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  1. Happy birthday...

    happy bday marc and xiangvuilder!
  2. Happy birthday...

    Happy BDay Cronin!
  3. Nuke And -v Flag

    ok.. cool.. a step in the right direction.. (i was using *).. so now what if i want to do multiple files with different names.. i.e. image_foo.0001.exr image_bar.0001.exr with mplay, i can simply use regular shell expressions: mplay image_???.0001.exr or if they aren't the same suffix length mplay image_*.0001.exr but can i do this with nuke? thanks for the help so far.. a big help..
  4. hey everybody, is there any way to get mplay to view aov's, normal passes, point passes, etc from renderman? i know there is a drop down menu for choosing plates, but I only get C.. Is it safe to assume this only supports deep rasters..? thanks, dave
  5. Mplay And Renderman Aov's

    cool, thanks mark..
  6. Male Human Bones

    hey nate, just wanted to say that i think these are looking great.. sorry not much a crit, but they're really nice.. if i wanted to be really picky, (and i'm no doctor so could be totally off on this), his overall head looks a bit small for the size of his chest/shoulders.. maybe it's cause he's bald.. i dunno.. just seemed a bit tiny.. also, fingers and toes seem too skinny for the way this guy is built.. but like i said.. really nice stuff.. those are just little things i noticed and they could be right on for all i know.. -dq
  7. Dust Blowing Away

    ahh crap.. i meant to say to *keep* going with it.. not to stop it.. oops.. sorry about that..
  8. Happy birthday...

    happy bday MADjestic!
  9. Dust Blowing Away

    I think your effect is working, but the thing I'm concerned about is pushing it to the next level.. When working in motion graphics, i saw this exact way of bringing on a name/logo all the time and (unfortunately) they were able to acheive just as good of an effect as this with a simple 10 slider particle plugin in after effects.. the dust revealing logo thing to me feels like the post 2000 version of the lightning bolt scribing letters on to a wall of the 90's.. hopefully i'm not being to much of a downer and i'm definitely not saying to keep going with it.. just think about how you can push it further.. arctor's cheyenne example is a bit better imho by making it feel as if the letters are on some surface that is covered by dust and blowing away.. a little bit more realistic then the letters alone being revealed by dust coming off/out of them.. good stuff tho.. keep us posted..
  10. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    i think they're all grey, but can range from a warm to cool grey.. http://koalas.org/koala-australia.jpg http://sylvestre.ledru.info/blog/media/5/koala.jpg http://www.sciencenmore.com/koala.jpg http://www.brc.dcs.gla.ac.uk/~actan/gallery/koala.JPG http://www.wwf.be/nl/juniors/img/visual/doc/fiches/koala.jpg definitely..
  11. Scrambled? Hackz!

    this kinda of stuff reminds me of chris cunningham's work for aphex twins.. not concept wise, but audio/visual wise.. very cool stuff.. Window Licker (warning: language, may not be sfw.. can be avoided if FF to middle of video): http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7577576355514359267 Monkey Drummer: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9022313791239280767
  12. Happy birthday...

    happy bday
  13. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    seeeeriously.. amazing you guys...
  14. Edit Sop Question

    another thing that's good to note for users coming from maya is that vertices in houdini are called points.. houdini has verts as well, but they are real verts.. i.e. shared per point.. (there may be an equivalent to this in maya, so excuse my ignorance if this is the case..) it's just terminology differences for each package, but it's a good thing to know if one of the vids or tuts starts referring to each of them in houdini terms..
  15. Keyboard

    great stuff dajuice.. really nice attention to detail.. and the render came out pretty sweet.. well done
  16. Bio Motion Cool Stuff

    should we be concerned that you highly dig sad women simon?
  17. wahoo! we'lll get them all eventually.. one by one.. you'll see..
  18. Baseball

    ohhh, so that's how they make a baseball! as always stu, very impressive...
  19. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    yea guys.. looks great..
  20. New Fluids Engine

    this is exactly the first thing that popped in to my head when reading this.. i'm interested in trying out something like Glu3d, but then again i'd actually have to open Maya...
  21. Handles On Object Level Assets

    heyyyy, look at that..
  22. Handles On Object Level Assets

    well, i would try and test this out if i could considering houdini crashes every time i create an hda from subnet at the obj level (works fine at sop level).. i just now noticed this because I haven't created any tools for fun at home for a while now.. hmm.. is odd.. i'm also running a somewhat outdated build (8.0.412) so it could be something related to that..if i have any time at work tomorrow, i will try and test this out on H7..
  23. Baseball

    nice stu! great stuff... did i miss the hip? i'd be interested to see process..
  24. Handles On Object Level Assets

    but this is such an easy way of working.. i do the same.. create, select, collapse.. so it seems that it should work.. it just doesn't.. thanks for the heads up simon...
  25. Rname Otl On Created

    ahh yes.. substr and rindex do seem to do this for me.. thanks simon and rick.. (sorry for delayed response.. just got to this today..)