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  1. check for corrupt geometry

    thanks for the quick response guys! Macha: clean SOP works, I can remove degenerate prims and compare polycounts to see if an object is corrupt. Jason: -Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for - what a great useful op, the fact that you can mark geometry with issues is amazing! cheers, Manu
  2. Melt SOP using VOP/VEX

    thanks for sharing that, sexy!
  3. secondary fracturing question

    you're cross-posting ... don't do that!
  4. Bullet vs Houdini RBD

    have a look at this article, all your questions are answered in there: Art of destruction cheers, Manu
  5. add to group in VOP

    I'd suggest you go for DOPs, too. Just use a SOP Solver - which is looking up geometry data of the previous frame - and within that you can have a group SOP or a VOP SOP! just look up examples on the SOP Solver, that should get you going! Manu
  6. adding points to group

    you already posted that on the sidefx forum dude, no crossposting please -.-
  7. Dijkstra Pathfinding with Python

    I'm glad you like the setup! It's far from perfect though, haven't had any time to polish it up, going on vacation tomorrow Yeah, I know about the group SOP but it's slow as hell and using VOPs is 10x faster that's for sure and if you're worried about this approach being concise, believe me it is. Also, VOPs would allow you to use point clouds which is even faster, so if you would limit the search to a certain radius you could speed it up even more. The python operator kills the speed though, the Dijkstra method is far too slow as is computes every single shortest path for the whole geometry. cheers, Manu
  8. Dijkstra Pathfinding with Python

    terribly sorry, forgot to attach the otl file, without it the scene is useless. My bad! Here you go! One thing that I'd like to add is the following link: http://eoinbailey.com/blog/dijkstras-algorithm-illustrated-explanation It's a detailed explanation of the algorithm, it helped me a lot to get what's going on under the hood. SOP_Dijkstra_Pathfinder_PyOp.otl
  9. Center Of Mass Otl

    hey guys, every now in then I write some python code to stay in practice, here's one of my really useful Python Ops, I use it all the time. The Otl calculates the center of mass of incoming geometry, you can input primitve groups or seperate the COM creation by object groups. Let me know if you can break the tool, feedback's always appreciated, cheers, Manu centerOfMass_pyOp.otl
  10. Center Of Mass Otl

    You can deactivate the "per primitive" tab, that's the culprit who creates a point for each polygon Thanks for sharing that with me, a rather interesting approach to do it, but I'm always eager to learn VOPs In the end the result is the same (more or less), no matter if you average the point position or each voxels position. One way to improve my tool would be to allow the asterisk symbol in my group mask, I still have to implement that, right now the group mask only looks if the incoming group names contain the string that you input in that field. cheers!
  11. Cloud using i3d

    thanks for that useful bit of information! Is this problem going to be fixed in an upcoming built, has a bug been submitted?
  12. DACHoudini-Meeting Munich 8-11

    oh I miss that food !!! I'll join you guys next time
  13. Advecting particles from cached out .bgeo?

    Hi there, I'm doing some particle advection tests right now. So I created a smoke simulation and was about to bake it out to .sim files whenI realized I'm running Apprentice on my laptop which has no rop outputdriver in DOPs. But in SOPs there is one, so I cached it out to .bgeo using the smokefields DOP I/O. (only the vel) Now I know the Advection Pop node usually gets its velocity field straight out of DOPs, is there a way to extract it from my bgeo sequence? Couldn't make it work, that's why I'm asking thanks, Manuel Edit: Never mind, it works fine if I specify the Velocity Group: @name=vel.* (Thank you help)
  14. my first pyro doubt

    I had that problem once, make sure which field your visualization node is looking at. In case of smoke it should be density. Also check if you cached out all the fields the upres node needs when you baked your lowres sim to disk! Hope I could help you, Manu
  15. DisplayGroupNames Otl

    Hey guys, I wrote a Python Operator that creates a string attribute for incoming point/prim groups and addds the associated display options. Also it supports multiple groups on a point/primitive. Feel free to give it a shot, I find it very helpful, feedback appreciated! regards, Manuel SOP_displayGroupName.otl
  16. DisplayGroupNames Otl

    Good idea! Would require to restructure the code though, right now the groups are stored in one attribute string, I'd have to split them up (one variable per group). Don't know if you want to end up with like 10 attributes if you got a heavy scene, you would also have to create 10 options in the viewport display options, kind of messy. A question: I renamed the otl to "displayGroupNames" after I created it, but everytime I throw a new node in the network editor it names the operator "groupName1". Couldn't figure out where to change this, anybody knows how to do that? Anyway, updated otl is attached! (paths are no longer hardcoded.) Manu SOP_displayGroupName.otl
  17. DisplayGroupNames Otl

    oh, thanks for mentionning this, I tend to forget that sometimes, it's always so easy to grab a parameter with dragging it from the parameter pane into the Python shell glad you like it! Manu
  18. How can I find max impulse for each piece?

    I'd suggest using a sopsolver, collecting each impulse on a created point (for example as a pscale attribute in the point SOP) and then pipe that into a attribute promote SOP and chose maximum. You can then easily access this data in dops with a point expression! Manu
  19. Taking transfered attribute forever

    thanks for sharing this, what a great SOP !
  20. impatct data on inactive objects?

    hey Martin, I found a nice solution on how to wake up frozen objects, check out the attached file! cheers, Manu multipin_constraint_v3.hipnc
  21. Pyro FX Masterclass now Online!

    hey, I'm curious, which expression is Mario using in the left Volume Mix SOP in the beginning of the video? I'm working with this right now, please correct me if I'm wrong ?! 1-smooth(length($X, $Y, $Z), ch("./featherstart"), $V) thanks, Manuel
  22. VolumeVisualization - PyroFX

    I got a question regarding the volume visualization node in "low res pyro" or "up res pyro". How is it possible to copy the color ramp parameter of the pyro shader into the volume visualization ramp in order to affect changes in the viewport? thanks, Manuel
  23. cloth and pintoanimation attribute

    Hi there, I'm using a multisolver to create a cloth object with deforming geometry (clothsolver and sopsolver). I want to be able to animate the cloth activation with the pintoanimation point attribute, but the dop sim seems to completely ignore that attribute ("Support Changing Coefficients" in my clothsolver is checked). What am I doing wrong? thanks, Manu cloth_multisolver.hip
  24. cloth and pintoanimation attribute

    here's how it should look like, don't even need the SOP solver as you said cloth_multisolver_2.hip
  25. activate spring sop over time

    hi, I'm trying to create a peeling effect (cloth like behavior). I don't want to use cloth because I'm dealing with heavy geometry, so I thought spring SOP is the way to go. Now the problem I have is the Spring SOP is doing a one time simulation, so feeding in groups that get activated over time doesn't work. If you fire up my example you'll immediately see what my problem is. Is there a workflow to work around that? Also, is there a way of telling group objects to stay in the group once they entered it? (like in pops) thanks for helping me out there, Manuel activate_over_time_spring.hipnc