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  1. Fog Shader Questions

    Hello everybody, I'm new to fog shaders and I had a couple of questions : 1/ How do I create a layered fog shader ? For example a ground fog, density fading on Y axis mixed with a noise to randomize the effect a little bit . I believe I have to play with VOPs, as I couldn't find it in VEX standard library. 2/ I would like to create a more sophisticated Image 3D Fog shader, for example add some turbulence, and other effects, do I also have to use VOPs ? I believe these questions have quite the same answer, basicaly I just need some help on the methodology to create a Fog shader. thanks in advance. Julien
  2. ASAD light question

    thanks !
  3. ASAD light question

    Hi everybody, I am using a ASAD light shader on a sphere in order to use this sphere's point as cone lights, but I wonder how I can assign a color ramp to this ASAD light shader. For example I would like to have the top point to be blue and the bottom point to be red, basically asigning a Color on the Y axis. Do I have to use an image map, even though that is not very flexible ? or maybe an expression in an attrib Create Sop ? Thanks in advance Julien
  4. Randomizing shader values

    yes, that actually makes sense Thanks for helping ! By the way, I turned off "Use indirect references" and I passed some param's on the shader and it's working well also thanks !
  5. Hi Everybody, I wonder if it is possible to randomize values of a shader, directly in VOPS or using expressions in the parameter field ... For example, is there a way to randomize the diffuse value of a shader applied on a stamped copy object ? Thanks in advance Julien
  6. Using a POP attribute inside a Copy Sop

    Hey Steven, Thanks for helping, that's working perfectly, as always ! Julien
  7. Hi Everybody, I created a POPnetwork , it's plugged in the input 2 of a CopySop (Template to copy to) . For the Input 1 of the Copy SOP I just plugged a Sphere. Inside my POPnetwork I used a Proximity Operator to add a Nearest Distance Attribute. Now back in my CopySOP, I use stamp inputs . So basically I would like to use my "nearest distance attribute" to drive the size of the spheres (so they don't intersect), using a "param" in the size parameter of the SphereSOP. I'm not sure if I have to use "poppoint", and also how can I itterate within the points of the popnet for each sphere copy. I hope I'm clear enough Thanks in Advance Julien
  8. Character WIP

    thanks Jason MG : that's part of things to fix
  9. Character WIP

    the body was modeled in ref pose than deformed using houdini's bone deformation, clothes were modeled after, directly in pose
  10. Character WIP

    Merci, Did it the artisanal way Poly and Subdivs .. no solver or dynamic system used .
  11. Character WIP

    Hello Everybody, Here is a character work in progress, I used Houdini and Lightwave for modeling, I still have to fix some stuff. I plan to render it with Mantra Julien.
  12. Method to find primitives based on number of point

    Thanks Edward ! That Helps a lot Personally I think that it may be usefull in the codex section ..
  13. Head WIP

    Hi Everybody, Here is a WIP of the head that should go with the body I'm actually modeling Well ... it's not finished and it's pretty hard to tell about the proportions when the skull isn't finished but anyway, comments welcome ! Julien
  14. Body WIP

    Well, let me finish it first Shouldn't be much of a problem to make a walkthrough within Houdini
  15. Body WIP

    thanks Well I was thinking about hotkey presets, for example, one set of hotkeys for modelling, etc ...