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  1. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    Using a SOP solver to generate the animated attributes... I am doing a similar thing, with pin to target but using @stretchstiffness / match animation to modulate the constraints. I have it working, but for the constraints to be working I have to remove the constraint every frame with a VCP node, and rebuild it, but match to animation doesn't work. If I kill the VCP remove then match to animation works but the animated constraints don't. Which kind of makes sense. I will crack it at some point! I take it the only reason you need compiled block is so the SOP solver can output both Geo & Constraints seperately? I am a bit confused, I thought the SOP solver would take both automatically and spit both out. I am guessing not as they are individual data streams. Any help appreciated. Hipfile included. untitled.mp4 PTA_matchAnimaitonFail.zip
  2. Very simple control question

    I am wondering if my question is opaque or if its just one of those questions where people think, just do some more research...
  3. Simple modeling op

    Thankyou my friend. I did look at LSystems, and thought ... errrr maybe later. I think I will go the bones root for animating the curves bends. Particularly if Houdini has joints as well as Zbones. Cant see them though. The make bones from curve is nice, so I should be able to just rig a load of straight curves, and curl em all up. Its good exercise, but i find myself getting quickly out of my depth on a very regular basis. Hopefully that will pass
  4. Simple modeling op

    Sorry I wasnt clear. File attached. I am already using a carve to animate the growth of two curves. Its the CVs I want to animate. Two things which I am trying to do.... Animate individual control points in a simple way, so I can keyframe curling and so forth. (I realise when you just move the points it gives you an edit node, and you have to manually put down a transform node). Using the transform node for each and every selection and keyfaming is a really dirty method and possibly will end up being very confusing to go back and ammend. Attach point0 on curve2 to pointN on curve1 (mostly arbritrary names). Thats the first hurdle. (then using chops or some method I want to affect the translation of the other points on curve2 with some kind of ramp/gradient falloff/lag, but this can wait) The thing is with the point referencing or attachment is I want to find a simple solution as I want to connect potentially 50+ curves to the main stem. Which gives me a thought, it might be good to do any CV animation after they are all connected (If I can merge them or something) as this might keep that process all in one place.) +another thought ... maybe if I could resample the curves and somehow convert them into bones (you can convert curves, polylines into bones in Lightwave, so I imagine Houdini can do it). Then I could keyframe deform the curves that way. grow6.hip
  5. Simple modeling op

    Thanks Rick that does help. So many tools to learn I imagine its entirely simple to do it in sops, just too advanced for me + thanks Macha, I will attempt that shortly + do you know how to animate points on a curve within the sop. It doesnt seem to work for some reason. I am just doing some simple projects to get me familiar with the tools, from a perspective of the sorts of things i need to do/want to do. Thanks again for the help
  6. Simple modeling op

    I am feeling really stupid right now. I have a curve and a box in the same sop context, and I want to parent the box to point3 on the curve. I have tried to do it for about an hour, but it certainly isnt intuitive. Any help greatly appreciated. Damn this is a hard piece of software to pick up! :/ J I was going along the lines of... Group point 3 so i could isolate it, then use a point sop to get its TX TY TZ etc then relative reference that into the boxes translation. At best I get the box moving to the origin of curve. Argh
  7. Convert imported geometry to mesh

    Dont you just use a file sop with a convert sop after, set to quads?
  8. Well I it sounds like you have been reasonable in your efforts to sort it out yourself. I think the next step is contacting side FX and asking them. They might just say its a known bug and they will have it soted by X date. If you do that, let us know how you get on, as this is useful info for all. Cheers, Jim.
  9. Hi Kevron, Perhaps there is a cache memory setting somewhere. I know there are a few places in Houdini with settings for caching. I am just a beginner with Houdini so not the right person really. I have used the RF plugs in other apps, but only for meshes. I think there is a preload option in some versions, i.e you can import a range of frames either side of the current frame. Also if you are using the 2million imported particles in dops (good luck), then the default 500mb cache will probably be too small? I often set the dop cache to 4gb to get better performance. Not sure if my thoughts are relevant at all though... Isnt that for display rather than import? Like I said havent really used RF plugs to import lots of particles, but I know there is a setting in LWRF plugs to set a LOD which is for display, so you can play back at realtime-ish. Certainly post this issue on realflowforum.com as there are more and more Houdini users on there these days. [EDIT] I can confirm this is not viable. I have tried all caching options, and it takes far too long with 100k particles never mind 20 times that. I have 8gb so should be ok. It works fine in RF. I think there is somethign wrong with the caching code, it wont let me set to always, or when i do, I get zilch instead of particles....
  10. Hi all, I have long been looking for a good CA setup where I can select and move controllers without releasing the mouse. So I can 'grab' a controller and move it in one movement, without the tedious ... select controller, select transform type, move. I see Houdini has the pose tool, which works perfectly if I just use a couple of spheres, but if I use the toon rig for example, the pose tool doesnt have this behaviour. Sorry for such a simple question, but I would be inspired if Houdini could do such a simple thing, something that many other programs lack. Any thoughts? Many thanks, Jim
  11. When/Where did you get your RF plug? There is one of 11th aug, that is outdated already. There is another release .. 17th aug https://portal.nextlimit.com/
  12. smoke from a surface color

    Thanks m8. It was an install problem.
  13. smoke from a surface color

    I reinstalled and both example work as expected. Ta!
  14. smoke from a surface color

    Your example doesnt work for me Macha, as the whole thing emits. Also Johners example doesnt work right for me either, I see what it should do, yet it still emits from the whole object, not just the red painted bit. I am having a few issues with the install after deleting a shelf, that wont come back. I think I need to reinstall. Will see if that helps, as its been really buggy since i did that.