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  1. particles problem

    Hi, nature. Thanks for your help. But I still cannot open your file. Can you describe your idea about "not use attrib transfer in SOPs but in POPs" here? I think if you can add some screenshot of it will help me to understand. Most appreciated.
  2. particle collision

    Anyone can help me on this? I need my particle interact with my particle fluid while in the simulation. Thanks a lot.
  3. particles problem

    Hi, nature. I'm still can't open your file even using houdini 11. The same problem was occured. Hope you attach your file again. Thanks
  4. particles problem

    Ok, I will try on it. Thanks for help.
  5. particles problem

    Hi, nature, thanks for your help. But once I open your file, it caused fatal error and closed automatically. I hope you can attach your file again. Thanks a lot.
  6. particle collision

    Oh i never try that before. But the particle fluid will react when the particles(Pop) collide with it? This is actually what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  7. particle collision

    Somebody can show me the path how to make particle collide with particle fluid? Thanks a lot.
  8. particle collision

    Somebody can show me the path how to make particle collide with particle fluid? Thx
  9. particles problem

    the second pop network is what i want to emit once actually. What do u mean using the ball as collision? I think the result will be different.
  10. particles problem

    Anyone can help me on this improvement? Most appreciated
  11. particles problem

    Actually i did use the impulse birth but the group that i use to emit the particles still doing the same thing(emit particles). I use "$NPT" in it. What I'm doing in my file is the particle will emit on the surface first. Later, I use "attributeTransfer" node to color the particles in blue. After that, I create a group sop to collect the blue point and append a pop net to it. This pop net will use my group point to emit particles. And the delete node will connect to it also to delete that group point. So, the result should be the particles become blue and disappear and pop net emit particles on the disappear place. But, somehow after my group all be deleted but my particles still emit at the birth place. How can I control the particles just emit once? Thanks
  12. particles problem

    anyone can help me?
  13. particles problem

    Hi, I need some help in particles. I'm currently doing the effects the particles forming the building shape and after awhile the particles will fall down procedurally by the affection of the gravity. With the help of "attributetransfer" node, I actually did the front part. But somehow the later part actually not what i want because the particles still birth at the group place. I'm not sure I'm saying the right thing so will attach my file here. New to houdini, need help building_form.hipnc
  14. "build.hip" houdini problem

    Few days ago, I have downloaded the "build.hip" and play around by replacing my obj file instead of build object. Somehow the result is not exactly the same as the original file. Hope the creator of this file can help me with this.Besides i wonder how to control the particles birth on the place i want. build.hipnc
  15. particles fluid problem

    The .bgeo file is my geo1 file node and convert it to particle fluid to simulate collision. collision_particle fluid.zip