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  1. Do u still see the first spare parameter "myInt" in the null node bound to $F after executing the python script? In my case, it's reset to 0 after I run the python script which should not be.
  2. I have an existing spare parameter on a node ('/obj/geo1/null') whose default value is set to $F. When I try to add a new spare parameter to the same node using python, the default value of my first parameter was mysteriously reset and I lost the $F expression. Is this a bug or my python script? My python script has only 2 lines and I run them in the Python Shell: float_template = hou.FloatParmTemplate('parm1', 'Label2', 1, (50,)) hou.node('/obj/geo1/null').addSpareParmTuple(float_template) Attached is the simple Houdini scene that I used to test this. test.hip
  3. Creating simple tornado motion using pointcloud

    this is really awesome! I like the simple setup that creates complex motion. Thanks!!!