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  1. Store Surface Color (Cf)

    Hi, Inside SHOP i have made custom "Material Shader Builder" (distance based reveal map with noise), What i want to know is how to store surface color (Cf) of previous frame and calculate with current frame ? ....Same like solver node at OBJ level
  2. bakeTexture SurfaceColor(cf)

    it was bug in older build..working fine in 16.0.736...One more question, is there any direct way to import/export material shader builder data in SOp ??
  3. bakeTexture SurfaceColor(cf)

    This is what i asked in first post, Mantra render proper but baketexture ROP gives flat white color. Please check my scene file dissolveToy.hip
  4. bakeTexture SurfaceColor(cf)

    I can already render the "cf" from mantra without the need to add any custom image planes. what i want next is to export the "cf" data into texture map so that i could use as emission map to emit either particles or fluids. Thank you
  5. bakeTexture SurfaceColor(cf)

    Hi, In Houdini 16 how to bake surface color from vop material ?? See below images for mantra & bake texture node output.
  6. Access Heads Up Display

    Hi, On camera it's very easy to add viewportComment via editParameterInterface >> RenderProperties >> ViewportDisplay >> openGL_View but is it possible to add viewportComment on "Persp1" using python ?? And second how to set value of viewportComment via python ?? for ex: to print "Time:12:42:33" i can use python datetime module, so every next frame it will update relatively. Thank you
  7. Get Houdini Mainwindow & parent to Qwidget

    How to get houdini mainWindow & parent PyQt/PySide Qwidget to mainWindow in 14.0 and 15.0?? hou.ui.mainQtWindow() not working here
  8. Random Number At Start Frame

    Any Solution ??
  9. Random Number At Start Frame

    See this
  10. Random Number At Start Frame

    Hi, in carve Node (secondU parameter) inside forEach i added bellow code to get random animation for each curve. But problem is it gives random value between 35-50 only at first frame, if frame is greater than one thn it gives 5 so how to store first frame random value for rest of animation ?? from numpy import interp import random currentFrame = intFrame() jitter = 5 if currentFrame == 1: jitter = random.uniform(35,50) return(jitter) return(interp(currentFrame,[1,jitter], [0,1]))
  11. Footprint Deformer

    Hi, Can you elaborate more on collision, bulge & noise part. Are you using rayProject for collision ??
  12. Gimbal Rings

    Hi, I want to to animate multiple rings in gimbal lock way, so plz help me. Here is reference image: Gimbal Rings
  13. Flow Around Surface

    @Rainroom Thnx for reply, can you plz share hip file with very basic setup?
  14. Flow Around Surface

    Hi, is there any way to mimic "Flow Around Surface" compound of softimage inside houdini ?? This compound makes particles flow around a surface. Here is the video which i m following Document of Flow Around Surface compound:- http://softimage.wiki.softimage.com/xsidocs/iceref_Flow_Around_Surface.htm
  15. Dust questions

    Chck this link Kung Fu Panda : Auto Dust Want to know "how to generate points at intersection in above style & then transfer attributes(Velocity, Normal, Distance, Etc.) to points to emit particles from it . i saw this video Geometry Intersection 2 but not useful in my case.