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  1. Atst

    much better than the last one lisux.. nice feeling of weight.. good job
  2. Rname Otl On Created

    well yea.. kind of easy until you get to harder file names it seems.. strreplace is nothing like a solid sed in linux unless i'm completely missing out on some really coolio functions.. with defgeo.bgeo, it's easy.. but what if you have it pointing to /foo/bar/test/name-of-my-file.bgeo.. you'd have to strreplace(strreplace(strreplace())) just to get rid of the non standard chars in that example, but it really doesn't seem to be bullet proof to whatever you would want to throw at it.. not to mention you'd have this long name now.. i would like to just set something up that would rename it to "name_of_my_file" and be done with it no matter what i put in there.. i could be missing something big time so i'd love to know how to do better string stuff in hscript/expressions because i get the feeling that i'm doing something wrong.. but anyways.. i got this far but it hits a point.. a dead end really.. a standing rfe dead end to be exact.. ok, so here is what you can do with events on normal nodes..if you go to your operator type manager and hit edit contents, you can put in your onUpdated and what not in there.. I think you can do it in the regular type properties, but it seems to stay sometimes, and other times not.. this method seemed to work full proof each time and stayed after closing houdini and reopening.. so: 1. Operator Type Properties 2. Edit contents (in this case: ./otls/OPcustom.otl->Sop/file) 3. Create Section Name (i.e. onUpdated) 4. Hit Add Empty Section button 5. Put script in: set filename = `strreplace(chs("$arg1/file"), ".bgeo", "")` opname $arg1 $filename 6. Hit apply, accept, etc.. That should do it.. Now.. why is this worthless.. well it's worthless because you'd have to pop open your type properties and hit accept for the onUpdated event to trigger.. All other events are pretty much useless to us at this point as well.. So i did some searching because I kept thinking "I just need an onCook event or something.. I know there's gotta be one..." And that's when I came across a thread over at the sesi forums where our good friend Simon even pointed out that an onCook type event has already been RFE'd by himself.. So at this point we cry.. Curl up in to the fetal position and find a corner.. Well atleast until sesi can give us some sort of on onCook deally.. that or until one of the super guru's come's by here and tells us how to magically do it with what is already there.. because i do agree.. creating otls for this and otls for that can get old (and still wouldn't do us much good without an onCook..)... dave
  3. Houdini On Thinkpad T43p

    why not just get windows and install Suse after the fact with a dual boot.. will be much better than having Linux put on and later needing windows for one of those small apps in which the windows installer will most likely cake your linux partitions.. display stereo ehh?? but you can do this with any computer that has dual monitors..
  4. about half that actually... http://www.massivesoftware.com/massive_2_0.html actually that's ~7,776,000 secs.. but only because i'm a jerk..
  5. Rname Otl On Created

    yeaaaa... but while we're on the topic and going back to Rick's issue.. is there a way to pull out the parameter value (string) of the filename in order to stuff it in the name of the op.. i was thinking of strreplace'ing the non-needed info a opparm spits out but that just seems out the way.. you know of any way to just quickly get a value of a parm and stuff it into a variable? maybe eval() the chs() of it? I dunno.. probably still won't help since we can't seem to get past the creation part of it..
  6. Rname Otl On Created

    ahhhh.. thank you so much simon.. such a satisfying feeling when it all comes back..
  7. Rname Otl On Created

    nice simon! will definitely keep that tucked away in the back of my head somewhere.. as for the file sop.. i always thought you could put a file in your scripts folder that is called nameofop.cmd and that would get sourced every time you layed that op down.. so in this case, it would be file.cmd but it doesn't seem to be working at all.. will poke around about this to see what i can find.. the other thing is you can open any standard houdini op and go to it's type properties and hit accept.. this will put a creation script for it in your $HOME/houdini8.0/otls/OPcustom.otl file. So do that for the file sop and you will see the creation script down at the bottom.. feel free to add anything you want in there to customize it.. the only problem is that this doesn't help much considering it's a creation script and will always be at the parm that it's set at in the begining.. hmmm.. will keep thinking and digging..
  8. Rname Otl On Created

    hey rick, unfortunately with opname, "." doesn't exist yet (for the otl) when on created (atleast i think that's what's going on here.. could be wrong so maybe someone else can enlighten us on that..). oddly enough "`opname(".")`" gives us access to the node the otl is being created in.. which is a real crapper since I can't figure out how to access the next level down without specifying the exact name of the otl to change (which defeats the whole purpose of this being relative and procedural and what not).. luckily what does happen whenever you throw down a node in the chain is that it get's selected.. so we could use opselect(".") in order to get a basis for the rename.. try the following instead: opname `opselect(".")` `opname(".")`_OUT hth, dave
  9. Geometry Rop Workflow

