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  1. extrude node don't work correctly

    hi, thank you very much.. i will try.. but it's really complicated, no? why houdini can't extrude a simple line? it seem me that older versions can do!?!
  2. extrude node don't work correctly

    hi everyone, first, sorry for my english, i hope you will understand me. i want extrude a line for creating animation.. my lines come from an object, but for this demo, it's ony simple line node. when i extrude this simple line, extrude are not possible only if i rotate my line with a transform node.. if my lines are totaly in my axis, i can't extrude him. it seem me that it's not right.. please, someone have an idea for change this? my goal is each line are extruded in same orientation. you will find my file in attachement. you can change switch node for see what i say.. If someone can help me, it will good for me be. i thank you for read me. demo_line_XYZaxis.hiplc
  3. Hi everyone, sorry again for my english.. i posted this topic into sidefx forum, but i don't have answer. I'm really stressed because i need to finish this work. I hope someone can help me here. i try to use hair system. But i have a problem with guidegroom, if i apply a hairclump node into guidgroom node, i can see that my guide are not stable, they are not fixed on my point, he turn around his axis when i start my animation. I attach an example for show you. There is a solution for stabilize my guide and he turn never on himself? I want my guide don't rotate on himself if i transforme my geometry, i want he stay stable. Please, say me if i'm not understable, thank you. thank you for your understanding Bests regards test_guideGroomB.hiplc
  4. hello, nobody have an idea?
  5. Hi everyone, sorry for my english .. I'm not good at learning i can buy an intel card xeon phi, and i need to know if it work with Houdini and Mantra? and searched on forum, but i find nothing .. thank you very much for your help. I wish you a good day
  6. hi.. thank you for your help.. i had the same problem.. i chose Petz’s solution thank you bests regards
  7. Hi everyone, i created a cloth animation in marvelousDesigner. When i import this .mdd animation file into houdini, i obtain a error message in my node: can not open mdd file "E:/winwin/.… » it may be missing or corrupt. And i can create and create mdd file from Marvelous Designer, it’s always this problem. I’m not only to use marvelous designer,I don’t find topic on this problem.. Someone can help me please? Thank you Best regards
  8. import ascii file

    hi, thank you.. also, if i use ascii file like this, houdini don’t read the file.. only a linear motion.. but if i take only x motion in my file, houdini read the .chan very well… thank you very much for your help.. I tell you when it will work. See you
  9. import ascii file

    Hi, thank you very much.. Ok, but i have a problem.. For moment, it don’t work.. perhaps my ascci file is not good.. do you know what exactly i must have in my ascii file? it is a little part of my ascii file: Can you say me if it’s right? Then, i create a motion fx from my tx, ty, tz, import my ascii file into « file node ».. but it don’t work… Have you an idea? Sorry for this question.. Thank you very much. Best regards. -------------------------- # "Name" # clipNumber # frameCount # frame, xpos, ypos, similarity "levre_haut" 1 1355 1 542.647705 792.465881 1.000000 2 542.772705 792.590881 0.991419 3 543.585205 792.778381 0.987794 4 544.272705 792.809631 0.987599 5 544.303955 792.809631 0.987408 6 544.147705 792.809631 0.989760 7 543.678955 792.778381 0.990813 8 542.928955 792.903381 0.982699 9 542.866455 792.934631 0.994316 10 542.647705 793.090881 0.991124 11 541.147705 793.278381 0.982985 12 540.210205 793.465881 0.985494 13 538.241455 793.872131 0.977827 14 536.397705 794.372131 0.979822 … … --------------------------------
  10. import ascii file

    Hi, first, sorry for my english, i have a problem and don’t find a solution.. i created tracker on pfmatchit and want export this tracker into houdini with all motion.. but i seem that it’s not possible to export 1 tracker with his motion.. I seen that it’s possible to export motion from my tracker in « ascii » format. and pfmatchit generate a .txt file. Now, i want know if it’s possible to import this format into houdini and read frame per frame the motion of my tracker? or past this list and create a script (simple) where my value from line 1 = frame1, line 2 = frame 2, line 3 = frame3 … i can separate easily value X and Y with a python script out of houdini, but for this moment, i don’t know write python into houdini.. anyone have an idea? For this moment, i don’t know use python.. i have a little experience.. But if anyone can put me on good way, it would be great.. Thank you very much..
  11. foreach and rbd object

    hello all, i searched on forum but found nothing.. i created a city with foreach node. Actually, it's only simple cube with different hight. Now i want break with "make breakable" node each building. When i play my timeline, logically, my city is one block and to the first collide with 1 building, all my other building are brocken. Someone can explain me how i can separate each building easily please? I'm novice with Houdini, i don't again all.. Thank you very much.. (and sorry for my english)
  12. retrieve points from my groupnode

    hello, wow.. thank you very much for your help.. For me it's not a simple script... it's perfect.. very very very thank you.. I have an other question: I learned Python since 3 month.. now, i don't understand well python onto Houdini .. i can only write few line script.. can you tell me please if i must learn very well python and after it will easy to write code onto houdini? Or if "Houdini Python" is enough different some "python" and i must learn a new language "Houdini-Python"? this will help me to choose the best way, while now i'm a little lost.. i don't recognize python.. perhaps while i'm not enough experienced with python?! again thank you. See you Best regard Aurélien
  13. retrieve points from my groupnode

    hello all, I learn again and again Python on Houdini... i have a big problem.. i created "group node" and selected only some points.. i named my group "lineD" Now, i want take points from "lineD".. and convert in edge.. in fact, i want retrieve my points from my group node, and change it: "0-28" become "p0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16...." Because if i apply a bevel to my group "lineD", this is "point's bevel" and not "edge's bevel"... Please, i'm beginner, can you explain me a simple solution? if there is... or put me on good "way" And ... Sorry for my english.. tell me if it's not understandable thank a lot Best regard i searched a solution with points(), but i don't know how use this... i get always an error
  14. how change a parameter from an other parameter?

    hello, thank you very much.. i try this tomorow... Now i must go out.. thanks a lot. Best regard