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  1. hi, sorry for my english. I search how to export an animation with houdiniengine into unity. I want only translate or rotate my object into Houdini, and retrieve this translate or rotate in unity but, I don't know if it's possible.. Please, someone can say me if it's possible, and if yes, how do? thank you very much. have a nice day.
  2. Like Sketch ?

    thank you very much.. i see that. now, i will learn all of that. I wish you a good day
  3. Like Sketch ?

    wow.. you are really incredible.. Please, what is this language in Attribute wrangle? "string direction = chs('direction'); vector pos = v@P; vector dir = point(0, direction, i@ptnum); int pts[] = array(i@ptnum); int steps = 30; float angle = 1.0; while(steps > 0 && angle > -0.1){ steps--; pos += normalize(dir) * 0.002; int prim; vector uvw; xyzdist(1, pos, prim, uvw); vector dir_old = dir; dir = primuv(1, direction, prim, uvw); angle = dot(dir_old, dir); if(angle < 0.0){ dir *= -1.0; } int pt_add = addpoint(0, pos); append(pts, pt_add); } addprim(0, 'polyline', pts);" thank you very much. bests regards
  4. rendering like old engraving

    Hi everyone, i opened shader.hiplc file, but there is no shader, only an ear.. it's normal?
  5. rendering like old engraving

    WOW, thank you very much.. you are incredible!! Konstantin magnus, it's exactly what i want. Thank you very much. Librarian, thank you, i can understand how create shader with your images. THANK YOU.. really
  6. rendering like old engraving

    ok, thank you very much. + Vex shader, i will try to learn VEX.. + try Renderman 24 you have ease config for those Things.. yes, but i don't want learn a new renderer + you have Vex shaders here in Topic shader each day, thank you + I gonna find something to Post i like those images and Style. https://www.behance.net/gallery/33839482/Point-Render it's exactly what i want.. but to see, only houdini 15 and 15,5
  7. rendering like old engraving

    i Librarian, thank you for your answer. yes, i search something like this:
  8. Hello everybody. sorry for my english it is really not good. a few years ago, i saw a "plug-in" which allowed to render images made with houdini which looked like old engravings. I'm looking everywhere for this "plugin", but I can't find it anymore. could someone tell me where i can buy this "plug-in"? thank you to read me. I wish you a really good day. Bests regards
  9. extrude node don't work correctly

    hi, thank you very much.. i will try.. but it's really complicated, no? why houdini can't extrude a simple line? it seem me that older versions can do!?!
  10. extrude node don't work correctly

    hi everyone, first, sorry for my english, i hope you will understand me. i want extrude a line for creating animation.. my lines come from an object, but for this demo, it's ony simple line node. when i extrude this simple line, extrude are not possible only if i rotate my line with a transform node.. if my lines are totaly in my axis, i can't extrude him. it seem me that it's not right.. please, someone have an idea for change this? my goal is each line are extruded in same orientation. you will find my file in attachement. you can change switch node for see what i say.. If someone can help me, it will good for me be. i thank you for read me. demo_line_XYZaxis.hiplc
  11. Hi everyone, sorry again for my english.. i posted this topic into sidefx forum, but i don't have answer. I'm really stressed because i need to finish this work. I hope someone can help me here. i try to use hair system. But i have a problem with guidegroom, if i apply a hairclump node into guidgroom node, i can see that my guide are not stable, they are not fixed on my point, he turn around his axis when i start my animation. I attach an example for show you. There is a solution for stabilize my guide and he turn never on himself? I want my guide don't rotate on himself if i transforme my geometry, i want he stay stable. Please, say me if i'm not understable, thank you. thank you for your understanding Bests regards test_guideGroomB.hiplc
  12. hello, nobody have an idea?
  13. Hi everyone, sorry for my english .. I'm not good at learning i can buy an intel card xeon phi, and i need to know if it work with Houdini and Mantra? and searched on forum, but i find nothing .. thank you very much for your help. I wish you a good day
  14. hi.. thank you for your help.. i had the same problem.. i chose Petz’s solution thank you bests regards