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  1. maintain volume detail w pyro initial data

    thank you Christian, very cool! I will study that
  2. maintain volume detail w pyro initial data

    ok after posting this I went back and tried something different. I used a plain jane smoke container and it looks to be behaving. I orginalally used pyro because it has cool noise stuff like turbulence, dissipation, confinement, etc I have 2 questions: 1-Is there a post somewhere that show's how to set these (noise, dissipation, disturbance) things up with stock smoke solver? 2-Is is possible to isolate dissipation and noise only when a collision with another volume happens? Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a sop network of a volume sphere where I add some noise via a volumevop as per the pyroclastic noise thread. My volume in this sop network looks great, it has a lot of detail! Now I want to use this detailed volume as the source and initial data for density of my pyro smoke. When I set the detailed volume sop path as my initial data on the pyro smoke object, it looks very blurry in dops. I even tried matching the same resolution as my iso-offset in my sop network. Still in dops my volume looks blurry and all the detail is lost on the start frame? Am I missing a step? thanks
  4. hi thank you for file. May I ask why rest of grid not have fractal? I was looking to have low setting in painted area and high freq setting in unpainted area. sorry if i not clear
  5. Hello! I could use some help to figure out how to get a smooth falloff for an effect. I have grid and i have fractal sop. I want to paint an area where the intensity of the fractal sop is much less than applied to the rest of the grid. How I can do this? I make a test with a grid, grouppaint and fractal sop but not sure how I can soften the fractal effect on the painted points? Thank for help