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  1. unlock single node in HDA

    Thank you !! !! !!
  2. unlock single node in HDA

    Hey guys, Need to unlock a single node in a digital asset. Any idea how to do it? Thanks a lot!!
  3. Refraction limit outputs black

    Hey guys, When using refractions, when Mantra hits the refraction limit the ray is trapped and it outputs black. Is there a way to let the ray go out of the object once it hits the refraction limit? Thanks a lot!
  4. Great, thanks a lot!! Exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Hey guys, Is there a way to import and use deep images coming from Renderman or 3Delight? The goal is to be able to use Houdini and Mantra for volumetrics, but do holdouts that come from 3Delight and Maya. Any info is most appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  6. eetu's lab

    Amazing trick!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this! Very cool!
  7. Delete particles based on ID not Point number

    I ended up using the original setup. Takes a while to cook but very reasonable for the amount of particles I have! (about half a million) Again, thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Delete particles based on ID not Point number

    This way is actually waay slower for me. I'm not sure, but I think it's fast to store the $IDs that need to be deleted, but it takes forever for Houdini to actually delete the points. Each point has do go through this huge Filter Expression that contains all the point IDs conditions. Deleting just a 100 points or so makes it extremely extremely slow. Maybe I'm doing something wrong I'm not sure. Thanks a lot for helping me out with this!
  9. Delete particles based on ID not Point number

    Static, thank you so much!! Exactly what I need. Although it takes a bit of time to cook with the amount of particles that I have. Is there maybe a way to store the "kill" information in a temp file or something and use that instead of doing a loop for each particle? Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions. I'm a noob with Houdini. Lukeiamyourfather, thanks for the help, but I prefer to do it in Houdini. This can be very very useful not just with RealFlow particles but with particles coming from Houdini or Maya. Thanks again
  10. Hey guys, I'm trying to clean up particle sims coming from RealFlow. Is there a way to delete a group of particles based on their ID attribute and not the point number? The amount of particles I need to get rid of is quite big, so it'll be really helpful if there is a way I can just select them in the viewport. Any help is most appreciated! Thanks