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  1. Modo For $299

    "...it feels a lot like Lightwave." Why would it not be so? The team behind Modo is almost the same team that originally developed Lightwave. They left NewTek not a long time ago, and established their own company called Luxology. I guess they've got some rights for the code, since Modo is so alike, and the new version 8.0 of Lightwave was developed by almost entirely new developement team, which claimed to have rewritten the code of Lightwave from the ground up. Speaking of Modo itself, my impression is that it is nothing more than Lightwave Modeler on very weak steroids. Their new SubDs in the shaded mode bring my P4 2.4G, 1GB RAM, FX1000 system to its knees just like Lightwave's original ones at the quantity of about 50K. There is no renderer, and unlike in Silo (or Hexagon? - don't remember) there is no way to link it to a standalone renderer either. Its export capabilities are limited to OBJ, X3D, ma, LWO and LWO2. There are very few enhancements to UV, and some other tools. The interface is a bit bizzare. On top of that, these new SubDs are useless, cause they can be exported as LWO2 only (Lightwave 8.x format), but Lightwave does not understand them. And they DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MODO's STABILITY BIG TIME. This stability issue alone forced me to abandon Modo completely. So, I tend to agree that it's been largely overpriced for what it offers, and put out on the market way too early. I, personally, hate to find myself being a beta tester of a product for which I paid a full price. sPatch - I'd rather go with the Animation Master. gMax is may be not that bad by itself, but the way it'd been marketed has made it a deadborn project.
  2. Long waited DOPs in 7.0.231

    Since they've been found anyway, could someone of the consecrated ones put a bit of light on these exciting features?
  3. Long waited DOPs in 7.0.231

    In v.7.0.231, clicking on $HFS\bin\hexper.exe brings up
  4. Diminutive name

    Hi Stremik, I believe that you refer to "
  5. Challenge: Helical cable

    Yeah, Andrew you are right. I left that expression in Point2 SOP by mistake (just overlooked it). If one replaces that expression with $TZ, it will look more cosher (the SOP, I mean). And the other thing, you are right about too. The spring stretched to extreme won't look good, but I hope that animators will use their common sense.
  6. Challenge: Helical cable

    SOPs & CHOPs OK, gentlemen, I didn't like much the elegancy of my first attempt. So, having borrowed a couple of ideas from Andrew V.K.'s solution, I came up with this hybrid one, which is very simple, but good enough to achieve the goal. There is no MIN/MAX limits, so, it is up to an artist to keep the look believable. P.S. IMHO, Jason, a telephone cord and a slinky dog are not quite similar in behavior. So, it's much easier to make two kinds of springs for animation, instead of trying to fit both in the same shoes. But, it's just IMHO. spring_cord.zip
  7. Challenge: Helical cable

    I slightly modified the file to use some CHOPs instead of the Expressions, since, it's faster. But, this is still the brute force approach. I know, I know... Doctor Aizenk Houdini won't be too happy with this "solution". PS.Andrew, I hope the ejection was done by K-36, so, you'll be able to fly again in a month or so. helical_cable.zip
  8. Challenge: Helical cable

    Couldn't miss the fun. Et voila, mes dames et messieurs, here is my two cents that consist of SOPs and Expressions.