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  1. Direct Modeling HDA

    he did like businessman honest mistake Stop now .... soon he's gonna adjust everything .. Lets model some stuffffss yupiiiiiiiii
  2. Cut Copies

    AAAA now I see.
  3. Net fibres effect

    nature file Take leaf copy to points of Phyllotaxis and copy in y , play a little bit have fun, you have ingredients..
  4. Cut Copies

    Use iso surface
  5. Nature fun

  6. Nature fun

    nature.hipnc just to say hello and share some stuffs. /cnc_verkstad/ Tesan Srdjan
  7. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    like it alot
  8. My issue with Network Box ...

    @Masoud please post this on typography Topic forum under Scripting....it's annoying I now
  9. Nature fun

    Just happy that I'm finally done with Ernst Haeckel ..... (now i get it ) CNC Machining goona be so easily done by spline vector oj oj..
  10. Nature fun

  11. create volume trails from smoke

    Thanx for sharing your file ....have a nice day
  12. Nature fun

    Nature's internet.
  13. Nature fun

  14. Nature fun

    Make any shape on any shape by gradient and audio
  15. uniformly spaced noise

    thanx @ikoon
  16. uniformly spaced noise

    control by 2d Fluid houdini16.00500 odyF.hipnc
  17. Space ship reentry effect

    find something for you https://www.studiodaily.com/2017/01/heat-distortion-in-houdini-and-nuke-tutorial/
  18. Space ship reentry effect

    please post original
  19. sphere carved by a shape

    http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex this page
  20. Nature fun

  21. How do we make this radial line?

    just open this link PLease https://particula.org/vex/
  22. How do we make this radial line?

    combine and learn https://particula.org/vex/
  23. Please help.... line pattern wave

    combine and learn https://particula.org/vex/
  24. sphere carved by a shape

    here you have solution https://github.com/qLab/qLib