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  1. Happy birthday...

    happy bday stu
  2. Vop Playground!

    yea.. that network's not too bad, but man, how can you take those straight wires..?? that's one of the things that's driving me nuts about nuke right now (among other ui things).. it just makes the dag so unorganized imho.. good stuff though altbighead.. keep up the nice work..
  3. hey rick, might be too late on this one but your instancing geometry can have normals in whichever way direction you want.. however, your instanced geometry must be oriented in the positive zed direction in order for it to follow the normals of the instancing geometry.. hth, dave
  4. Wavechop To Sops

    hey rick, don't know exactly what you're going for or what you're doing, but a while back i was having some fun with chops and custom displacement shaders.. i was able to get a good amount of detail and control while displacing grids in very neato ways.. and it was pretty fast too.. anyways, seems like you've got what you're looking for but i just wanted to throw that out there.. hope all is well up in NY, dave
  5. Spaceship Wip,

    nice stuff stu!
  6. Couple Of Things

    great stuff dajuice.. really cool feeling to it..
  7. Help: Copysop + Upv

    i suppose the sweep sop wasn't an option here either...?
  8. Problems With Fish Eye Lens

    well it would depend on the shot.. i'm sure you could figure out the math behind your camera and apply it in some procedural way to your objects in the scene.. but i'm pretty sure you could get away with doing it to visual taste.. so as long as your camera is set and not moving too too much (fly throughs wouldn't work too well in this case obviously) and you knew what you were going for so just keep an eye on the final result while working and making adjustments.. i don't know if this is the best way to do it, but that's how i'd attempt it if it were me.. although figuring out how to do it procedurally does sure sound interesting now that i think about it.. maybe i'll give that a whirl one of these days when i have a moment..
  9. Problems With Fish Eye Lens

    you can always model warped geometry and render it normally.. i've seen it done before and it works great on complex scenes that just wouldn't handle the calculations for lens distortion..
  10. Need To Make Ghosts

    maybe start with the xray shader in the codex..? if going with your own shader, the alphamix and edgefalloff vops would be useful here as well..
  11. Fun With Snapshirts

    dem fightin' words.. you're just lucky i've barely had time to visit much these past few weeks and can only come on at 1 am to slip in a post that doesn't help anyone with anything related to houdini or even defend myself well... :coffee1: So wait.. Jim, you're from maryland? I always had you for a true ca-na-di-an, ehhh.. neat..
  12. I3d Question

    haven't tried this, but i'm sure you could do it with stamping in the copy sop.. i'm assuming you're attaching meta's to your particle system, so just carry the v attrib in your rules of stamps in your copy sop..
  13. Fun With Snapshirts

    now why the hell is my name so big.. and where the heck is people like jason and arctor.. i'm confused... :tumbleweed:
  14. Links!! Links!!

    camf offers some great shaders as well.. defininitely worth while to add.. (thanks mike!) http://www.camf.com/shad_1.html
  15. Help: Cygwin Ssh And Zone Alarm

    for my windows box i just use the windows firewall and i always have a router attached with a built in firewall.. even if i'm not running a network, i still use the router as a safe guard and i've never had a problem.. zone alarm always seemed terrible so i just never touched it and routers are cheap enough as a hardware solution so why bother with a software one..
  16. Render Farms

    i think it's based on your max gflops (Rmax)...
  17. Portfolio Review

    Alrighty.. Well it's about that time for me to start shoving my way into the industry a little more so I'm gonna be sending out some portfolios in the next few weeks with hopes of an opportunity after the new year begins.. Since graduation a little while back, I've gotten some small shop experience under my belt but now I'm hoping to get in at a place (small or large) that will push and challenge me further. Obviously I'm striving for a houdini job with some particle/dynamics/procedural effects but before i start this whole application process, I wanted to get some feedback on my work from you all. So here it is.. hate it, love it, just let me know. Also any employment info or heads up is always very much appreciated.. For you web type people out there: http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com For you direct-link type people (qt's are embedded in the page): Technical Reel (process breakdown/procedural work): http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/movies/...hnical_Reel.mov Artist Reel (montage of all work cut to music): http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/movies/...Artist_Reel.mov On a side note, I'd like to just take a few lines to thank everybody here at odforce and over at sesi. You all have really built a great community that I feel very much a part of and your help with both technical and personal questions has pushed my work and knowledge past the point that any school could have given to me. So for that, I am entirely grateful. Thanks for everything, Dave
  18. Portfolio Review

    Thanks Marc, Jason, and Alex And don't worry, I'll be sure to keep up with oddy and sesi.. Don't know if many DNA'ers come by here much, but no worries about me.. I actually just got in to Dallas Friday night and so far the city/town is awesome.. I've never actually met so many nice people before and there is a ton to do... Restaurants galore.. music venues, comedy clubs, etc.. Was hoping to check out some parks today but it's raining.. (anybody in the area bored and want to hang out? ) also, thanks for the nice comments about the reel chilango.. don't know if it's what a houdini reel should look like... just the way it turned out for me.. again, thanks everybody and hope to meet you all and get together at some point.. ya know, put some faces to the names.. talk to you all later.. peace, dave
  19. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    awesome.. that's a great poster though.. oh, and btw.. sorry about all of us hijacking your thread over at sesi forums..
  20. All In Favour Of Removing Guests

    yea.. it is a good point but on the other side, i really wonder if those people would just take the 5 seconds to register anyways if they *had* to.. i mean it prob takes them 5-10 min to write the post, so i doubt the extra 2 will kill someone to actually create a username.. so is it a matter of those people not willing to register to post, or the fact that it's just easier not to and post as a guest? to me, i'd rather have the occasionaly missing of a good guest post to black p***y on my screen when checking a forum of nerdy people talking about computer software.. should also think about people at work who check the forums and how it might not be the greatest of things to have on your screen when someone walks by..
  21. Controlling Smooth

    unique points in a facet..
  22. Mouse Chop

    that should be fine.. just make sure to export it.. you would only need a fetch if you need to grab channels from something/where and alter them in chops to re-export back..
  23. CADE mirror site

    ughh.. ya know.. i'd really be ok with just getting rid of guest accounts.. i know it's annoying for some, but how many people on here actually post that don't have an official account? seems like whenever a "guest" posts, it's usually a someone normal with an account already and they just forgot to log in.. maybe take a vote in another thread?
  24. i would definitely say that artists have a favorite tool/instrument from their set.. i'd be willing to bet a mechanic would too.. when i did a lot more traditional artwork, i really got in to soft pastels and after a while i wouldn't touch another brand except schmincke.. so smooth and creamy while allowing layer after layer to be applied.. nothing ever came as close to them in my opinion (sennelier got close, but i still preferred schmincke).. in fact, when i would be able to afford a good set of schmincke pastels i'd feel so much better about being able to use them that i probably produced better works because of it.. and i know it was because having that specific tool allowed me to be more confident while working.. other pastels would keep myself reconsidering a move due to inherent limitations.. i would also say that this example could easily be used to discuss a piece of software..
  25. Portfolio Review

    yea, i should get some great houdini experience and even some nuke stuff as well which i'm pretty excited about learning.. thanks guys..