    hey rick, the two things i thought of based on the current workflow you have now is... one: instead of using an incremental versioning system, you have a current version (the shot file) with past hips containing versioned file names.. kind of how the backup system works as of now with file saving.. two: create shot and version number envars.. when you decide to update your file, output version numbers, update the envars as well (or create a simple command script to automate it so that it does all three at once..) Then your file output names, opparm post scripts and file nodes will all be updated using the shot/version envars.. then again.. edwards solution is pretty nifty i must say
  10. Distributed Rendering

    i should probably back step my thought there and note that ribs/ifds don't have to be a complete description.. it could only contain your geometry for example.. it just all depends on how you generate them..
  11. Distributed Rendering

    don't know about mental ray, but ifd's are the equivalent to ribs for renderman.. A complete description of your scene for that frame so that the renderer can interpret it and spit it back out into an image..
  12. A Problem

    hey look at that sorry peship, totally disregarded that part of it.. thanks for pointing that out jason..
  13. A Problem

    or you could use a fetch..
  14. Male Human Bones

    wow nate.. night and day difference.. much much better.. that's def some crazy modeling work considering it's all by hand.. and pretty quick turnaround too.. you must have some insane modeling zone you can get in to..
  15. Male Human Bones

    hey nate.. nice stuff.. i definately agres with the others.. bones to me seem pretty smooth except when examined real close which is where you'll begin to see the fine detail.. i'm assuming you're also doing image searches on the internet? could be a big resource out there to tap somewhere.. quickly found this image of a scapula and you can kinda see how there is texture, but it''s somewhat at a fine level.. i agree with jason, a good surface shader on that would do it well with a subtle disp shader to finally sell it.. http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Labs/...PB012148crp.JPG cool stuff tho.. keep us updated
  16. a question about "ReadAchive"

    yea, i think that was one of pbowmar's.. a great tut.. i have it around here somewhere and could upload somewhere if needed and hope that my server won't get slammed.. marc, did you guys ever get a chance to back up all those legacy vids and docs? a shame they're not around anymore.. aha! here we go.. found these: http://sidefx.vislab.usyd.edu.au/houdini_v..._instancing.avi (this is the instancing vid..) http://sidefx.vislab.usyd.edu.au/houdini_video/index.htm http://sidefx.vislab.usyd.edu.au/cd2_5.5.151/start_here.html http://oldsite.vislab.usyd.edu.au/resources/guide/houdini/
  17. Apprentice, Sesi, 1024x576

    actually, it's good to note that 640x480 is standard television res while 720x486 is DV res that came about when the DV format decided to muck everything up with their non-square AR and other ridiculousness.. And if you really think about it, DV res at 720 is just a stretched 640 (well 648 to be exact) at 1.125 (.9 if you go the other way).. anyways.. back to the original post, i think 640 x 480 is very gracious imho of sesi to provide.. much better than limiting the functionality of the program.. Being at that res will be fine for your reel.. Companies aren't going to be reviewing your demo on a 1080p hdtv and inspect for crispness. They want to know that you know what the heck you're doing and that you do it well and effeciently..
  18. Spore Procedural Game... Demo

    alright.. so i don't even play video games and i would so own and play this thing non stop once it comes out... this thing is going to be awesome..
  19. Spore Procedural Game... Demo

    oh sweet.. a video now.. this is what wolfwood was talking about way back here : http://odforce.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3299
  20. Baby Horsfield

    That's excellent news! Congrats Marc!
  21. Atst

  22. Happy birthday...

    happy bday dajuice
  23. I3d Question

    this is true if you want your meta's to have a static length/stretch.. but if you were wanting them to stretch based on the velocity of the particle (which i thought brandon was originally wanting which turns out to be not true), then you would need to bring in that attribute to get that change in animation..
  24. Vop Playground!

    that's a sexy looking net there arctor.. looks like a waterfall going down the side of a rocky cliff
  25. Vop Playground!

    oh the dot node rocks.. i'm loving that.. def something houdini should have.. but i shouldn't have to use it to be able to square out my wires.. a lot of time is taken just inserting and moving those things around to just have plain squared off nets..(i'd rather have a squared off option and just use dots for custom rerouting..) ctrl clicking to drag parent nodes is quite nice as well.. wouldn't mind that in h.. plus i must admit throwing down an op and slipping it in to the wires between two other ops is quite convenient.. would like to see that in h as well.. but,not being able to disconnect input wires from a node in nuke is still driving me up a friggin wall.. (yea yea ctrl-d but it will only do the first one..) but yeaaa.. another thread will have to start if we want to go over my frustrations with nuke .. over all, the program's damn solid, but there are just certain ui things that i come across and think 'god this is so ineffecient'.. anyways [/rant].. dave