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  1. Houdini FX Artist + TD (flip, pyro, RBD, python, VEX)

    hi, there is a job for you in guangzhou, would you like to try? you can add my wechat:world_sparky
  2. Hard Constraint Exloding

    hi, you need to set the Rest Length to 0 in your Hard Constraint Relationship DOP.
  3. Art Directing RBD in Post

    hi, have you ever tried to add some glue constraints to the bullet sim. I did, but the glue constraints didnt work.
  4. cloud Shader

    hi, I also do the cloud research recently, the is my result: cloud_v001.mov I just go through cloudlight sop, and change some settings. this is the hip file. cloud_model_v003_1.hip hope give you some idea.
  5. apply velocity when frags become active

    hi, this is the file, it works, but I don't know if this is a good way to do the job. tnanks. active_rbd_pack_v001.hip
  6. hi, I just created a simple example, hope this is what you want. matrix.hip
  7. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    hi, Pavel. thanks for sharing great examples. but I can't understand why do you use "attribwrangle_to_mid" within constraint_control. in my opinion, it just sets two points to the middle of them. thanks.
  8. blend two surfaceFields

    hi, I used flat Tank to get a good simulation, then I tried to use the ocean tool to displace the mesh surface, meanwhile I displaced the surfaceField used the same ocean node. but I compared the displaced mesh surface with the surfaceField, they looked differently. please check the hip file: fieldBlend_problem.hip
  9. how to freeze bullet objects?

    or you can use the length of velocity to turn off "active" in sop sovler,like this: if(length(@v)<1) @active = 1;
  10. Suggestions for Gnomon Lectures on Houdini

    very excited about those courses, but if there are online courses about houdini.
  11. Suggestions for Gnomon Lectures on Houdini

    very excited about those courses, but if there are online courses about houdini.
  12. Wave Project

    it looks great. can you share some informations about how to generate the wave. thanks.
  13. GPU Fluid Simulation Problem

    thanks, Marty. I will give it a try. thanks a million.
  14. GPU Fluid Simulation Problem

    is there any solution about this? when I try to increase "Division Size", it will have this problem. thanks.
  15. hi, guy. does anybody know what's the problem of my simulation. I used OpenCL for smoke Simulation, but after fews of frames, it reminds me there are some problems like this: thanks.