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  1. something like this? partciles_vel_2_pyro.hip
  2. Hello everyone this is my latest showreel https://vimeo.com/56132532 showreel description: -pyro test -skeleton, "Vamps" dir.Amy Heckerling, rendering, particle simulations -burning head, "Vamps" dir.Amy Heckerling, rendering, smoke simulations -shells, "Wprost" commercial, lighting, shading, rendering, smoke simulations -dancing woman, "Just PP" project, particle simulations -teeth, "Giant Mechanical Men" dir. Lee Kirk, lighting, shading, rendering -plane, "Arbitrage" dir. Nicholas Jarecki, additional clouds, lighting, shading, rendering -gorilla fur, "Century Plywood" commercial, fur lighting, fur shading, fur rendering -grass, "O General" commercial, fur lighting, fur shading, fur rendering -mech, lighting, shading, rendering -notebook, "Mix Electronics" commercial, lighting, shading, rendering -plane, "Olt Express" commercial, lighting, shading, rendering everything from the list above was made with Houdini and Mantra http://www.linkedin....wski/62/277/1b3 http://www.imdb.com/...ref_=fn_al_nm_1 thanks for comments zgrzewacz@gmail.com
  3. GREAT SUCCESS! Checking "Force VEX Shader Embedding" fixed the problem. Thanks m8!
  4. I just spoke with the IT guys, we're not using CacheFS or any other similiar. They tried to manualy restart render nodes and there's same error. Strange thing that 2 nodes are rendering scene correctly. The rest of render nodes which are exactly same with same settings gives an error.
  5. Thans for help dude, i'll let u know when we'll find the problem.
  6. we've just checked it and the old version of your shader causes same error
  7. 11.0.658 we're trying to find whats the problem
  8. Otls file permissions are exactly the same as other otls. To be sure we've set 777 permission on it and we get the same errors here.
  9. I've checked the scripts, that are setting variables and we ' re using HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH. Refering to tthe documentation - http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini9.5/assets/install, it should work the same as HOUDINI_OTL_PATH. Additional all other shaders and otls are loaded without errors.
  10. hi sergey Other custom otls are working fine on our farm except yours. Thanks for your fast answer. spasiba balszoje
  11. Hi! I was trying to use yours shader on hqfarm and I've got some problems. It is really strange thing - when I'm rendering simple test scene locally - everything works. While rendering locally, all otls (including yours) are loaded from network directory. I'm sure, that farm can read and load otls from this directory. While rendering on farm, the shader takes no effect on object. The only error that I get in hqfarm terminal is (using highest mantra verbose level): ' Unable to get VEX code from: opdef:/Shop/ssh_marschner_hair ' In attachment there is simple test scene that doesn't work while network rendering. Thank You and i'm waiting for your reply. testlibotls2_pub.hip
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