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  1. I think he only saves the information that is in the scene And links save links Hda modules as references to them There used this python module to save ParentNode.saveChildrenToFile (selectedChildrens, "", File)
  2. Houdini tool for management Nodesets and Python Scripts Check folders in preferences tab!!! https://youtu.be/4r4VL5i-O90 anyOP.otl
  3. It works but not quite optimized
  4. development of user interface for the generation of trees LBranch.otl example.hipnc
  5. Small tools for group points or primitives with unshared edge rule group_shared_unshared.otl
  6. Can lay on Orbolt when I finish and now I'm testing
  7. I learning python modules and I like it)))
  8. This connector is written in Python with Node based Houdini workflow. It uses a wavefront OBJ and MDD cache. Transformation is described by quaternion rotation and is not tied to a parent (in world coordinates). These tools are designed to facilitate the export from Houdini. bl_tools.otl
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