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  1. Fence Tut on CGtuts - need help

    Hi Pixate, The way I understood the null nodes (as they are often used in the files/tuts I saw), is that they are some sort of exit/entry points. The fact that it's a null that ends/starts a network makes it easy to change upstream without bothering to refer to a new node if this graph has a different ending node.
  2. Fence Tut on CGtuts - need help

    Hi, When I tried this tutorial, I also tried to get it to work on some non-flat surfaces... Hope it helps Nicolas Fence2.hipnc
  3. Hello Eetu, I looked at your example, and as I'm quite new to houdini, and willing to learn it a little bit, I was just wondering if just setting the group sop operation mode on "Group By Range", and setting select 1 of 5 to get exactly 20% (or 1 of 2 for 50%) was also an option? I just came to it because when looking at the content of the groupTransfert sop, I was not sure the results weere good for the exactly_50 one... combi