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  1. Timeshift + copytopoints

    can't open . @damighost guessing it's perfect
  2. Matrix Transformations

    What your file contains, on those links peoples can find in wrangler Vex and other stuff..... capish
  3. Leather texture, bump map

    @AntoineSfx check file in Composite ...fine example just explore have fun
  4. cccc @caskal Budy Dude Golden tech ... Explore old file from 2012 ..Don't no who posted ... just use those vopsh... like Simon did ...experimental fun..Cop same princip disp.hipnc
  5. Matrix Transformations

    https://github.com/kiryha/Houdini/wiki/vex-snippets http://lex.ikoon.cz/vex-snippets/ https://tosinakinwoye.com/2017/01/23/houdini-vex-snippets/ https://vfxbrain.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/vex-snippets/ you gonna find a version .
  6. https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=493 maybe
  7. Very specific (i think) fluid sim issue

    florian please.. .Am ( Song-----------Show must go on-------) .. “You’re so talented!” please share your file .
  8. Very specific (i think) fluid sim issue

    nice render you have on instagram ____All done by comb av cinema 4d and Houdini or ?
  9. Procedural Fractal Spiral

    And Librarian in Action ...play with this some Dude posted long long time a ago......You have fibonacci inside so play explore... noiseee.hipnc
  10. Nature fun

    Speed - mass - normals - scale - reverse ..
  11. houdini feather tool test

    upside down nice ...now share @henrricLiu
  12. How to repeat this effect

    @alfaster78 explore ,fine adjust ... visit http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=HoudiniExperiments combined knowledge studentODForce.hipnc endless fun
  13. Horse Mane and Tail on Fire

    please post your scene
  14. Timeshift + copytopoints

    Please post your file ... maybe you are close ...who knows @damighost learn this procedure , then combine Entagma tutos...and you have yupiiiiiiii..... techi.hipnc
  15. @Masoud most important thing that i need.... you choose to left behind hm ....... here is 6 ...and read please (pixels , values and other stuffs ) explore 6met.hipnc have a nice Day