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  1. Houdini dont display Arnold

    Hi Tomas, Please contact support@solidangle.com for installation issues.
  2. Hi all, This is an HtoA bug that affects OSX only, logged as ticket #808. It's been fixed in the trunk and should be out soon in an upcoming bugfix release. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  3. Arnold on Houdini indie

    Hi Ray, I did answer on the list, and I can repro. Indie rendering is currently broken on OSX only, I'll look into fixing this ASAP. -- Fred
  4. Arnold deep EXR output problem

    Thanks for the repro. Could you send me the maps as well? We've noticed your obj_id and list_id AOVs at of type FLOAT. They should be of type INT, as this will prevent any merging of different IDs. Maybe that's what is causing your issue. Could you verify?
  5. Arnold deep EXR output problem

    Can you send me an .ass file of the above render to try to repro?
  6. Hi Maxime, You need to reassign shaders with the Override node, I have answer you directly on the HtoA mailing list. Short answer is it's quite clunky for now but we are working on this. Cheers,
  7. Arnold deep EXR output problem

    Hi Juraj, The merging of samples should work, you shouldn't get artifacts. Have you tried teaking the tolerance parameters? What are they set to now?
  8. Houdini and Arnold

    Hi Marty, The Houdini way is to spawn a separate render process and since you need to pass the scene data from Houdini, this might take a while depending on the size of your scene. The Arnold plugins on Maya and other applications usually render in the same process, which is a lot faster of course. One advantage of rendering in a separate process is that if the render crashes, Houdini is unaffected. Katana uses a separate process as well btw. If you want to compare apples to apples, I suggest you try the Arnold plugin for Maya and see how it compares to 3Delight. I'd love to optimize this HtoA as well, I have a few ideas on how to improve this, would you mind sending a repro scene showing this delay? Oh, do you have a license btw? If not, be sure to toggle "Skip License Check" on the ROP as Arnold will try to grab a license token when you render, and time out after a few seconds, so this could be causing some apparent sluggishness.
  9. No, I don't think the render view API allows it.
  10. Yes, that's the expected behavior. If you do this with a Mantra ROP instead it behaves the same doesn't it?
  11. The log displays warning only by default to speed up IPR, as because output to the console is very costly on Windows. You can enable change the log level in the Diagnostics tab. Apart from that, I can render in the render view with a filename specified in "Output Picture", you need to hit "Render" in the render view, not the ROP of course. Can you send a small repro scene?
  12. Lots of issues / questions here - it's not strictly necessary to toggle "skip_license_check" unless you want to avoid a long timeout or checking out a license - HtoA 1.0.0 is r990, but there can be different revision numbers, but generally it's for test builds, not for releases - I'm working on an installer to make it simpler, but installing a complex plugin for Houdini can be tricky, as many things can fail. Do not hesitate to request installation support from Solid Angle. - You should not have the export ASS / kick ASS externally to view your renders! The render region, render view or MPlay should just work. Something is definitely wrong with your install here. - Houdini lights compatibility helpers are planned and have been requested in the past, but a lot of their parameters do not make sense in Arnold so I decided to have Arnold specific lights (like in SItoA) to avoid questions about unsupported parameters (like in MtoA) - I'm not sure what you mean by "hamonize shader inputs from a Mantra perspective" but the Arnold VOP context is very different from the other VOP networks, it supports only Arnold shaders (plus a few helper VOPs). It's really showing what will be exported in the Arnold scene.
  13. You can share .ass files, that can contain geometry and shaders, see https://support.solidangle.com/x/9Ai (wip)
  14. Hi up4, I'm the main developer of HtoA. I won't deny the plugin has some rough edges, and it will take some time for the integration to be as good as Mantra, obviously. For this reason, I'd be most interested in getting feedback, good or bad, to assess where we should focus our efforts. Could you please detail the issues you encountered during evaluation? Of course, I extend this request to anybody who wants to share any feedback on HtoA and Arnold. I don't want to hijack this very interesting topic, so you can PM if you prefer.