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  1. delete by expression

    wow great Tomáš! both solutions are proffesional! not connected at least with one other metaball. this optimalizations are really great! I have more huge area converted to metaballs so this surely can help me! thankyou very much. viac napisem sukromne.
  2. delete by expression

    Hi guys. I have a structure created from metaballs. But I need to delete procedurally not conected metaballs from this. is it somehow possible? I also attached hip. file thanx grid_meta.hipnc
  3. square packing

    hey, thank you! that's pretty interesting. BUT I was thinking about some kind procedural method to apply filling with squares to any kind of shape not just square.
  4. copy stamp from interval

    thankyou thankyou, tomáš, as always! That's pretty nice. I must learn expressions a little more.
  5. copy stamp from interval

    hi there guys! probably very easy question, but I didn't find the answer. How should look an expression for Copy stamping if I want to randomize "size" from specified interval? for example (1-10) ordered_stamp_function.hipnc
  6. procedural plates

    hey tomáš, that is maximally cool! also for fabrication. Thank you! ďakujem!
  7. procedural plates

    hey macha, the stairs 2 is much better. Something that I was looking for. But not completely. This plates are a little curved or not horizontal straight. Of course I tried copy sop:) but it wasnt exactly what I needed. First and second plate was different shapes. Also I'm going to study "shape deformation" thread. Looks interesting. Exactly as there: your last post : how to make plates from converted COLUMNS in this case? the best procedural way:) I posted it here a little modified hip file and prtscreen. Thanx a lot ! convertedPlates.hipnc
  8. procedural plates

    hi there guys! little head-worm for me. I made stairs- plates. But very long time-not-procedural way. (see attachment) I'm surely that it could go any more effective way. Please can someone try to show me how? What if I would like to go from Square plate to triangon plate. Or whateaver two shapes blend between themselves? stairs.hipnc
  9. square packing

    great Macha, it's very nice. However I'm thinking to create a big circle full of cubes. so resolving of intersections for 3D objects is ok..the problem is that I want in my school project arrange a hundreds of boxes:) so the sim. is really slow and killing my computer Some time ago i tried to organize spheres trough creep sop but it deformed them. Also I was looking for solution in CIrcle packing (here is called poor man circling) maybe there is the way.. tomorrow I'll post the pics of theese two possible ways. because i'd love to solve theese boxes.
  10. square packing

    hi guys , have you any idea how to achieve sth. like this? it's an algorythm called square packing. I don't know how to NOT intersect squares by each other.
  11. hi guys, Is it somehow possible to make this in H. ? I thought the way how to do it is L systems
  12. lost model in viewport

    ou, this is much easier. But thanx both! I haven't time to reply thnax;) but anyway..why it is only trough hscript, why isn't there some quick menu command?
  13. something like replicator

    thanky you very much , I'll try
  14. Is it in houdini something like MODO replicator ( or replicator brush ) of geometry? I need make a plenty of trees (spheres) but on specific places (specific high above the ground) . Best the lowpoly , because it will be an urban-planning model - huge area.