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  1. Hello everyone! We are looking for FX TDs to work on our next film, Spies in Disguise. Please check out the job openings link below and apply online! http://blueskystudios.com/working-here/jobs/ Thanks! dave
  2. Hey everybody, Just extending this out to the community in case anyone is interested.. We're currently interviewing people for temporary positions on our current project and are looking for solid Houdini people that are available to start as early as June. Feel free to apply through the job posting below. http://blueskystudios.com/working-here/jobs/ Thanks! dave
  3. fast forward to 2011.. has anyone ever seen this work? objects or even lights? p.s. hi everybody!
  4. Introducing Mr. Furry

    ahh, so great to see a customer story on this! i caught this on their site the other day while doing research on companies and just loved it.. nice work Realise!
  5. Structure, Form and Stuff

    just now caught the vel fields pieces.. absolutely beautiful use of advected particles.. my favorite of yours by far.
  6. third and seventh

    Not that I'm trying to promote vray by any means, but beautifully done nonetheless... Would love to see more people (that actually have time) pursuing this kind of work in H with pbr.. Third and Seventh: Breakdown 1: Breakdown 2:
  7. render passes

    Hey Jonathan, I just got your PM.. If you're talking about the video posted above, the link should still be active and working.. I never took it off of there and still seems to be good.. Also, just as a heads up, a *lot* has happened in H since that video was made.. Might not be best place to start.. hth, dave
  8. i didn't have a chance to look at your file before, but i was going to suggest that.. trigger and copy chop ftw...
  9. 10 gigs cached to disk (bgeo files, uncompressed).. not ram.. those 10 100,000 (mil) particles rendered in mantra fairly quick on my very old machine and took up ~700mb of mem.. i think mantra handled it fine and would probably tear through a ton more, you'll just want to manage it more carefully once you get in to 50 million particle range (esp regarding multiple point attr's)..
  10. yes, this would be the easy part.. to get out your random sequences, just simply write out the same particle sim with a wedge varying the seed of your popnet alone... the tricky part comes from the topics anamous has commented on: shadows, self-shadowing, and scattering.. on top of that, you're going to have to manage a lot of data and memory.. both in disk output (removal of some attrs may be necessary to keep size down) as well as memory management in the render itself (even with delayed load).. A six second sequence with ten 100,000 particle sims (1 mil total) might run you easily 10 gigs just for the geometry and standard attrs.. then the renders themselves could sky rocket in ram usage depending on everything else going on. and that's only for a million particles. so then you really want to break down the efficiency of it all to make it a useful tool.. even if you go the route of rending each pass separately and comping them together in post, you're only faking the depth of each render placed on top of one another and won't get the proper interaction from sim to sim regarding shadowing and scattering.. interesting topic indeed..
  11. Powder simulation game

    my favorite thing to do is: draw out a bunch of random vines scatter in some virus throughout set the thing on fire ...sit back and enjoy the show
  12. fun little physics experiment in javascript: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/ way too addicting..
  13. Linux

    i like ubuntu as well but i prefer kde personally, so i'd go with kubuntu if it were me. i'm also a fan of opensuse as well. but in the end, either will do just fine..
  14. Structure, Form and Stuff

    beautiful experimentations.. i love them.. especially the first two.. not as crazy about the overall form of the third though. otherwise, great work! turntable is very nice as well.. if i had to nitpick, i'd say his calfs are a bit too big. i know this guy is built and everything, but they just appear a bit unnaturally large when compared to his quadriceps..