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  1. New forum skin

    so true. looks good though.. a bit hard to determine the general threads section versus the pinned section at the top of each forum. Obviously, there's that 'pinned' tag that is easy enough to read but there was more of a visual separation in the last interface that I liked. Now everything just feels streamlined together as if they all have the same weight.. (If that makes any sense.) Also, all of my forums went back to being unread which was a bit daunting at first. I'm assuming this has to do with new cookies that needed to be generated. Not a huge deal but did this happen to anyone else?
  2. i should have been a bit more clear.. sorry about that.. the orient i was referring to wasn't the vop op but an actual attribute you can create in sop land and use to orient them.. to be honest, i don't believe I've actually used it before but remember a thread back in the day talking about it... ahh, here it is (look towards the bottom): http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?showto...orient++sprites maybe jason can chime in or someone else that's actually had experience with using the attr before.. cheers, dave
  3. Crumpling and Tearing Masterclass

    Nice! I love that you guys offer these up in torrents as well.. So convenient..
  4. I believe there is an orient attribute you should be able to play with in sprites.. Remember, spriterot is just a single float that rotates the sprite around the eye normal (good for spinning/rolling).. Orient should do what I believe you are wanting, however it's been a while since I did some sprite stuff and don't have H in front of me to check right now..
  5. Face Average

    interesting results.. i did some averages based on the amount of the total group to see how things would vary.. It's surprising, but there isn't much change. Oddly enough, they all feel somewhat feminine (it might be due to the softening of the skin). On the other hand, the more that was included in the average, the more masculine the overall feel got. I also did averages of all the men and all the women.. Images are attached below: 1/16 of group 1/8 of group 1/4 of group 1/2 of group Whole Group All Guys All Girls
  6. there's quite a few things you could do in that instance.. you could create a bounding box or sphere from the static particles and reference them inside of pops. you could use a limit or softlimit pop. you could copy metaballs and use attractors with negative forces (not recommended). you could create groups based off the interaction between the two sources through a collision pop, limit, soft limit, proximity (radius), or just a standard group pop.. Then use those defined groups to do whatever you'd like: apply drag, reduce velocity, apply speed limit, etc.. hth, dave
  7. decaying the shadow with distance

    cool.. thanks for the update..
  8. spriteCrowd & Stuff

    nice spot rob.. thanks for the link.. was this done at a shop down in oz?
  9. decaying the shadow with distance

    hey kensonuken, have you had much progress on this? I'd be interested in seeing something like this if you've had a chance to develop it some more. hopefully it becomes efficient enough and lacking in artifacts.. i suppose those are the challenges.. just curious as it'd be cool to see some alternatives to area lights.. cheers, dave
  10. Introducing La Main des Ma

    I love the full package! Everything feels so tight and complete, as if no detail was overlooked.. I still can't get over that this is student work.. Incredible you guys..
  11. Unfolding systems

    very nice.. personally, i liked the final piece better than the tests, so well done. makes me want to get back in to audio driven and experimental work again.. thanks for sharing this..
  12. Particles effects and Hair with Horses

    this is looking good.. the only couple of comments i would have is the upper particles/splashes still have to much of a gravitational arc (ala typical bouncing ball movement).. This is causing the visual slowness that I'm in agreement with Steven about.. The other thing that will help sell this is forward and backward spray.. You have some great depression and enveloping splashes where there hoofs are displacing the water but there should also be some front spray being initially kicked in front of them as well as some back spray due to the leg follow through.. Other than that, this is looking nice.. The progressions are great and keep getting better so it will be exciting to see a final piece..
  13. Happy birthday...

    Happy bday Jason Have a good one particleMan and EzequielM!
  14. Maya 2009

    hey man, you don't know what it's like.. [sniff...] [sniff..] try teaching a vfx course with only maya available on campus.. i'm pretty sure i shudder every time i walk in to class.. i think the only thing that keeps me going is the smile on my face each time i quote "and houdini would do be able to handle this without any of this scripting nonsense" throughout the lecture.. hopefully i've converted a few of them already..
  15. Happy birthday...

