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  1. createNode and node position

    Hello, really basic question. When creating a node it is created at position (0,0). How do get the node to be created at the center of the network editor? Cheers Sebastian
  2. get file path of texture vop

    Hi! I am struggling to get the map file path of a texture vop via python. The map parm of this node is empty, because it has been promoted and therefore is connected to a subinput node. But the subinput does not have a queryable parm either. How would I get a the path to the file starting with a texture node and not knowing the actual parm name on the material node? Cheers Sebastian
  3. modify existing node (pythonically)

    Ok thanks, will bug support then. Not too important though, I have found an alternative way to do stuff. I have to admit a lot of things are very well thought through (like pythonrc, which I love!), where others (like this) feel strange...
  4. modify existing node (pythonically)

    Thanks Graham, this is exactly what I wanted! Your example worked perfectly. But trying this with a mantra node failed. I tried the paths below and all failed: $HOME/scripts/rop/idf.py $HOME/scripts/rop/mantra.py $HOME/scripts/out/ifd.py $HOME/scripts/out/mantra.py $HOME/scripts/hda/ifd.py $HOME/scripts/hda/mantra.py I guess this is because its an HDA. How would I go about that? Cheers Sebastian
  5. Hi, what is the best practice to extend a node for example adding a tab with custom parms (buttons etc...) 1) For HDAs, I can do this via the type properties dialog. Extending the mantra node for example, changes are of course saved on the local OPlibdriver.otl and not on a central lib in $HSITE. I do not want to copy the modified local one there because every time the mantra node gets an update I would have to redo everything. And this only works for HDAs. 2) On a sphere node (non-HDA) I cannot edit operator types, but the Parameter Interface. But how is this saved? 3) monkey patch hou.Node.createNode with something like: Code: def customCreateNode(*args, **kwargs): # create node then do something with it like attaching new parms pass hou.Node.createNode = customCreateNode This is how it works in Nuke but its giving me errors I have to investigate... 4) regular callback (I could not find in the docs) 5) Other solution? Cheers Sebastian
  6. Thank you maybe this is useful for an offline nuke renderer....
  7. I was just thinking about writing a Nuke Plugin which uses Mantra for rendering. I did not find anything in the HDK docs about a Mantra API. Is there anyting I could use? Cheers Sebastian
  8. fluid collision

    Ok I'll just try it and will come back, if I have another question.
  9. fluid collision

    But that would add a lot of overhead to test collision against?1 What about using Surfaces only (I don't need collision for that, right?)
  10. fluid collision

    Hello everybody, first post here ad odforce! Found this to be a good source for information. I recently got into Houdini (mainly modeling and textures) now I'm on my first dynamics assignment for a friends diploma project. I need to create an oily fluid which collides with a doorstep (see attachment). Now I am asking myself what would be a good approach for collision. Volume gives me strange shapes to collide with (I know it only works with closed sufaces). Am I better off building the step and the door as different objects or would you only use Surface collision (which is faster, because there's not so much overhead with volume geo, that doesn't collide)? Thanks Sebastian