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  1. Azhul Afeeq Effects Reel 2011

    Cheers Peter, thanks for the suggestions and nice comments I'm going to see if I can do some live action integration and rbd stuff over the next few weeks. Hopefully should see you around London soon enough.
  2. Azhul Afeeq Effects Reel 2011

    Hi guys, I'm just finishing my Ba on Computer Visualisation and Animation at the NCCA, Bournemouth, and have just put together a short reel which mostly shows work i did while on the course and most of it is done in Houdini. odforce has been of tremendous help throughout my learning of Houdini and requires a big thank you Heres a link - On Vimeo On my website I'm looking for a job now as a Junior Houdini FX TD and hope to find one within the UK. If anyone's interested, please send me an email or PM. Cheers, Azhul Afeeq.
  3. Two kindly question

    Heya, Just had a quick look at the file. Seems like the black parts remain since when you make a platonic soccer ball it creates a primitive attribute for Cd, thus even when you change it on a point sop it wont change on the render. So you could either delete that attribute, promote it the point level or override it with another primitive sop maybe. Don't really know whats wrong with the motion blur though, but hope that helps.
  4. Houdini 11 issues

    Heya, Had a similar seg fault error after installing houdini aswell, and someone on the houdini forums mentioned setting the compatibility option of the exe to Windows Vista service pack 2. This fixed the problem for me. Hope this helps Azhul