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  1. Abstracting a bunch of photos in TOPs

    Thanx Magnus
  2. Setting the edge color

    Maybe it Helps ..You can convert Later in your mat(vop) . Just play with that Colors.hipnc
  3. On Growth and Form

    Now those patterns gonna explore in music experimentos. FUn..too much Fun 022.mov
  4. On Growth and Form

    Ola Peoples! I'm just gonna post my adventure regarding and learning more about organic form and modeling. Have fun , and I hope that someone can help with tips and other Trix in Vex or just enjoying this Topic. Starting model, it's Lily - L-system. Reading ON GROWTH AND FORM BY D’ARCY WENTWORTH THOMPSON Cambridge: at the University Press 1917. This is not for professionally CG artists only for Hobbyist-sss
  5. Procedural Rose

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z999hZnU04Y Nice Tips.
  6. That its just attribute transfer and some Play with Spiral and combining with this technique . Just having Fun.
  7. I started making a grass Pack

    Just make some path, so that grass has some Depth ..I like it
  8. Streaky Portal Effect [SOLVED]

    With this @IhabAli I think no need for velum shmelum and other stuff. I like this setup I can build (sky its A limit ) ..Here you have 3 different samplers (point clouds) and setup for Vop for having control over source shape and point that attract and do other crazy sh...HAve fun (here its like 15000 points Only ) // from spherical coordinates to cartesian coordinates // from tangent-space vector to world-space sample vector --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- float VanDerCorpus(int n; int base) { float invBase = 1.0f / float(base); float denom = 1.0f; float result = 0.0f; for(int i = 0; i < 32; ++i) { if(n > 0) { denom = float(n) % 2.0f; result += denom * invBase; invBase = invBase / 2.0f; n = int(float(n) / 2.0f); } } return result; } // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- vector2 HammersleyNoBitOps(int i; int N) { return set(float(i)/float(N), VanDerCorpus(i, 1)); } vector ImportanceSampleGGX(vector2 Xi;vector N;float roughness) { float a = roughness*roughness; float phi = 2.0 * PI * Xi.x; float cosTheta = sqrt((1.0 - Xi.y) / (1.0 + (a*a - 1.0) * Xi.y)); float sinTheta = sqrt(1.0 - cosTheta*cosTheta); // from spherical coordinates to cartesian coordinates vector H; H.x = cos(phi) * sinTheta; H.y = sin(phi) * sinTheta; H.z = cosTheta; // from tangent-space vector to world-space sample vector vector up = abs(N.z) < 0.999 ? set(0.0, 0.0, 1.0) : set(1.0, 0.0, 0.0); vector tangent = normalize(cross(up, N)); vector bitangent = cross(N, tangent); vector sampleVec = tangent * H.x + bitangent * H.y + N * H.z; return normalize(sampleVec); } int n = 596; for(int i=0;i<n;i++){ int test = i; vector2 xy = HammersleyNoBitOps(test,n); vector testNormal = chv("normal"); vector newpos = ImportanceSampleGGX(xy,testNormal, chf("roughtness")); addpoint(geoself(),newpos); } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 float r = chf("radius"); float u = chf("u"); float v = chf("v"); //float phi_max = rand(@ptnum*4) * 1.0f * PI; float phi_max = @ptnum*0.2 * 2.0f * PI; float theta_min = rand(@ptnum*1000); float theta_max = rand(@ptnum*500) * PI; float phi = u * phi_max; float theta = theta_min + v*( theta_max - theta_min); float x = r * sin(theta) * cos(phi); float y = r * sin(theta) * sin(phi); float z = r * cos(theta); @P.x = x; @P.y = y; @P.z = z; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- float llerp(float a;float b;float f) { return a + f * (b - a); } int nsamples = 1604; for (int i = 0; i < nsamples; ++i) { vector sample = set( rand(i)* 2.0 - 1.0, rand(i*51400) * 2.0 - 1.0, rand(i*5024713)); sample = normalize(sample); sample *= rand(i*50723); float scale = float(i) / float(nsamples); scale = lerp(0.1f, 1.0f, scale * scale); sample *= scale; addpoint(geoself(),sample); }
  9. Abstracting a bunch of photos in TOPs

    It works on Houdini 16.5 perfectly
  10. I Have this In mine Collection Maybe you can just rewrite to (Wrangle ) . Hope it Helps. breaking_wave.hipnc
  11. Constraining DOF of Bones in IK

    @Rahul Girish screenshots ?
  12. Streaky Portal Effect [SOLVED]

    Share first your file ... it's clear that everyone in this topic should share files now... @IhabAli
  13. I started making a grass Pack

    Beauty ...Dreaming(Ganja- me- Wife and Stampstamp (mmmmmmmmmmm)) nicely Done
  14. Streaky Portal Effect [SOLVED]

    Make same different random copies of lines ( play with wire (option ) in dopsolver , I hope it gonna give some ideas ..have fun ..Maybe it Helps Again sorry for eventual errors still on H16.5 smoke_and_wire.hipnc
  15. Streaky Portal Effect [SOLVED]

    Sorry it seems that you know what you doing and has some basic skills so please do this combine advect particles by vdb (or volume ) take this example from CG wiki Pyro divergence and sinks in Dops ..and it seems that effect its done with layering 3 different effects so have fun.
  16. Constraining DOF of Bones in IK

    Yes, it's possible ...Have fun ..search on GITHUB and google ..here you have something that peoples Done with Arduino just search https://vimeo.com/175121779
  17. Streaky Portal Effect [SOLVED]

    qLlib asset and Cgwiki ,you can find everything to play with and make that effect .
  18. Select inner edges for pipe generation

    Here you have a link ..how to manipulate with chops, then I use this to find endless patterns ..Pretty much you can do what you want unlimited pipes(varies directions) ...I like them so
  19. I started making a grass Pack

    You have the plan to do something like this * https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=534 https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oO6OQW or you gonna throw some stones on the grass.
  20. Select inner edges for pipe generation

    Resample edges ..take ptdist than round to integer and play with directions.. Hope it Helps ..here I have fun with Chops ..you have tutorial by Kim Goss on youtube ( color and patterns ) And here you have the endless solution but on the other side, it's only me that sees that. @caskal
  21. UVs on copy sop geo?

    What hip by ffffff56656 you mean Atom
  22. Extra edges after fuse issue

    What if? fuse with the power of 2 grid -1.but I use 16.5 sorry, maybe don't work so in H18. edgesFusewithPower2grid.hipnc
  23. Streaky Portal Effect [SOLVED]

    Spherical force and Beam effect ..Found and compiled here with Help of other users (you can find absolutely everything here remember that . You just need to tweak to get the final result.(and export in Compositing program for final touches ) Have fun @IhabAli OdforceStudent.hipnc
  24. CHOPS

    Just love such Tutorials that have so much info and tricks ..Have fun http://alltd.org/tag/houdini/