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  1. hi everyone i have tried mixing two particle fluids emitted from two different "particle fluid emitter". it works fine and the fluid interacts with each-other properly. the only problem is that i do know how to give two different colors to the fluid. i also know how to use "gas diffuse" node to mix colors. but could not figured as to how to get the two emitters to emit different color particles. digital tutor has a course on this....its called "introduction to fluids in houdini" thanks
  2. reflect/refract trace depth!!!

    i had figured that just after posting the thread .......but thanks a lot anyways for reply
  3. how and where do i set the reflect/refract trace depth while using prman??.....i m not able to find the option on the render node
  4. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    its working thanks a lot
  5. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    hey pazuzu....thanks a lot for your efforts.... hope i m not wasting your time.....i did exactly as you explained but still could not succeed.... m still getting some "set_channel_reference_script" error on the node.... may be i m skipping a step or two.... if you could send me a simple scene file showing the workflow... it will be wonderful.... again hope i m not bothering you too much..... sorry m kind of newbee.... so my questions might frustrate you a little
  6. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    this is the python error that i get
  7. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    i have downloaded the otls and installed them .... i m facing a little problem in understanding.... it would be great if you could give a brief explanation about using it
  8. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    thanks a lot pazuzu... this is great .....do these HDAs work for rendering out sequence???......anyways will try it out myself and see : )
  9. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    ok all is sorted out my first Renderman SSS test HOUDINI-RENDERMAN integration is awesome
  10. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    thanks dan that worked actually you are right i m trying to generate pointcloud and use it for sss. i have managed to generate a point cloud. now m facing problem with reading it to render ssdiffusion. i have got success up to generating brick map. but reading the brick map through s_RP_sss.sl shader which i downloaded from RSL Programming site is a prob. its showing errors like " cant read .bkm file etc.... i think there is a problem with setting up correct directory and paths.... will be glad if you could tell me how to set costom paths for using PRMAN with houdini. shader paths are still understandable....but for example how to set path for .bkm file etc... anyways thanks a lot
  11. i want to declare (DisplayChannel "color _radiance_t") and ("DisplayChannel "float _area") in an RIB file generated from Houdini. for this i m applying "ri_wirldpreinclude" property so that it can add (DisplayChannel "color _radiance_t") just before the worldbegins in RIB file..... and it works also....the only problem is i can only declare one variable like this....i wonder how to declare more variables using "ri_worldpreinclude".....i m using houdini 10.0 here is the part of RIB FILE Declare "s" "varying float" Declare "t" "varying float" ObjectEnd # /obj/geo1 } FrameBegin 1 # { Display "../images/chapter14/sss_baking.tif" "framebuffer" "rgba" "integer houdiniportnum" [12797] Format 500 500 1 Exposure 1 1 PixelSamples 3 3 ShadingRate 1 Hider "hidden" "jitter" [1] ScreenWindow -1.0255 1.0255 -1.0255 1.0255 Projection "perspective" "fov" [45] Clipping 0.001 6239.11 # Inline include - no file specified DisplayChannel "float _area" DisplayChannel "color _radiance_t" Attribute "cull" "hidden" 0 # don't cull hidden surfaces Attribute "cull" "backfacing" 0 # don't cull backfacing surfaces Attribute "dice" "rasterorient" 0 # turn viewdependent gridding off # End of include Transform [0.909798726403 -0.00585981757843493 -0.415008361329535 0 -0.00466145948471454 0.999693005058061 -0.0243344700672937 0 -0.415023551417207 -0.0240740145370711 -0.909492107493583 0 -0.0593314269656283 -0.94648882683778 2.8247301913143 1] WorldBegin # { TransformBegin # { CoordinateSystem "worldspace" TransformEnd # } # # Light: /obj/light2 Attribute "identifier" "string name" ["/obj/light2"] Transform [-0.0898258938023286 -0.0950566613190681 0.9914108835097 0 0.828240960670534 0.545706158106156 0.127364438021646 0 0.553125862593826 -0.832567727061223 -0.0297112770837182 0 -4.81929016113281 8.39525985717773 0.292333006858826 1] LightSource "l_RP_transmissionSpot" "/obj/light2" "doShadows" [1] "intensity" [100] "lightcolor" [.8 .7 .7] "coneangle" [65] "__instanceid" "/obj/light2:light" # # Light: /obj/light1 Attribute "identifier" "string name" ["/obj/light1"] Transform [1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0.899999976158142 1.69156002998352 1.30631995201111 1] LightSource "pointlight" "/obj/light1" "intensity" 0.15 "__instanceid" "/obj/light1:light" Identity # Make sure space is well defined # # Object: /obj/geo1 AttributeBegin # { Attribute "identifier" "string name" ["/obj/geo1"] Attribute "trace" "integer maxspeculardepth" [2] Attribute "visibility" "integer transmission" [1] Attribute "shade" "string transmissionhitmode" ["primitive"] Color [1 1 1] Opacity [1 1 1] Attribute "displacementbound" "coordinatesystem" ["shader"] "sphere" [0] TransformBegin # { Transform [1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1] Surface "s_RP_sss" "bake" [1] "filename" ["C:\sss.ptc"] "displaychannels" ["_area,_radiance_t"] "__instanceid" "/obj/geo1:surf" TransformEnd # } Transform [1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1] Sides 1 ObjectInstance 1 Sides 2 AttributeEnd # } # # EndObject: /obj/geo1 WorldEnd # } FrameEnd # }
  12. Below is the link that i have downloaded from "houdini exchange". on opening the scene every thing works as expected, except on thing. In the "merge_fluid_geometry_fluid" SOP there is particlefluidsurface node connected to dopinport1. looking at the dopimport1 in detail view i can see the velocity(v) and Cd attributes been transfered. and the data updates as the time changes. same data is supposed to be transfered to particlefluidsurface node as it is connected to it and ....as there is "v" and "Cd" entered in its attribute parameter. Now.... on viewing the particlefluidsurface node in detail view. i can see the velocity "v" and color "Cd" attributes transfered on it. Till here its fine..... the only problem is that attribute "v" and "Cd" are initialized to 0,0,0 and 1,1,1.... and they do not update as time changes. so the color of fluid surface that is generated by particlefluidsurface node remains 1,1,1 (white)...... according to scene description it should be two different fluid coloured RED and GREEN ...and as they merge the colors also blend. hope you have understood the problem...and if someone has any idea why this is happening PLEASE HELP ME. http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fileid=536&versionid=536