ON GROWTH AND FORM BY D’ARCY WENTWORTH THOMPSON Cambridge: at the University Press 1917. This is not for professionally CG artists only for Hobbyist-sss
  19. Trying to get sin wave through pscale

    Solved @Stinkylando
  20. You're Welcome
  21. Split Curve Trail decay

    @Aizatulin I found What he posted maybe it can be of some Help for your Coding-bezier clip ------------------> LINK Takuma Miyamoto
  22. @nemsi I have only This Old Setup it Works On 16.5 ..So you can investigate and try to Adept to 18.5 PointC.hipnc
  23. Split Curve Trail decay

    @longroad Use Chops and than Combine with Particles Here its Lovely Method .