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  1. Blending/Filetting trimmed NURBS surfaces?

    there are also the stitch and join sops.. don't know how they would work specifically for your case but you can try them out. hth, dave
  2. Happy Birthday mir!

    happy bday
  3. Multiple Monitors

    well, it seems that everything will work as long as i use the nvidia nView Span mode. if i use the normal nView Dualview mode (which is microsoft's standard multidisplay manager), then it will not work at all. even though the following comes from the detonator user guide...: "When you run a DirectX or OpenGL application in Dualview mode, it is accelerated as long as the window does not span more than one display. If the window spans two displays, drawing is not accelerated in the window. Note: In Span mode, drawing is always accelerated." .... it only seems to work if you disable dualview by not extending one of the monitors in your display properties, and going in to the advanced properties of your main display, and set it up to the nView Span mode. it's pretty damn annoying cause the nvidia span mode sucks compared to the regular microsoft multidisplay setup. and according to the statement above, it should still work using the microsoft standard one, but unfortunately, it doesn't.. thanks, dave
  4. Soft Shadows in Houdini

    additional note: if the shadow looks somewhat pixelated.. go in to your mantra dialog script (the + sign next to your render command in your parameters) and turn up the micropolygon shading quality. be careful with this because it will slow your renders a lot.. dave
  5. Soft Shadows in Houdini

    Add a vex_blur_shadow shop to your light. there is a shadow softness parameter in the shader to adjust it. hth, dave
  6. Multiple Monitors

    Sorry I haven't gotten back in a while. For some reason I couldn't connect to odforce late last night... To get back to answering some of your thoughts: It's good to know that so many of you are able to do this (making my probability of doing it higher). And i know my card and the Quadro 700 card are both using the nv25 chipset so hopefully I will be able to get it to work. I am running windows xp amd I am using the detonator drivers version 44.03 with nView disabled. Just using the xp multimonitor manager as well. I too have had the same problem with having the second monitor in poor focus and have tried everything to get it clearer without luck. But I've gotten used to that. I am keeping the panes in small windows on the secondary monitor, so I know it's not having difficulty rendering something full screen. And since I found out that all panes in houdini are opengl rendered, i have tried pretty much every combination of the opengl settings (even though they are limited on the consumer cards).. The odd thing that was going on is that houdini would actually have interactivity with pane's on the secondary monitor, it just would not visually reflect it until i dragged the pane back to the primary and clicked in the box. Even if i kept two copies of the param. pane up on the primary and secondary. I could change numbers using the value grid (MMB) on the secondary and watch the numbers change on the pane in the primary. But the secondary pane would not refresh until put back to primary and clicked on. Plus, if there is a drop down menu or even the file, edit, settings, etc menus, the menu will pop up at the very edge of the primary screen. There has only been one other occurence of this in a program and that is with open office. I have also been trying to tackle the issue with folks over at the houdini forums at sidefx and have gotten somewhere but not completely fixed. Basically I was able to get it to work completely by setting an environment variable to HOUDINI_OGL_SOFTWARE (1). But by doing this, there is a huge performance loss. There was also somebody else mentioned that had to do with an environment variable HOUDINI_OGL_DBL_BUFFER_FIX and that just seemed to slow things down slightly. If you are that much interested in my problem, here is that thread over there: http://www.sidefx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1697 The thing i just don't understand is why would i even have to attempt to do all of this considering so many of you are doing it flawlessly on comparible cards (except possibly the quadro). If any of you have any more suggestions or thoughts about this, it's definately appreciated. For those of you with ti4200 or comparable cards, did you have to set anything up specifically to get it to work or did it just do it on it's own? Thanks everyone, dave