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  1. ANNOUNCE: VHUG May 9 at Pixar!

    LOL I'm looking over to Helena right now, I still can't see you! You truly are a ninja!
  2. ANNOUNCE: VHUG May 9 at Pixar!

    looking forward to yet another VHug meeting, enjoyed the last one!!! @Marc, you're in Van? Where at ? cheers, Manu
  3. FMX 2012: od[lunch]

    wish I could be there Leo, hope you have a great time ! Say hi to everybody that I know there best, Manu
  4. deleting geo in DOPS

    without being able to see your file you could either delete objects based on a velocity threshold (have a look at the dopoption() expression or you could use a RBD state DOP to clamp the velocity based on a threshold. Those are just workarounds though, I'm sure you could change your setup so this wouldn't happen in the first place! best, Manuel
  5. Motion Vector Pass ?! (rsmb)

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble creating a Motion Vector Pass for a rendering that needs to go out very soon. (1h ago) I installed the RSMB Motion Vector Otl from Houdini Exchange (Houdini Exchange) and it worked fine for objects that are moved in OBJ Level. As soon as I try to apply the same shader to particles (that are moving in local object space) the shader stops working and outputs the same green color information no matter where and when in the sequence. Any ideas? btw there's a sample file attached!! Thanks, Manu MotionVector_test.hip
  6. Dijkstra Pathfinding with Python

    hey guys, I thought it's time to test my python skills and decided to give the Dijkstra Pathfinding Algorythm a shot. Some credits actually go to Sam Hancock who inspired me to do this project, I gladly took a peek at his approach before I tackled the problem, also I have to thank my friend Michael Davis who always throws in some kickass workflow tips. After a couple hours of work I was able to solve the (too me a big) mystery - as I never dealt with such stuff before it got quite interesting. The biggest problem I ran into was calculating the distances between connected points (the "neighbours") in Python, it gets really messy as there is no such thing as an edge in Houdini compared to other packages (I'm not complaining, only a little) - so I decided to go back to VOPs and use the neighbourCount and neighbour nodes which provided a really fast and flexible workaround. During my little ride I actually solved the travelling salesman problem (TSP) accidentally, see the attached image Anyway, I'm attaching the scenefile for everyone who's interested, cheers, Manu Dijkstra_Pathfinding_Manu_v3.hip
  7. Dijkstra Pathfinding with Python

    sure, no big deal, be my guest
  8. simulation of destruction

    really good eye for detail. How did you handle concave objects in your simulation?
  9. Pyro FX question

    have a look at the attribute from volume SOP. By default it transfers the volumes density as a Cd attribute, it should be exactly what you want. best, Manu
  10. quick way to keep attribute the same value

    SOP Solver is the way to go, or in Houdini 12 you can take advantage of the Solver SOP. Do a quick search and you will get plenty results on how to handle this! best, Manu
  11. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    do you want me to send you a screenshot Edward ? But looking at the daily builds I might actually use .558 at work that would clarify the mystery
  12. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    well that just means that I don't use the latest build
  13. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    the latest production build would be Houdini 12.0.543.9
  14. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    you might wanna check if you're using the latest build because I just tried your scene on my laptop which uses a slightly older one and it doesn't work. On my workstation on the other hand it works fine, this one is using 12.0.588 !
  15. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    your merge not is set up incorrectly. Change the inputs so the sphere is on the left side and have it set to "left input affects right input" and it will work! cheers, Manu
  16. Houdini 12 - First Time

    Jeff, thanks for all that info. How do I know which dop node is gpu friendly and which not ? Also, how would you do something like noise and turbulence in a way that opencl likes? Seeding vorticles is like the worst I find and slows everything terribly down, Gas Turbulence DOP on the other hand seems to be liked quite well! thanks, Manu
  17. Lightinstances and light masks

    hey guys, I have a bunch of point light instanced to particles. Now there's geometry that shall only be affected by those light instances, so I thought I just have to put the instance light into the "Light Mask" field under Render/Shading. It's not that easy though. I can't just write "LightInstance" or do it the other way around and input "* ^keylight ^filllight *rimlight" because if I do so the geometry renders black. I think it's got something to do with the fact that those light instances get assigned names, but right now I'm clueless. Any ideas? thanks, Manu
  18. Lightinstances and light masks

    ah, interesting. Thank you!
  19. Sea Simulation

    thanks for sharing this, very nice render indeed! best, Manu
  20. Effect of Gravity on secondary fracture

    put your new created chunks in a separate group and have a gravity DOP only affect this group, it's that easy cheers, Manu
  21. Pyro question emit from smoke

    had a quick look at your scene, you're missing the density field, that's why your renderings show up black!
  22. it's not possible for some points to have "no normals" while another set has normals within the same geometry. Merge an objects that has normals with an object that doesn't and you'll see that the second objects normals get set to 0,0,0 by default.
  23. rbd states

    a lot of dynamic nodes such as the Active Value DOP have an activation / active field where you can activate objects based on conditions, you could use that dopfield expression in combination with an if statement, to activate objects dynamically. To access point values like Cd you can use the point expression like in SOPs but with a slightly different syntax, something like: point("/obj/dopnet1:obj0/Geometry", 0, "Cd", 0) regards, Manu
  24. Copy stamp a string value?

    actually you can do it with the ftoa() expression, I atttached an example! cheers, Manu stamping_with_strings.hipnc
  25. deleting extraneous geo

    that's a wicked trick, thanks for sharing that