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  1. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    tnnnnnnnnnnxs !! lots of infos
  2. FEM Solver "fe_quality_bad" warning

    I got the same warning but i never found it a way to fix it .. any tip to share of how to fix it ??
  3. tutorials link for VEX SHOP and RSL uusing in Houdini

    Another great shader basics tutorial .. this time for H8 but this tutorial put some light on the subject .. Thanks Dave Koester for share this videos .. http://3d-dave.com/h8-surface-and-displacement-shaders.html
  4. tutorials link for VEX SHOP and RSL uusing in Houdini

    thanks for the link. really great tutorial !
  5. I`m a new user trying to get in houdini . I`d like to know if someone could send some links of VEX SHOP RSL tutorials in houdini . I have learning renderman(3delight) using maya but I would like to change my workflow for learning using houdini and 3delight ,I already have some knowledge with RSL coding and I have setup houdini with 3delight . and at first, looks its is working , but with some error using light shaders . thats Ok . sideEffects says that you can make RSL shaders using his network graph(without text coding) ,and everybody says that is very similar to produce VEX SHOP shaders , but I have not found enough tutorials to get to basics uses of nodes contruct whith vex and shops . just silly examples of how to use pre made shader from material palette or . very complicated advanced vex networks .. can you share some link tutorials, On line classes or right Dvds to buy ? tnx