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  1. PythonModule createModuleFromSection()

    Solved by Mel Massadian on Houdini Artists FB group. The key being syntax for function calls.
  2. I am trying to get createModuleFromSection() in the Python module in an HDA I am developing. It can't find the module. I am less than a python noob thus struggling. I have a modified nodegraphvellumutils.py (which works perfectly) renamed as PythonSubmod.py and I want to attach it to the HDA then call it from the PythonModule. import toolutils submod = toolutils.createModuleFromSection("submod", kwargs["type"], "PythonSubmod.py") # Add network editor hooks if hou.isUIAvailable(): from submod import setSelectPosContextData, isPassThroughConnection, createEventHandler def isVellumNode(): return True test_PythonModule.hda
  3. Combining Modulus

    Thanks for your input Adam much appreciated.
  4. Combining Modulus

    Thanks for your reply Adam. Wise words indeed. When I posted this I was quite unclear with myself about method and outcome. I kind of lazily assumed I could somehow mathematically combine two modulus into an automatically incrementing function. I got myself all turned around because I am chaining sop solvers and it is really hard to conceptually grasp exactly what is happening at any point in time. So some of the concepts get entangled quite easily. It is actually even hard to explain what is happening in a concise yet meaningful way. +I made this example trying to distill the idea into something readable, but in hindsight it just reflects my initial lack of focus. I am writing an HDA in lots of vex and some of it is a bit ...let's say 'organic' in its organisation... The solution was obviously... if A or B increment++ But in my set up it's lots of nested loops and arrays for parent child structures. Fortunately all solved. Thanks!
  5. Combining Modulus

    Help! I have some geometry distributed on a line by modulus of its ids. Well 2 modulus distributions which is where my issue is. Without using arrays (I will be eventually processing a large amount of geo), I want to rotate each "node" up the vertical line a progressive amount (say 10 degrees for for example) by combining the modulus calcs somehow. And I am pretty stuck! (This is a particle simulation so these lines are the result of this. So you can't just run over prims and rotate them in vertical order or anything so simple. It is simply setting up the initial directions, thus the need to combine the moduli).
  6. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    Haha great !! Take a look at my example hip too as you may need a sop solver running on constraints at some point, and in general it's pretty useful in dops in general to understand data names and inputs. So often something isn't working because you assume you are getting data from one place and you forgot to assign the inputs. Good luck !!!
  7. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    This should make everything clear. You do not need a sop solver for what you are doing. In the file is a few examples showing getting data from sops with VCP or wrangle (showing the VCP is just a convenience dop) and the same for data generated inside the dop, getting dop geometry data into the ConstraintGeometry data VCP or wrangle. Then lastly the sop solver example doing the exact same thing getting dop geometry data / sop geo data into a ConstraintGeometry sop solver. The idea is just repeated in 3 different ways for sops and dops. The main thing being you are working on "ConstraintGeometry" primitives with attributes from "Geometry" points. N.B. to drive the point home, these are the exact names of the data class you need to explicitly declare in SOP solvers, VCPs or geometry wrangles to do this kind of thing. vellum anim constraints.hip
  8. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    stretchstiffness is applied in the vellum constraint sop and applied to the constraints before it reaches the solver. It is really just a convenience utility for setting up incoming constraints. If you want to write to constraint data in the sim you can use a vcp node. Alternatively you must set your sop solver to operate on ConstraintGeometry not Geometry (data name) and then write to the constraint prim attribs directly. You can easily recreate "stretchstiffness" by scaling constraint forces. There is no magic here. Furthermore if you want to get Geometry data inside a ConstraintGeometry sop solver just dup the dopimport in the sop solver and change the geometry data path to "Geometry". This way you can do things like trainsfer point attribs onto constraints. Sounds complicated but it isn't really. You just have to realise that constraint and geo data are operated on separately.
  9. Texture based grass

    This is one idea, rather than driving the color by a map, drive the direction of the grass... as if it has been mowed in stripes. This method is a much less condensed method than I would use, but wanted to make the network readable. I just used boxes for grass geo but you get the idea...
  10. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    Using a SOP solver to generate the animated attributes... I am doing a similar thing, with pin to target but using @stretchstiffness / match animation to modulate the constraints. I have it working, but for the constraints to be working I have to remove the constraint every frame with a VCP node, and rebuild it, but match to animation doesn't work. If I kill the VCP remove then match to animation works but the animated constraints don't. Which kind of makes sense. I will crack it at some point! I take it the only reason you need compiled block is so the SOP solver can output both Geo & Constraints seperately? I am a bit confused, I thought the SOP solver would take both automatically and spit both out. I am guessing not as they are individual data streams. Any help appreciated. Hipfile included. untitled.mp4 PTA_matchAnimaitonFail.zip
  11. Very simple control question

    I am wondering if my question is opaque or if its just one of those questions where people think, just do some more research...
  12. Simple modeling op

    Thankyou my friend. I did look at LSystems, and thought ... errrr maybe later. I think I will go the bones root for animating the curves bends. Particularly if Houdini has joints as well as Zbones. Cant see them though. The make bones from curve is nice, so I should be able to just rig a load of straight curves, and curl em all up. Its good exercise, but i find myself getting quickly out of my depth on a very regular basis. Hopefully that will pass
  13. Simple modeling op

    Sorry I wasnt clear. File attached. I am already using a carve to animate the growth of two curves. Its the CVs I want to animate. Two things which I am trying to do.... Animate individual control points in a simple way, so I can keyframe curling and so forth. (I realise when you just move the points it gives you an edit node, and you have to manually put down a transform node). Using the transform node for each and every selection and keyfaming is a really dirty method and possibly will end up being very confusing to go back and ammend. Attach point0 on curve2 to pointN on curve1 (mostly arbritrary names). Thats the first hurdle. (then using chops or some method I want to affect the translation of the other points on curve2 with some kind of ramp/gradient falloff/lag, but this can wait) The thing is with the point referencing or attachment is I want to find a simple solution as I want to connect potentially 50+ curves to the main stem. Which gives me a thought, it might be good to do any CV animation after they are all connected (If I can merge them or something) as this might keep that process all in one place.) +another thought ... maybe if I could resample the curves and somehow convert them into bones (you can convert curves, polylines into bones in Lightwave, so I imagine Houdini can do it). Then I could keyframe deform the curves that way. grow6.hip
  14. Simple modeling op

    Thanks Rick that does help. So many tools to learn I imagine its entirely simple to do it in sops, just too advanced for me + thanks Macha, I will attempt that shortly + do you know how to animate points on a curve within the sop. It doesnt seem to work for some reason. I am just doing some simple projects to get me familiar with the tools, from a perspective of the sorts of things i need to do/want to do. Thanks again for the help