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated..
  16. Optimizing Dust Renders

    hey everybody, yet another question for you fine folks. what approaches are people taking to get optimized render times when dealing with demolition dust like elements (and also not having proprietary voxel renderers and not wanting to go down the i3d route)? currently we're taking a sprite approach with a simple shader to get the effect we're wanting but it's not giving us the turn around times we were hoping for (30 min to 2 hours per frame at almost 2k). the sprites can be dang fast but once they get big and transparent, render time sky rocket which is no surprise. but it's frustrating to be able to render 20,000 sprites with 10% opacity that are really tiny in seconds, but 200 sprites with the same opacity that are large enough to overlap take forever. then once you introduce self shadowing via either deep shads or filtered shads, it just make it near impossibly to iterate as fast as we would want to. the size of the sprites is killing us but we also don't want them small enough to not see the detail in the shader and be able to keep the dust soft enough so it doesn't look like sand. so any thoughts would be appreciated. i'd love to hear some feedback as maya's hardware rendered sprites with almost realtime preview of textures and transparency in the gl is constantly being brought up (even though you have to hack their shadows).. so i'd love to knock these preview times down just for iteration purposes if anyone has some suggestions. thanks everyone, dave
  17. really nice work overload... great job.. the break down is quite nice as well. :thumbsup:
  18. .hdr Instead Of .rat???

    true.. but i don't think we have a commercial liscense here which is kind of a bummer.. plus that's double the storage to go ahead and convert everything when it should be easy enough to just use a latlong envmap. have you looked at going the deep shad route? even though AO is becoming pretty standard, you can still approach it with a traditional light rig and deep shadows to get that softer look you're after...
  19. Optimizing Dust Renders

    hey aracid, it's pretty random.. i saw it a little while back and didn't see it again until it popped up in my renders from last night so i don't think it something specific causing this. if i get some more time i might just run a whole bunch of tests with things riding along the borders of the frame and see what i can track down. but even as you can see in the image above, it can render badly and it can render perfectly fine, so it's kind of an odd game to start locating where the issue may be. unfortunately i can't post the hip.. i was just curious to see if anyone ever came across or had seen anything like that before hand. cheers, dave
  20. Optimizing Dust Renders

    has anybody seen render errors along the frame edges of an image when rendering sprites? it seems to be pretty random in it's occurence.. some times it does it, sometimes it doesn't. and they're random on everyframe so they flicker like crazy.. here's an example of what i mean: left image with wierd render issues along the bottom frame, right image is fine. nothing changed to create the renders. (and these aren't the edges of the sprites themselves showing through).. thanks all, dave
  21. .hdr Instead Of .rat???

    this is because the rat environment maps made by isixpack are cubic deep raster files.. your other 5 sides of the cube are sitting in planes beneath that one and are still being accessed. agreed. i would love to see a visualization option on the light itself.. because i've even mapped it to a sphere before and had to play around with the rotational offset to see if i could get it to line up with what i thought was being generated in the rendered image.. the other thing that's not clear is what exactly the v_gilight shader supports for maps.. according to the odwiki, mantra supports cross, cubic, and latlong maps and if it's an hdr, it assumes it to be in cross format. but the H docs don't say anything about this. the IBL tut just says to use cross maps and convert them.. this is unfortunate for a place that has a library of only latlong hdr's. it seems like when i plug the latlong hdr map into the env param, it works just fine.. but there's no way to be sure of the orientation without guess work.. now i could be completely missing something, so please tell me if i am.. but it seems like things could be a whole lot clearer in the docs.
  22. "genesis" Effect

    kick ass! really awesome animation.. i love the overshoot and spring back of everything..
  23. Custom Hitid+numhit

    hey all, been a while since I've been by and i terribly miss the community.. feels good to get back in to it after so long. so i've got a few questions and I'm hoping someone can help.. i'm wanting to create a custom attribute that uses the hitid as an index + the number of times it hits that particular object. and i want the numhit to begin at the time it begins colliding with that particular object and not at the first collision of any object. so let's say i have 3 objects and particles are bouncing all over them. then i want a particular event/group/anything to occur during the first collision of object 3. the numhit of each is different per particle as each one could hit the first 2 objects 3 times, 8 times, or N times. so i can't really just use the standard numhit+hitide. i want this attribute to equal 301 on the first collision with object 3. the traditional sim numhit could equal 12, 5, or 1 but i want it to be the first of that particular object. ie 204 would be the 4th hit of object 2 and so on. i definitely don't have to build the system this way, it's just how i'm viewing inside my head and can't wrap around an idea to create it. if theres other methods that would achieve the same results, then i'm all for it. I just basically want a collision counter for particles that's independent for each object it collides with. thanks all, dave
  24. Custom Hitid+numhit

    yea, no kidding.. and he came up with the answer in seconds.. just create a collision group that's not preserved and then an attribute pop following it. set the attribute to only source that collision group and make the value $ATTR+1. so the collision group will contain points when there's a hit (1) and won't when there's not (0).. keep adding them iteratively and you got yourself a custom numhit. easy peasy.. now it makes me wonder why i couldn't think of it..
  25. "genesis" Effect

    cool.. neat stuff. i like staring at the post long enough until it looks like your avatar is sitting there contently trying to sway these pretty things back and forth with his atari controller all day long. i'd love to see it in motion myself. what were the render times like?